Top 20 Thanksgiving Classroom Ideas

How to decorate classrooms on Thanksgiving?


A season of warm glowing colors of autumn and love in the air is just around the corner. It's time to make your students' Thanksgiving extra festive by bringing a little holiday magic right to their classrooms.

Some creative swoon-worthy Thanksgiving classroom door decorations will have the whole school competing to come up with the best one. Turning the school into one big Thanksgiving mania.

Part 1. Top 10 Thanksgiving Classroom Decorations

Thanksgiving is all about togetherness and thankfulness. It is meant to be celebrated and cherished by everyone everywhere. Bring the festivities to the classrooms with our top pick of Thanksgiving classroom crafts that can double as beautiful decorations too.

01 Cone Turkey

Turkey, the star of the show, must be an essential part of Thanksgiving classroom crafts. An adorable turkey created by the students is perfect for classroom decorations too.

A paper cone, huge googly eyes, a paper beak, with a few colorful feathers, and you get the cutest turkey ever. You can put it on student's desk or even the lectern.

Cone Turkey

02 Turkey Door

Thanksgiving classroom door decorations are the perfect way to welcome the students and the holiday with high spirits. A beautifully decorated door also adds to the festive vibes in the school.

Use fall-themed papers to create this turkey and let the students write their names, so all the classmates cherish each other and develop a sense of thankfulness

Turkey Door

03 Scrap Turkey

Sometimes, scraps of paper are perfect for making decorative Thanksgiving classroom crafts. Let the kids paste strips of paper together and add feathers, eyes, and a beak. Paste these badge turkeys to the board with the kid's name to appreciate their effort. You can also pin these up to the kid's shirts to wear as a Thanksgiving badge.

Scrap Turkey

04 Custom Leaf Wreath

Make the entrance to the classroom festive by adding this fall-themed wreath to the door. Let the kids paste real autumn leaves together or just cut out some paper leaves. Ask the kids to write what they are thankful for on the leaves. Thanksgiving classroom door decorations bring the holiday cheer right to the class.

Custom Leaf Wreath

05 Leaf Family

Autumn leaves mark Thanksgiving. Why leave them out of the classroom? Give one leaf per kid to attach googly eyes and paint a smile. Attach ice-cream sticks to complete the adorable leaf people.

Paste these leafy faces to the board or keep them in pencil holders. Let the leaves bring the holiday spirit to your class.

Leaf Family

06 Hand Turkey

Let a huge turkey welcome the students to school with open arms (hands in this case). Just attach a paper turkey body to the board and let every student paint their handprint to serve as feathers. Thanksgiving classroom crafts that involve active participation by the students are more meaningful and valued.

Hand Turkey

07 Pumpkin Lantern

Thanksgiving classroom crafts such as paper lanterns shaped as pumpkins are the holiday winner. Super easy to make and beautiful decorations to spread the holiday cheer. Students can make their pumpkin lanterns and hand them all around the class or on the door.

Pumpkin Lantern

08 Turkey Plate

Re-use those leftover paper plates from the last school party to create the cutest turkeys ever. Use colorful, felt paper to create feathers. Let all the students unleash their creativity and create a customized turkey. Appreciate the hard work by putting their artwork on display on season long.

Turkey Plate

09 Pumpkin Banner

Thanksgiving classroom crafts can serve as the perfect DIY decoration to add a festive touch to the class. Attach these cute pumpkin pies to make a garland and hang them all over the class.

Students will surely love to see their swoon-worthy pumpkin pies decorated everywhere and will further serve to spread the holiday joy.

Pumpkin Banner

10 Leaf Curtain

Since Thanksgiving isn't complete without the fall leaves littered around, collect a bunch of real or colorful paper leaves. Make the kids string them together in neat rows. Finally, attach the strings to a twig and display on the window. The whole school will be swooning over your Thanksgiving classroom crafts

Leaf Curtain

Part 2. Top 10 Thanksgiving Classroom Activities

Involve the students in some Thanksgiving classroom crafts to teach them the value of gratitude and keep their holiday spirits to the max, even in the boring math class. Thanksgiving snack ideas for classroom are also a smart way to stress healthy eating in a fun way. So, take your pick of holiday activities and make it count.

01 Beaded Corn

DIY Thanksgiving crafts serve as the perfect holiday activities to engage in. A pipe cleaner and a handful of fall colored beads are all you need. Let the students string the beads on the pipe cleaner and improve their motor skills in a fun way

Beaded Corn

02 Oreo Turkey

If you're looking for Thanksgiving snack ideas for classroom, these oreo turkeys are your best bet. Candy corn feather and edible googly eyes, these Oreos are too cute to eat. The students will love to engage in this holiday activity and later eat it all in one bite

Oreo Turkey

03 Turkey Headband

A great holiday activity to get the kid's spirit high. Arrange a few fall-themed card sheets and let the kids create a turkey hat for themselves. Let their creative juices flow and use different colors to customize their turkeys. They can then wear their prized turkey hat with pride

Turkey Headband

04 Sack Turkey

Thanksgiving snack ideas for classroom include this turkey full of MnMs. Isn't that a dream come true for kids as well as for adults?

Kids can fill a netted pouch with MnMs and complete the turkey using pipe cleaners. Use the sack turkeys as decorations and later munch on them. A perfect win-win

Sack Turkey

05 Personalized Feast

Thanksgiving is all about preparing the traditional dishes and arranging a Thanksgiving feast. The little ones are often left out of the kitchen due to their lack of expertise.

Classroom thanksgiving feast ideas give the younger enthusiasts a chance to participate in the festive preparations. Let them custom create their own versions of a healthy snack to gobble up later

Personalized Feast

06 Thanksgiving Dinner

Bring the holiday dinner to your class. Classroom Thanksgiving feast ideas are an excellent way to teach your students the holiday spirit and its true value.

Use dollar store baskets to keep the party mess-free. Give the young ones a feast of their lifetime.

Thanksgiving Dinner

07 Gratefulness Rocks

These cute little rocks are probably the cheapest Thanksgiving classroom crafts you can try in your class. Let your students get super creative and paint what they are grateful for. But not on paper. Painted stones can serve as beautiful décor all year long and be a reminder of what you're thankful for.

Gratefulness Rocks

08 Leaf Catcher

Involve the kids in some magical Thanksgiving classroom crafts. Kids can make a DIY leaf catcher with a few paper leaves stuck into it. Let them write what they are thankful for on the leaves so they can forever remember it

Leaf Catcher

09 Handprint Poem

A great activity to make the kids learn in a fun way. Handprint painting and then writing a poem on it is a smart way to make them appreciate the spirit of Thanksgiving and learn at the same time.

Let the kids take this charming gift home to their families or display on the school board for everyone to admire the student's efforts.

Handprint Poem

10 Turkey Teacher

Thanksgiving activities don't have to be all about fun. Use smart ways to learn while you rejoice in the festivities.

Make a turkey teacher and let the kids be the turkey by holding it up. Other students can engage in this learning activity by answering the questions on the feathers and winning a treat as a reward.

Turkey Teacher

Part 3. Recording Your Making Process

With digital marketing taking over the world, it's time for you to step up your game. A video showcasing your decoration flair is sure to boost your business. Moreover, if you wish to display your Thanksgiving classroom decorations, a video is your best bet and the most entertaining and gripping way. In case you want to revisit and revise Thanksgiving snack ideas for classroom next year, a video will serve the best

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vidair templates

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easy edit

So, while I can't help you with the Thanksgiving classroom door decorations personally, I hope you will be able to engage the kids in some unique Thanksgiving classroom crafts to turn their classes into a magical holiday hideout

Classroom Thanksgiving feast ideas are also a great way to strengthen friendships and help them appreciate the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Don't forget to ride the holiday way and boost sales by using VidAir to market your decorative flair.

Happy Thanksgiving, Folks!