Top 20 Easy but Unique Thanksgiving Craftss

Recommend the best Thanksgiving crafts ideas to you.


The celebratory spirit of Thanksgiving is in the air. Go extra festive this year and try out our top Thanksgiving crafts for kids and easy Thanksgiving crafts for adults to liven up the holiday

Follow our lead for some stunning Thanksgiving crafts ideas

Part 1. Top 10 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

01 Autumn Tree

Thanksgiving crafts for kids must have a painting activity to really bring out the artist in kids. This easy and no-fuss painting activity doesn't need any brushes. Provide cotton buds or show the kids how to paint with their fingertips.

Use rustic colors for a fall effect. Tree painting is an incredibly easy Thanksgiving craft that can also be done in classrooms.

Autumn Tree

02 Turkey Hats

No Thanksgiving is complete without the turkey. Have your kids make customized turkey hats. Let their imagination run wild and create turkeys in every color possible.

No need to buy fancy stuff to make Thanksgiving crafts for kids, just gather some old paper plates, paint, and a sponge. Kids or students can easily sponge paint the plate and attach it to the turkey hat.

Turkey Hats

03 Paper Pie

An easy Thanksgiving craft to let the kids feel more involved in the holiday preparations is to let them make a pumpkin pie of their own. But not in the kitchen.

DIY Thanksgiving crafts are especially inexpensive. Just hand over brown and orange paper to let the kids assemble their own version of a pumpkin pie.

Paper Pie

04 Apple Turkey

Turkey is definitely the star of the Thanksgiving holiday. Make your kids feel special by trying one of the top Thanksgiving crafts for kids. An apple turkey can be used as the centerpiece on your table, or the kids can munch it while they wait for the real one

Insert candy-filled skewers into the apple, use marshmallow, and candy corn for the face. The kids will love this easy Thanksgiving craft

Apple Turkey

05 Stone Art

The whole family can dive in on this one to help the kids paint brightly colored stones. Thanksgiving crafts for kids can easily double as décor and really liven up the holiday.

Get some small stones from the garden and let your kids come up with creative ideas to decorate the stones.

Stone Art

06 Jar Turkey

Time to try Thanksgiving crafts for kids to create adorable jar turkeys. All you need is paint, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners/feathers.

Let the kids decide what color turkey they want for this super easy Thanksgiving craft. The result will be cute turkey jars you can use as pencil holders.

Jar Turkey

07 Thankful Boat

Hop on board and give this easy Thanksgiving craft a try. Make a boat out of cereal boxes and then write what you are grateful for on paper sailors. It can be a great bonding activity for families.

Be artsy and encourage your kids to unleash their creativity and craft their dream boat while being thankful for it.

Thankful Boat

08 Fall-Themed Wreath

Welcome Thanksgiving with open arms. Cut out several handprint color papers. Help your kids assemble the handprints in a circle. Add a bow for a sweet touch and hang it on the front door.

It is an incredibly easy Thanksgiving craft to get into the holiday spirit and give your home a handmade festive touch

Fall-Themed Wreath

09 Finger Puppets

How about an indoor turkey race? Make these super cute and funny finger puppets. A few autumn leaves, googly eyes, and some paper is all you need. Let the kids create personalized turkey puppets of their own. Poke two holes and insert fingers, then let the games begin.

Finger Puppets

10 Napkin Rings

A beautiful traditional touch to add to your dinner table. Help the kids make these unique napkin rings as Thanksgiving crafts.

Use fall leaves or beads to glue to the painted tissue rolls. Kids will be proud to make these pretty handmade items to be used at the dinner table. Better yet, kids of all ages can give this a try.

Napkin Rings

Part 2. Top 10 Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults

01 Thankful Pumpkin

If you're on the lookout for fall, and Thanksgiving crafts for adults, go for a thankful pumpkin. Don't worry; it's a super easy Thanksgiving craft that can also double as a centerpiece.

Buy a faux pumpkin to use year after year. Use a sharpie to write THANKFUL in a color that goes with your party theme and encourage everyone to write they're grateful for in life.

Thankful Pumpkin

02 Wine Bottle Turkey

A turkey is the crown jewel of the Thanksgiving feast. How about a show stopper turkey as a centerpiece made from a recycled wine bottle? Try this easy Thanksgiving craft for adults and create a unique turkey.

Stick a bunch of fallen leaves as feathers and make a turkey face. Add some dried grass in the bottle to complete the look.

Wine Bottle Turkey

03 Pumpkin Vase

A medley of bright fall palette themed flowers will be the highlight of your Thanksgiving party. Thanksgiving crafts can add a hint of beautiful uniqueness to your house.

Cut out a hole in the pumpkin head, insert a cup of water filled with beautiful flowers. It is a fun Thanksgiving craft for adult that brings out the artist in everyone.

Pumpkin Vase

04 Turkey Wreath

How about greeting Thanksgiving with a bright turkey wreath. Try out this easy Thanksgiving craft for a spectacular wreath to welcome your loved ones

Use colorful pom-pom or felt paper to make the turkey and add some googly eyes for an oh-so-cute turkey.

Turkey Wreath

05 Candle Holder

If you are bored of your hectic routine, this Thanksgiving craft for adults is the best way to start having fun. Gather some autumn leaves and bright flowers and beautifully glue them to a pumpkin. Add a hint of beads, and place a candle in the mid. A stunning yet easy Thanksgiving craft ready to be showcased.

Candle Holder

06 Door Décor

Give the traditional wreaths a unique twist. Gather some dried flowers, leaves, and pine cones. Assemble them on a bunch of twigs using a satin ribbon with a bow tie.

Try this Thanksgiving craft for adults to craft a gorgeous fall-themed wreath for a swoon-worthy décor.

Door Décor

07 Fabric Pumpkin

Recycle old fabric to make a unique yet easy Thanksgiving craft that you can use as décor all around the year. Stuff the fabric with old newspapers or cotton and then tie twine to give it a pumpkin shape.

Customize the pumpkins according to your overall décor, so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Fabric Pumpkin

08 Mug Turkey

Ever seen a turkey flower? No? That's exactly why you need to try your hand at this unique yet incredibly easy Thanksgiving craft.

Glue googly eyes on old bottle caps and a paper beak. Attach the cap turkey face to plastic sunflowers. Cut half of the petals for a full turkey look. Finally, place a bunch of them in a mug.

Mug Turkey

09 Cork Pumpkin

An easy thanksgiving craft to recycle wine corks in a beautifully festive way. Paint corks in bright orange color and glue them together in the shape of a pumpkin. Add a cork at the top and tie paper leaves with twine for the perfect look.

Cork Pumpkin

10 Autumnal Centerpiece

Take out all your scrap wine bottle and glasses and spray paint rustic colors on them. Tie twine bows and add wild berries to the bottles. Arrange them in a beautiful way for a stunning fall-themed centerpiece to awe your guests.

Autumnal Centerpiece

Part 3. Make a Promotion Video for Your Thanksgiving Crafts

DIY Thanksgiving crafts are as easy as pie, but everyone is always looking for a video tutorial to help them along the process. Make a video of your DIY Thanksgiving crafts to inspire people to try their hand at crafting this year and save a fortune.

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vidair thanksgiving templates

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edit video for thanksgiving

Now you know your way around some easy yet unique Thanksgiving crafts ideas that the entire family can enjoy.

No special skills or tools needed, just a few supplies from the craft store, and your imagination is all you need to make thanksgiving crafts for kids or even for adults.