Make Unique Invitation in 3 steps Using Thanksgiving Template

Some recommended Thanksgiving invitation ideas to make your invitation more attractive


The busiest season of the year is almost upon us. If you are a procrastinator like me and have missed your deadline in making that invitation you were supposed to, worry not. We are here with some top-notch Thanksgiving invitation ideas.

This article will discuss some captivating strategies of different Thanksgiving Invitation samples that you can use to make your own unique invitation. Since holidays are already too busy, we will also show you how to use a Thanksgiving template to craft the perfect invitation in no time.

Part 1. Identify Your Thanksgiving Invitation Ideas —— Printable or Video

If you are looking for unique Thanksgiving invitation ideas, you have come to the right place. It's time to drum up your business by replicating these inspirational Thanksgiving day invitations

01 Printable Invitation

A straightforward turkey-themed Thanksgiving invitation by a family.

Starting with the caption 'Gobble Gobble' grips attention in a fun way. This Thanksgiving template only mentions a dinner party being hosted by the family. The date and time of the party are highlighted for effect. The classic fall palette brings a holiday cheer to the Thanksgiving invitation sample and visually appeals with bright colors. The smiling turkey further adds to the holiday vibe, making it a perfect Thanksgiving invitation sample.

If you want to go for straightforward yet equally attractive Thanksgiving day invitations, take inspiration from this one.

turkey-themed Thanksgiving invitation

Thanksgiving day invitations can be as cheesy as you want.

Just like this Thanksgiving invitation sample, a heartfelt Thanksgiving quote to make the guests feel the warmth and love of the family. The message creatively announces the Thanksgiving feast. Instead of choosing a cliché Thanksgiving template, this one turns it up a notch just by uniquely writing the time and date. For instance, they decide to write '4th July, two thousand and fourteen' instead of 4th July'2014.

Apart from that, since the color is the first thing a person notices, your Thanksgiving day invitations must be visually attractive and based on fall colors for optimum holiday effect.


Now comes a creatively elegant Thanksgiving invitation sample.

Since the autumn leaves mark Thanksgiving, this Thanksgiving template makes the autumn leaves the show's star. The bright-colored leaves add a striking contrast to the otherwise simple invitation and serve to spread the holiday joy too. You must be careful in choosing the font style and size. Here the font portrays a cheerful elegance.' Thanksgiving Dinner' is stylized differently to make it prominent and draw attention to the invitation's purpose.

Make sure you don't stuff all your creativity in a single invitation. Too much color or design will make it unappealing. So create a balance for the perfect holiday vibe.

elegant Thanksgiving invitation

Video Invitations

With the rapid increase in video marketing, graphic designing is being highly used to create stunning videos. And your business needs that kind of superiority to attract an audience. Since the whole point of creating a video is to grab attention, this Thanksgiving invitation sample utilizes motion graphics for an interactive approach.

Some of the major marketing strategies you must keep in mind are

  1. Simple Message- Start with a simple Thanksgiving quote or a personalized wish for your customers to convey your value for their trust and love towards your brand.
  2. Appreciate- Make sure you take this chance to acknowledge your customer's loyalty
  3. Value Customer- Honor your customers and mention that you are specially invited. Highlighting individual invitation is a smart way to make your audience feel valued.
  4. Offer- Also mention what you are offering at the party or event. The menu or activities will stir excitement in the audience.
  5. Music- Adding upbeat music is a cherry on top and instantly draws attention to the invitation.
  6. Details- The venue, time, and date must be mentioned so that people don't have to go through trouble trying to find further information about the event.

Video editing isn't the only way to go about crafting an attractive invitation. This particular Thanksgiving invitation sample relies heavily and solely on videography skills.

However, you must keep the following points in mind too.

  1. Camera Movements- Simply videoing a scene isn't worth a second glance. But, add in a few movements like zoom, pan, or a rack focus, and boom, it will give your video a highly professional look.
  2. Video Content- The scene or elements you shoot for your Thanksgiving invitation sample must be right on track. For instance, showing Thanksgiving feast preparations will compel the audience. Capturing the essence of the holiday is the key to a unique invitation.
  3. Music/Voiceover- You need to add some cheerful holiday music to grip attention. Customizing your audio by adding a voiceover will add weight to your invitation.
  4. Captions- Add eye-catching captions in attractive fonts to draw attention

Even if you don't have the time to shoot a video invitation, you still have a shot at making a unique invitation. This Thanksgiving invitation sample is simply a collection of pictures in a slideshow. Incorporate photos of your team or your products to draw attention.

Be mindful of the following important points

  1. Eye-catching images- The shots you use should be cheerful and of high quality. You can also add pictures of the traditional Thanksgiving meals for a tempting invitation people will be compelled to watch and attend
  2. Audio- The music you use should convey the holiday cheer, or you can add a personalized voiceover
  3. Text- You must connect with your customers through catchy captions. Use a friendly tone or be hilarious. Spread the warmth and joy associated with your event so that the audience is tempted to join
  4. Venue/Date/Time- All the relevant details must be mentioned to avoid any miscommunication

Part 2. How Can You Make Your Invitation Video

01 For Printable

You can find a wide variety of Thanksgiving invitation ideas on the internet, and all you have to do is choose a Thanksgiving template.

Here's how to go about it

1. Find a Thanksgiving template that best suits your preferences

find a template

2. Customize it, add text, and edit the details


3. Save it to your device and start sending

save it

02 For Video

Wondershare VidAir, an online video editor, is your best bet at creating beautiful Thanksgiving day invitations. Apart from being super-easy to use, it is hassle-free and requires no installation or download. You can use its various video templates for making a stunning video invitation in no time.

The tutorial of making invitation video easily

1. Open VidAir on your browser. Login or Signup for free

create a account

2. From the Categories tab, choose a suitable template and click UseThisTemplate.

vidair template

3. Upload your video and audio. Add catchy captions and filters to enhance your video.

add materials

4. Finally, press Export. Choose a resolution and press Export.

.save and export

Part 3. Send Your Thanksgiving Invitation

01 For Printable Invitation

Now that you have successfully chosen and created our printable invitation, the last and most crucial step is to select a medium to send it.

Printable versions can be distributed in an old fashioned way using cards, posters, or even flyers. Since family invitations are only distributed to a select few, it won't cost much to get them printed.

printable sending

02 For Video Invitation

To advertise your video of Thanksgiving day invitations, you have a big platform. You can utilize this platform for maximum effect.

The first is social media. Channeling your Thanksgiving day invitations on all major platforms is the way to reach the highest number of people.

Secondly, shopping malls are the perfect place to market your thanksgiving day invitations. People are at malls for the sole purpose of shopping and entertainment, and your event might seem like an excellent opportunity to celebrate the holiday.

video sending


Now you have the best Thanksgiving invitation ideas at hand. Highlight your invitation using attractive graphics or attract an audience by capitalizing on seasonal sentiments.

It's time to shine using these totally doable Thanksgiving templates. Whichever direction to choose to go, we guarantee your Thanksgiving day invitations will stand out and boost your business.