Most Helpful Tips to Help with your Facebook Remarketing

Recommended tips to help with your Facebook remarketing

Facebook retargeting is a tactic used to make conversions from customers who already visited your site with the intent to shop. You can explain it best because digital cart abandonment is over and above 75% and steadily rising. To curb this, you will need to put up specific measures in place through targeted ads and messages that will keep your brand fresh in the minds of already visited customers by tracking them and showing targeted messages. So how does the Facebook remarketing strategy work, and how do you do it effectively?

Part 1. Top 10 Facebook Video Remarketing Strategies

You can do Facebook remarketing through the placement of a pixel or cookie on the browser of the visitors on your page. Through these cookies, custom ads engaged with your brand are visible to them. Here are ten ways to help you with Facebook retargeting.

01 Remarketing Funnel

Properly setting up your sales funnel will significantly contribute to increased conversions and turn a quick visit to your page into a lead and purchasing customer. It can quickly happen since among the many visitors on your page, you may happen to make conversions, and they end up online shopping. While this is more on the side of those who visit and leave, this Facebook remarketing strategy can help you make more conversions with the proper sales funnel.

Facebook Video Remarketing Strategies - Remarketing Funnel

02 Specific Remarketing

Through Facebook retargeting ads, you can remarket to specific landing page visitors, blog readers, pas purchasers, and even free and trial users. This strategy can also be on newsletter subscribers and customers who visited your page with the intent to buy. You can do specific remarketing by delivering unique ads to audiences according to their browsing history and interest. You will thus need to target your visitors and create a Facebook custom audience by installing the Facebook Pixel, tweaking it to help you figure out how to make targeted ads instead of generic ones.

03 Segment

When it comes to segmenting, you will need a clear and decisive way to create Facebook retargeting ads. To elaborate on this, you will have to reach out to diverse audiences. Instead of creating a one size fits all type of ad, you should go a step further and create ads targeted to specific audiences. One way you can segment your audiences is through the landing pages they visited. These potential consumers abandoned their cart, location, or even the price ranges of the products the potential customers looked into.

04 Digital-Abandoned Shopping Carts

"Items in your cart are almost out of stock." Such subject lines can be useful for Facebook remarketing, especially in regards to the digital abandoned carts. It is a tendency that is on the rise and needs to stop. Thus, finding a way to drive conversions and make customers check out items on their carts would be an excellent way to go. You can also offer limited-time coupons by sending them a discount code on items in their cart.

Facebook Video Remarketing Strategies - Digital-Abandoned Shopping Carts

05 Top-Notch Tracking System

As put forth in the 2nd idea, you will need to set up a giant remarketing funnel and a tracking system to track your conversions and see what Facebook remarketing ads bring in the best results. To use this, start by installing the Facebook Pixel and visit the Audience Section of the Facebook Ads Manager. Here click on the Create Audience from the drop-down menu select the Custom Audience. Next, you will need to select the Website Traffic to create your Custom Audience.

Facebook Video Remarketing Strategies - Top-Notch Tracking System

06 Up-selling or Cross-selling To Existing Customers

Customers who had a positive experience on your page will most likely come back, referred to as Converted Customers. You can thus proceed by either up-selling or cross-selling them other products related to those they purchased. The key here is to know who you are remarketing to and keep them engaged.

Facebook Video Remarketing Strategies - Up-selling or Cross-selling To Existing Customers

07 Exclude Converting Traffic

Facebook retargeting requires you to be precise and specific. Thus, the use of a targeting system geared to help you create audience-specific ads makes marketing easier. When using a targeting system, one key point is to exclude visitors who have already made purchases. Instead, use ads specific to converted customers.

Facebook Video Remarketing Strategies - Exclude Converting Traffic

08 Audience Specific Offers

Turn those warn leads to buyers. How so? As touched on Segmenting, you will need to create tailor-made offers to different audiences now. Since there are many different audiences, knowing how to reach out to them can significantly drive conversions. Some things to keep in mind will include understanding what product page they landed on, when they visited your Website, their base location, or even what products they put in their cart. It will eventually help you create the specific offer to turn them into hot buyers.

09 Consistent and Relevant Remarketing Ads

Consistency and familiarity go a long way in helping make more sales. The converted customers, showing them products they recognize and are interested in would more likely lead them to make a purchase. For potential buyers, the Facebook remarketing strategy will have to be different. Finally, to completely engross them, you can use the CTA's-Calls To Action to drive them to the action of making the purchase.

10 A/B Test

While this will require you to spare a little bit of your time, it is worth it. Among all other Facebook remarketing strategies listed, this one will help know how the retargeting ads you created play out. By running smaller ad campaigns that test the ads performance, the offers, and CTA's, you will be better-suited in finding the ad and method that work for your business.

Facebook Video Remarketing Strategies - A/B Test

Part 2. How to make a Facebook Remarketing Video

So, what is Facebook's dynamic remarketing? It uses targeted ads to visitors who have been on your page to make them come back to make a purchase. To effectively do this, you will have to get the help of a video creator tool for making such ads where Wondershare VidAir, is the best choice. It has handy operations to help you create Facebook remarketing videos without scripts. Ready-to-use editable templates, in-built video editor tool, free-to-use, sleek and smooth UI are the attractive ones from the list.

Steps to Make A Facebook Remarketing Video with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

Visit the VidAir website, and tap the LOG IN button if you already have Wondershare ID. If you do not have a VidAir account, you can create one by clicking on the SIGN UP.

login Wondershare ID

Step 2 Choose a Template

Once logged in, click the Templates button at the top of the page, which will re-direct you to the templates page. To preview the templates, you can hover your mouse on top of the desired template.

find the correct templates

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

Start creating the video ad by adding text, stickers, audio, or even upload an existing video file from local files to use.

edit the facebook remarketing video

The editing area is below the Preview function, where once you create the video, you can click on the Preview feature to view the video ad made.

preview the facebook remarketing video

To save the video, click on the Save option and choose “My Projects.” Finally, if all necessary changes are over, click on the Export button download it.

save and export


Facebook remarketing aims to keep your brand relevant in the mind of both converted and potential customers. With these ideas, it is now over to you to execute and make the best out of them to help you make more sales as these are proven and effective Facebook retargeting ideas. Thus, make sure you always have Vidair by your side to make your task easy!