Top 10 Social Media Marketing Apps You Should Know

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With the rise of technology in the social media age, many social media marketing apps launch every day. But can they leverage your marketing base? Well, we'll know by learning about the top social media apps for marketing.

“Which is the best app for social media marketing?”

Quite a few people end up at this question as there are surplus social media apps on the market used by people globally. At present, companies or business experts heavily depend on social media networks like Instagram to find the target audience and potential customers for their brand. When popular social media apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat come to our mind, do they make on the list of best apps for social media marketing? Do you know what could be the answer? Yes, social media apps can also be helpful as marketing tools for your business, and Instagram is just one of them. So, what are the other remaining social media marketing applications? Are you excited to find them? Explore our today's article to find the best apps for social media marketing approach from here.

Part 1. 10 Best Apps for Social Media Marketing 2021

01 Telegram

Due to multiple app clampdowns by the government bodies in 2020, Telegram scored out to be one of the popular social media apps known for secret texting. With an increase in user base, Telegram is one of the best apps for marketing in social media for its privacy policies, secure mode, instant user connectivity, broadcast ability, and chatbots. Cloud-based storage, a group with a capacity of 2 Lakhs users, ad-free experience, and self-destructive messages are other few incredible features of Telegram!


02 Facebook

When it comes to social media, Facebook was the first app to roll down with millions of users, and in brand marketing as well, Facebook still stands absolute with 2.7 billion MAUs. Although felt short a while due to other apps like Instagram, and TikTok, with an introduction to stories, ads, artists followers, social events, emojis, live videos, and our favorite Facebook Marketplace, Facebook is still the best app for social media marketing.


03 Instagram

Instagram is our next best app for social media marketing that has created a sensation worldwide with 1.2 billion per month active users (MAUs). Instagram Reels, stories, IGTV, explore page, user schedule, and messaging abilities make Instagram an all-in-one platform for marketing your brand or business through photos and videos efficiently. Along with access to Facebook, Instagram provides access to 5+ ad types and rich analytics for a business account.


04 WhatsApp

Like Telegram, featured to be one of the tools for secret texting, WhatsApp from Facebook has suppressed many apps keeping Facebook Messenger its ultimate shadow in terms of grades. In usage by people in 180+ countries, WhatsApp was initially valuable only to communicate with family and friends. However, now you can create business accounts, broadcast messages, connect with people through video and audio calls making it the best business platform. For professional business owners, WhatsApp Business is advisable for customer support and updates.


05 TapeReal

Formerly known as Tapebook, Tapereal is an Apple social media marketing app intended only for iPad and iPhone. Featured as the best 5th social media app of 2021, Tapereal is the best platform to instantly create, connect, share, and monetize. Categorized under social podcasting, Tapereal is a great place to share your talent, Vlog, stories, teaching skills through "tapes." When it comes to marketing via Tapereal, you can hire influencers to promote your brand products through Vlog recording and Hashtag campaign to build your community and spark rich engagement.


06 TikTok

Do you know the best destination for mobile videos? Yes, it is none other than TikTok, where you can create natural, exciting, and spontaneous videos. Preferred widely by enthusiasts, TikTok was the No.1 app to get millions of downloads in 2018 pushing Facebook, and Instagram behind. On TikTok, you can access all sorts of videos like gaming, DIY, food, ASMR, sports, and pets. With millions of content creators, social media integration, AR features, multiple language support, and anonymous users, TikTok is one of the free apps for social media marketing that has acquired too.


07 Twitter

Bringing new updates in the blink of an eye, Twitter is a real-time public microblogging platform known for real-time info and news feed that happens around the world. Used by business experts, artists, celebrities, and advertisers, it is a great place to advertise your brand and attract the target audience in turn. Even though Twitter is quite different from other social media apps, it serves 75% of social customer services on its platform. You can experience exclusive live streams, trending hashtags, viral topics, private chats, and influential people messages, and the other tweeting features!


08 Snapchat

Popularly known for self-destructive "Snaps," Snapchat is our next social media marketing app that has captivated millions of hearts. With countless ways to express yourself with Lenses, fun effects, Bitmojis, and filters, Snapchat is the best tool to chat with friends, capture memories, follow friends, post stories, watch original shows, community stories, and breaking news. Snapchat has got its place in our list of top apps for social media marketing just because you can post stories or posts related to your brand that gets noted by creators, publishers, and advertisers.


09 Reddit

With an agreeable design, Reddit is the social media marketing app that is a strong community with intelligent people ready to discuss, chat, share their thoughts with pictures and videos. Being a dedicated forum that uses the concept of "Subreddits," you can use different Subreddits to impose engagement levels, research on popular or relevant ones for brand promotion, upvote/downvote posts, join conversations, discuss unique topics, and unlock features.


10 LinkedIn

Finally on the list of the best free apps for social media marketing is LinkedIn, a business-friendly platform that has raised its revenue by 21% during the pandemic. Incorporating or implementing features like consumer-centric stories, LinkedIn is an excellent place with a marketing opportunity to showcase your company or product through trust-building. Widely used by professionals and business people worldwide, LinkedIn can increase business connections, send personalized ads, and display ads on the platform.


Part 2. Easy Online Maker for Marketing Videos

Once you have picked the social media marketing app to proceed with, the process isn't complete as you need to choose the type of strategy – image or video that gets maximum reach or delivers word for you. While images are the best ways to reveal a short message with text elements, the video takes the unbeatable position when it comes to visual storytelling. If you are a famous or daily user of Instagram or Tapereal, you can discover lots of videos on the explore page of different genres. Hence, now, do you agree with the point that video is the best way for social media marketing apps free? But can you make them for free online? Well, why not when VidAir is here for you.

vidair templates

VidAir is an online video creator solution allowing you to edit your already existing video through local upload or creating new from the template. Introduced to be a free tool from Wondershare, you can expand your market with VidAir through social media YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. With an integrated video editor with attractive tools like filters, effects, text elements, stickers, etc., VidAir follows an intuitive UI making it easy for newbie and professional.

How to create a video with VidAir?

For creating a video in VidAir, you need no prior experience. Simply follow the 3-step guide given below:

Step 1 Log in or Sign Up

Enter the VidAir website, and log in with your Wondershare ID, or create one using the “Sign Up” button.

vidair login or signup

Step 2 Template Selection

On the following window, choose a template to create the video.

choose a template

Tap on the template and hit the “Use This Template” option to pick the template.

use the template

Step 3 Create & Export Video

On the video creator panel, start creating the video using the actions on the left panel like text, videos, stickers, local upload, and so on.

video creator panel

Preview, save and export the video to the desired resolution once you finish the video creation.

save and export the video


With millions of daily active users, the above-discussed free social media marketing apps, without a doubt, are the best ones for your business marketing strategy. Thus, with no ado, choose one of the top apps for social media marketing, frame a campaign, and start your business via social media. We would also recommend you get assistance from social media influencers to spark engagement and reach a wider audience as they are closely related to the marketing field. Whichever social media strategy for mobile apps you have chosen, do not forget to give VidAir a try for its all-around social media video creation abilities!