How Much Does Twitter Ad Cost

Learning how much a Twitter ad costs and the easy steps to create Twitter ads online.

Here is all you need to know about Twitter cost per impression and analysis of various Twitter ads cost. Read through this article and stay tuned till the end.

Twitter is a quite diplomatic platform; we all know that! That is why influencers, leaders, journalists, celebrities, and opinion makers are present over here. Furthermore, it is the basis for the significance of Twitter ads. Generally, the Twitter advertising cost depends upon the type of ad you want to run over there. Thus, there would be an average pricing guide discussed in the later sections. Starting with the importance of this short social media platform and Twitter cost per impression is a better idea.

Part 1. Why Is Twitter Ad Important

Twitter Diplomacy is what defines the importance of this social media platform. This statesmanship occurs when millions of eyes are on the tweet of renowned world leaders and other influencers. According to Hootsuite Blog, 82% of B2B Content Marketers have used this platform for organic growth in the last 10-12 months. Also, the audience base of Twitter is almost 353 million and still increasing.

That’s why we say that Twitter ads are worth it. Twitter has reliable flexibility, pricing, targeting, CTR, engagement, and reach, the reason marketers run effective Twitter ad campaigns after analyzing the Twitter cost per impression.

Given below are a few of the numerous benefits of Twitter ads.

1. Growing user base: The user base of Twitter expects to grow by 2.4% this year which is around 2.8% last year and said to be 2.0% next year. So, that’s the first reason to be explained in brief only.

2. Effective Keyword Targeting: Keyword targeting on Twitter is the only intentional way to reach a specific kind of audience. You can easily target people who have used a hashtag or particular word in their Twitter account. In comparison, mainly the other forms of social media accounts won’t allow you this much keyword targeting. For instance, you can take Facebook, which only offers topic targeting features within the Facebook ads.

3. Versatility: Versatility is the last essential factor to mention in Twitter ads. There is a variety in Twitter ads, namely the Twitter advertising on Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts.

Let’s discuss each of them in little detail as follows!

1. Promoted Tweets: The advertisers purchase promoted tweets to reach a more extensive audience base to encourage existing followers' engagement on their accounts.

2. Promoted Trends: As the name suggests, the Twitter trends promote a specific movement that is an event, time, and context-sensitive. They usually appear at the top of Twitter trending lists to get noticed. So, trends are also purchased.

3. Promoted Accounts: Promoted Accounts generally appear as suggestions to those who don't follow their accounts.

Part 2. Twitter Cost Per Impression/Click/Follower

The Twitter cost per impression depends on how you will advertise over this social media channel, as discussed earlier. So, let's discuss the average price of each variant!

1. The Twitter cost per impression with promoted tweets: With these, you will pay when a user retweets, favorites, replies, or clicks the promoted tweet. Its average cost is around $1.35 per engagement.

2. The Twitter cost per impression with promoted accounts: You gain followers through promoted accounts via targeting. The targeting helps create an audience base for your business strategies. Thus, its average cost per follower comes out to be $2.50 to $4.00.

3. The Twitter cost per impression with promoted trends: The Twitter trends are a list of favorite topics for each user based upon their hashtag usage and geographic location within the network.

So, this was the complete analysis of Twitter advertising cost.

Part 3. Save Your Money: Make Twitter Ads Easy Online

Apart from Twitter promotion costs, you may have to incur expenses on post creation as well. Thus, creativity is a must to save huge bucks of money for hiring designers and similar guys. For this purpose, we are going to reveal an effective formula via an online video maker. Wondershare VidAir is the right tool for you to save your money and help you create Twitter video ads easily online.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Twitter Ads Online

Step 1 Choose A Template for Twitter Ads

Visit the official website of Wondershare VidAir and click the Templates button, and select one of your favorite template for your ads. Select an aspect ratio and hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to begin.

select video template for twitter ads

Step 2 Create Twitter Video Ad Online

From the newly opened window, you can modify the ad post using various tools such as Text, Video, Audio, Stickers, etc. Preview all changes before you export.

create twitter ads post

Step 3 Export Twitter Ads Video

Finally, hit the Export button after you finish. It will take you a couple of seconds to download the project into your system.

export twitter ads

Thus, these simple steps will make Twitter ads post via a simple yet intuitive online video maker by Wondershare. It is a fully customizable platform to modify even the inbuilt video and post templates as per your logo or other promotion strategies. So, go for it and spend your day well by including some creativity besides saving massive bucks.

Our mission to inform you thoroughly about the Twitter cost per impression and Twitter ads cost s almost accomplished. Please remember that creating strategies for Twitter promotion is a bit tricky and may even grab your money if you aren't that technical. Thus, we recommended saving money on Twitter ads post creation via a reliable online video maker, VidAir, a recent launch by renowned software company Wondershare.