Top 10 Twitter Ads Examples for Marketers

List the best Twitter ads and tips for marketers to have a reference.

Is Twitter ad the worth platform for my marketing practices? While Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are friendly social media platforms where you can build a close, fun, and crazy connection, Twitter is unique on the line. Used by top professionals, business people, and experts, Twitter has got its place on the list with maximum daily active users, making it the best place to put your ads for maximum reach. With access to Twitter creative best practices, you can succeed by growing your network as well. If you are a marketer who is weeding through the internet to find Twitter ads examples, then you are on the right page.

Part 1. What is Twitter Ads

Based on your Twitter activities, and the info provided on your account, certain ads get rolled out when you log in or log out of Twitter. They are nothing but Twitter ads that are the promoted content from their ad partners in which you could be interested as they are related to you. With the label "Promoted," interacting with the promoted content is as easy as organic content. Do you know how Twitter advertising is customized? Based on your activities like follow, search, view, and interact with other Twitter accounts.

Like Instagram ads, there are different kinds of ads on Twitter where the primary ones are: promoted video and website card.

Promoted Video

  • Promoted Tweets: With the look of ordinary tweets, promoted tweets get purchased by advertisers who wish to reach a wider audience or spark engagement to their existing followers. You can retweet, reply, like, and so on such promoted tweets that are widely visible on search results, timelines, user profiles, and more.
  • Promoted Accounts: Ever seen suggestions of other Twitter accounts on your timeline or feed? Yes, the promoted accounts that you may find interesting but currently following. Here you get introduced to a wide variety of Twitter accounts from multiple Twitter locations like search results and timeline.
  • Promoted Trend: A promoted trend is a high-impact, 24-hour exclusive takeover of promoted content appearing on the list of top trends. Visible on the Explore page, you can get to know what’s happening in real-time with promoted trends.
twitter promoted video
  • Promoted live video: his option is quite costly at $500K minimum but allows you to broadcast a live moment to the Twitter world. Promoted live video works out well for a product release/service.
  • In-Stream video ads: Already consumed by the user, in-stream video ads run within the content with 280 characters.

Website Card

For generating traffic to your website or app, you can consider website cards based on Twitter advertising. Billed based on CPC, CPE, and CPM model, you can house videos in the website card, which comes in various forms like website card, conversation card, direct message card, tweet to unlock, and app card.

website card ads

Part 2. Best Twitter Ads to Inspire Your Campaign

If you have no idea how to get into the world of Twitter advertising, learning from the best Twitter ads will help you plan your next campaign. Get to know some of the Twitter ads best practices by brands that can be useful.

01 Best Twitter ad for follower engagement- Skillshare

Regular tweets are a great way to promote your platform, and Skillshare utilizes this Twitter creative best practice strategy in all its posts. It is an online platform that teaches new things to its followers with world-class practitioners. With an upload of 1-2 minutes trailers related to their free classes, the link on the tweet takes you to the class landing page as well.

Skillshare twitter ad

02 Best Twitter ads for positivity- Uber

Uber has made a compelling tweet to its followers during the pandemic time, making it one of the best Twitter ads examples. It isn't an image or a video but just a simple text in collaboration with MediaCom, and Wieden+Kennedy where the Uber team asked the viewers to stay safe at home. Driving positive change, Uber delivered 10 million free rides and food to frontline workers due to humanity!

uber twitter ad

03 Best creative Twitter ad practice- Zyppah

One of the Twitter ad's best practices is to reach your audience beyond boundaries by partnering with influencers, business leaders, or celebrities. Yes, doing so will help you earn followers where Zyppah hired former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal for the "World Sleep Day" event to promote better sleep.

shaq twitter ad

04 Best simple Twitter ad for business- RXBAR

Although if you aren't familiar with RXBAR before, their Twitter bio reveals it all. RXBAR is the leading real food producer with simple ingredients and no BS. They follow a unique advertising style of promoting their protein bar or other products with techniques like stop motion regularly in short posts that are colorful and straightforward related to their packaging or product.

rxbar twitter ad

05 Best Twitter ads to redefine home entertainment- Verizon

Need the best Twitter ad example to market your business related to entertainment? Verizon posted on 2020 with partner agencies R/GA and VM1 for live-streamed concerts and gaming events is the best tweet. Apart from entertaining fans, it promoted small business where Dave Matthews gained 100% positive brand sentiment.

verizon twitter ad

06 Best Twitter ads for business promotion- Super Image Market

Twitter advertising can be a teaser to promote your business, where one great example is Super Image Market. It does a beautiful job by highlighting an offer to the audience with a promise of 2000 images. Such contracts create familiarity and friendliness!

super image market twitter ad

07 Best Twitter ads for event promotion- INBOUND2020

Another marketing scheme available on Twitter concentrates on event promotion. If you have an upcoming event, conversation with the audience is mandatory where HubSpot is an expert in it. With the use of Hashtag #INBOUND2020, HubSpot promoted its virtual event on Twitter.

inbound twitter ad

08 Best simple Twitter ad- Louis Vuitton

Twitter ads never need to be animated with visuals. Instead can be lightweight and straightforward like the Horizon Soft Luggage from Louis Vuitton. As Twitter's timeline will be overloaded with multiple ads, keep your ad shorter and not too complicated to understand.

Louis Vuitton twitter ad

09 Best Twitter ads to spark engagement: Essence

The ad from Essence joins in grabbing the audience's attention, and the focus is on the list of best Twitter ads examples. Executing a brilliant way to get viewers into the contest, Essence has used a CTA as well.

essence twitter ad

10 Best Twitter ads for the audience- Progressive

Here is a top-notch Twitter ad example from Progressive to reach your Twitter audience successfully. It gives a convincing call-to-action with the ad's central message, and as you can see, the ad copy is descriptive, sarcastic, and rate transparent.

progressive twitter ad

Part 3. Make Twitter Video Ads Easily Online

From the above-discussed best Twitter ads, you would have observed that your ad doesn't need to be animated nor visualized like the ones created by experts or professionals. Instead, keeping a simple style with compelling content drives audience engagement towards your Twitter ads. Keeping your requirements in mind, Wondershare VidAir is the right online video creator you're looking for.

As we all know, online tools are the best-to-go ones in critical circumstances where you don't need to install the software but can accomplish the task in just seconds. VidAir provides you basic and easy editing features, including adding text, stickers, background music, and free resources. What's more, VidAir gives you preset Twitter ads templates for your inspiration.

online twitter ads maker

You can try to create a Twitter ads video by yourself with Wondershare VidAir after learning the best Twitter ads examples.