Top 6 Twitter Ads Campaigns for Marketers

Learning the top Twitter ads campaigns and make one by yourself with easy online tool.

Marketing or advertising on Twitter is not complicated. Thus, learn ways to put powerful Twitter campaigns into practice and show your brand to the world.

Does Twitter work out for marketing my brand or product?

Although Twitter has 321M monthly active users less compared to Facebook and Instagram, it is a powerful marketing platform that helps your brand or services have a wider reach and spark engagement. To find marketing success on Twitter, like other social media platforms so that your brand speaks to the audience, you need to use strategic planning.

To meet your marketing goals a Twitter ad campaign is the best option that will help you manage and keep track of all your tweet posts. To explain to you in more detail regarding Twitter advertising campaigns, walk through this article.

Part 1. What are Twitter Ads Campaigns

Want to drive engagement or need to drive in more link clicks? Need your brand to reach people? Whatever goal or metrics your ad could be projected to, to succeed in it, Twitter advertising campaigns are the best way to complement the organic content strategy. The promoted or paid content called ads created using a movement is a Twitter ad campaign.

There are different types of Twitter ads created in campaigns, such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts, etc. Although the concept differs, the motto is the same: driving a broad audience, exposure, and visibility. Each campaign has particular objectives and goals, and the exciting point is that it's charged only when action is taken.

One can benefit a lot from such Twitter campaigns as access to high-advanced audience targeting, demographics, conversation targeting, events, follower look-alikes, and so on. Besides, during campaign setup, an automatic bid range is recommended to the user based on the targeting.

Part 2. 6 Best Twitter Campaigns for Learning

It is always the better choice to learn from the best examples in the crowd. Hence, we have brought up a list of the six best Twitter campaign marketing strategies adopted by top companies or accounts in their tweets. Please get to know about each one of them from here.

01 Best engagement Twitter ad campaign- Kohl’s

The first is the engagement campaign, a great place to promote engaging content on the list of best Twitter campaigns. In such ads, you can promote awareness around an event or product launches and associate your brand with happenings in the world around you. Kohl's made such an attempt on Black Friday 2019 with hashtags that surprisingly collected over tons of responses towards the contest. The participants were asked trivial questions, and as a result, received gift cards. Beyond your expectation, 450k engagements were generated and recognized as the best Twitter campaigns in 2019!

kohl’s twitter ad campaign

02 Best Twitter ad campaign of inspiration- Oberlo

If you want to reach customers or a targeted audience, you do not need universal popularity or a high budget. A B2B drop shipping network, Oberlo is the fine example for a Twitter ad campaign. With the use of Twitter ads, Oberlo offers personal inspiration that relies on knowledge and motivation to address the audience and small companies' issues. The below ad from Oberlo offers a low stake, free, branded desktop wallpaper with an inspiring quote. This mode of comprehending audience target is successful besides creating one of expensive high-budget.

oberlo twitter ad

03 Best Twitter ad campaigns for entertainment- Trolls

Twitter advertising campaigns work out very well in the case of joy too. If you wonder how it is, Trolls made it possible at the start of the pandemic season by creating a digital release. Yes, Universal Pictures faced this dilemma during the launch of "Trolls World Tour" but never gave up. Instead, as the show must go on, they released premium video-on-demand directly and hosted a live watch party as well with the cooperation of its partner agency, Essence. Finally, it worked out as families celebrated the film's release.

trolls ad campaign

04 Best Twitter ad campaign for food- Wendy’s

Even if you aren't hungry, drool-worthy burgers and fries make you crave for them. As audiences are attracted to such authentic voices of ads, visuals speak a lot rather than description or contents. This strategy works well for food companies, especially for fast-food spaces like Wendy's. With simple background change, the ad aims to get the top click, and yes, the team succeeded. Now, it's your turn: are you not driven toward these tangy fries and burgers yet?

wendy’s twitter ad

05 Best Twitter ad campaign for shopping- Amazon & Threadless

Are you into eCommerce at present and wish to keep your audience engaged or excited about your brand always? Then, Amazon's learning Twitter ad campaign and Threadless can promote flash sales keeping viewers interested. As you can see, Amazon has offered a special offer on accessories from Kindle and Fire, followed by the call-to-action of "Shop Now."

Similarly, Threadless, an eCommerce vendor and a retailer known for web-based clothing, made a firm, eye-catching ad offering 30% as a holiday gift.

shopping twitter ad campaign

06 Best Twitter ad campaign for community: Manny’s Deli

Certain tweets rallied on the community where the one from Manny's Deli touched their audience at the time of the pandemic. "We are struggling, and this isn't for fun. Support your favorite deli for dinner tonight. Thx", this tweet was posted by Dan Raskin when his business started to be repercussive during COVID-19. This honest approach moved the followers for small businesses who longed for neighbor-love, driving a 1 500% increase in sales, and 500, 000 engagement.

mannysdeli twitter ad campaign

Part 3. Easy Tool to Make Twitter Video Ads

From the above-discussed Twitter ad campaign, whatever type of campaign you could be interested in, creating a great ad helps you in all situations. If you aren't interested in using a video creation tool that requires software installation, then online tools are present in the market, especially for you.

With hassle-free download or installation, Wondershare VidAir is here from Wondershare, the company behind the popular software behind Filmora9 and Filmii. With an easy-to-use interface, you can create beautiful videos in just seconds with VidAir, where the readymade templates with inspired ideas are an added advantage. All you require to do is log in to your Wondershare account, sign up to a new account, pick a template, create a video ad, and export them right away.

Now, do you agree that Twitter is a suitable platform as well for your business or brand promotion? The secret behind it is to choose the best Twitter campaign from the discussion, think of a new strategy, come up with a creative idea to achieve success. Luckily, you have VidAir handy to make your task relatively easier by clearing the need for a professional tool to create ads for Twitter.