10 Useful Strategies for Twitter Marketing

Best Practices To Use In 2021 If You Are Promoting Your Brand on Twitter

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“How to do marketing on Twitter?”

If you are looking for options to promote your brand and business on Twitter, you are reading on the right page. We will help you to know what makes Twitter an excellent platform for b2b and b2c marketing, strategies and tools for marketing, and other related information.

With more than 300 million monthly active users, Twitter is a great platform to connect with your potential customers in real-time. If used with the right strategy and planning, Twitter can help you to reach the maximum number of people, engage them, and also create leads. So, if you too are keen to promote your business on this growing platform, keep reading to know about Twitter marketing and best Twitter marketing strategy that will work for your business.

Part 1. How to Use Twitter for Marketing?

In simplest terms, Twitter marketing is a process of marketing your brand, product, or business on the Twitter platform. Social media sites are an integral part of marketing by big and small set-ups and Twitter is no exception to this. Marketing on Twitter helps you stay connected with real-time users and establish meaningful connections.

Marketing on Twitter may seem simple and easy by just starting to Tweet, but in actuality, there is much more to this. Twitter is a very fast-moving platform with approximately 7000 tweets every second and thus conveying your message and engaging potential customer has to be very fast. In comparison to Facebook and other social media sites, the shelf life of a tweet is very short (4 times shorter) and here the challenge lies in creating an impact in that limited time.

Part 2. Top 10 Twitter Marketing Strategies in 2021

To avoid getting lost in the fast-moving world of Twitter, several strategies can be used to create an impact and get the attention of potential customers. Among the list of these tips, we have shortlisted the top 10 Twitter social media marketing strategies that can help you grow your brand and business on Twitter.

01 Optimized Twitter Account

One of the most neglected but the most important of all Twitter marketing tools is having an optimized account. It is very important to choose the right handle name, header image, profile photo, and other account details.

The Twitter handle should be short as well as easy to remember. Also, ensure that it can be easily recognized. It will be great if the account names are kept the same throughout all social media platforms. The profile should be brand-centric with a bio, cover image, and avatar.

Optimized Twitter Account

02 Peak Hour Tweeting

Tweeting at the time when the maximum number of users are active is always beneficial as it reaches the maximum number of users and results in boosting engagements and leads. It has been seen that people are more active on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in comparison to other days of the week. Regarding the timings, the studies have revealed that between 12 PM to 6PM is the best time. These days and timings may also vary depending on the target audience. So, you need to check out your target audience and then test with them at different times and days of the week to know the best of all. Once you know the days and timings, you can schedule your tweets accordingly.

Peak Hour Tweeting

03 Use Advanced Searches

Instead of reaching out to a large audience, it would be always better to reach the ones who seem to be potential customers and are interested in your brand or products. Using the terms and phrases related to your industry will help you shortlist the potential customers you can further filter them using the advanced searches. When the right leads are targeted, the responses are positive.

Use Advanced Searches

04 Adding Images and Videos to The Tweets

It has been seen that tweets with images get more clicks and are shared and retweeted more in comparison to the tweets without the images. Ensure to add only relevant and interesting images to your tweet and also make sure that they are high in quality.

Images are better than text and videos further get more engagement. Thus, adding videos to your tweets will surely catch the attention of the people. You can either use an already recorded video or can shoot a new one from your device to be uploaded. As per the study, it has been found out that a tweet with a video has 6 times more chances to be retweeted than a tweet with photos. Upload high-quality videos that can be used to share behind the scenes, information related to your brand, or to get an emotional response. Live videos can also be used for tweeting any live event.

Adding Images and Videos to The Tweets

05 Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags can be used by people to locate you it also assists in better performance of the tweets. There are several trending hashtags that you can add to your tweet (but only if they are related to your brand or business) and get the advantage. Tweeting around some specific phrases and keywords will let you add the relevant hashtags. Keep in check that you are not overusing the hashtags as it reduces the engagement.

Use Relevant Hashtags

06 Interaction with Followers Using Polls

To get more active on Twitter and connect with followers, Twitter Poll is an effective tool. The poll has to be engaging so that the followers find the questions interesting and are tempted to answer. The polls should be user-targeted that they find relevant.

Interaction with Followers Using Polls

07 Add Call to Action

The major purpose of Twitter or for that matter any marketing is to generate leads and increase sales. Thus, besides retweet, you want your followers to boost sales and for this creating the posts having CTAs is an effective way. In addition to the CTAs for sharing your post, you can also create other activities like visiting the site, shopping, downloading, learning more about the brand, and following the site. Make an interesting tweet with these CTAs and add some catchy words like freebies and more to have more traffic and leads.

Add Call to Action

08 Use Twitter Ads

For further improving the engagement and getting the leads, Twitter ads work great. Though these ads are expensive they are worth the investment if you can afford them. Use the ads when you need a quick boost to your leads and engagement. The Twitter ads can help you reach potential customers directly than waiting for the organic reach. You can opt for Promoted Tweets, conversation ads, and others for increased influence of your brand and business. When promoted tweets are used, the people who are not following you directly but having a similar interest as your target audience will also come to know about your profile.

Use Twitter Ads

09 Set Measurable Goals

For any strategy to work, it is important to set measurable goals so that you can keep track and also be aware if you are moving in the right direction. Some of the goals that can be set are increased traffic on the site, getting leads by traffic direction through offers or emails, increasing the followers, networking with influencers, and others. After the goals are set, measure them on a timely basis so that you know what strategies are working and which needs to be changed.

Set Measurable Goals

10 Build Twitter Community

If you want people to follow you, you will also start to have to follow them, and thus building a Twitter business community is important. Follow the people who are related to your brand and business and can add some value to your business. Following the right people will help you build an effective community with whom you can interact and engage. In addition to tweeting, you also need to re-tweet and be active to create connections with your followers and your community.

Build Twitter Community

Part 3. Make Marketing Videos for Twitter Easily Online

Videos play a major role in Twitter marketing and as discussed above, the videos need to be catchy and interesting so that it gets the attention in the short period. If you too want to include a video in your tweet but finding it difficult to create one, use Wondershare VidAir. This is an online tool that works from the browser and helps in creating excellent videos in no time. You simply need to free sign-up with the program and you are all set to create the video of your choice.

Using the templates in several categories, you get the readymade theme that can be selected depending on your brand or ad content. You can edit and customize the video, audio, text other content of the template to match your requirements. A simple interface makes Wondershare VidAir apt for all types of users. The basic version of the tool is free to use that processes the videos with a watermark in 720p resolution. If required you can upgrade to the paid version that offers an option to get videos in 1080p resolution, watermark-free files, and 2GB of free cloud storage.


To tap into the potential of the fast-moving Twitter, the use of the right marketing strategies is very important. So, keep your Twitter profile updated and keep trying different strategies that help in brand boosting and creating leads. For adding videos to your Tweets, using a specialized tool like Wondershare VidAir helps a lot.

Wondershare VidAir