How to Make Twitter Video Ads Easily Online

This article tells you the easy steps to make Twitter video ads online.

Do you wish to spark engagement with creative ads on Twitter? Rather than ordinary ones, Twitter video ads work extraordinary, and here is our article about it. When it comes to Twitter promotion, there are various sorts of ads like promoted tweets, accounts, and trends. With the label of “Promoted”, they get distinguished from the rest, and you can access them on the explore or spotlight page. Such ads are the best places to get interacted with the customers and partners as well.

When the question arises on which ad type is best suited for communication, then visual or beautiful Twitter promoted video comes top on the line. So, if you are new to this concept and excited to know more, you are at the right spot. Here, you can walk through the concepts related to Twitter video ads like specs and learn how to upload Twitter video ads hassle-free.

Part 1. Twitter Video Ads Specs

Twitter video ads help reveal a rich brand story on a person’s timeline driving you towards hyper-targeting capabilities. Among them, Twitter promoted video is a proven video ad solution that helps you achieve brand metrics and trust, leading to sales in turn.

Twitter promoted video specs:

Tweet copy: 280 characters (if link used: 257 characters)

File size: 1GB

Video file type: MP4 or MOV

Video length: 15 seconds (recommended), 2 minutes to 20 seconds (maximum)

Video bitrate: 6,000K for 1080P, 8, 000K for 720P

Video aspect ratio: 1:1 is advisable, but you can render it to square on mobile or desktop. 9: 16 (vertical) will take the same amount of real-estate but will render to 1:1 space on the desktop and mobile with the black bars on the sides. Any aspect between 2:1 and 1:1 is acceptable. However, the video will crop to 1:1 by the platform.

Recommended size: 1200* 1200, any height is accepted if aspect ratio isn’t 1:1, 640*360 is minimum.

Branding: Throughout the video, branding appears best by the logo placed on the upper left-hand corner.

Captions: Text overlays or closed captions are highly helpful.

Video thumbnails: JPEG or PNG, 5 MB, 640*360 pixels.

Another ad-option in Twitter is the Twitter pre-roll for audience amplification, whereby you can run such pre-roll ads that would align your brand safe with premium content that your customers are already watching. For the best Twitter video ads examples, you can refer to the ads from top brands like “The Barista Bar,” “Cosmopolitan,” and “Oberlo.”

Twitter pre-roll specs:

File size: 1GB maximum

File type: MP4 or MOV

Video length: Keep it 15 seconds or less.

Video aspect ratio: 1:1 works best.

twitter video ad example

Part 2. How to Upload Videos to Twitter Ads Account

I hope you now have an idea about Twitter video ads and their video specifications. Herewith a manual guide; let's look at how to upload videos to your Twitter ads account.

Step 1: Open Twitter and log in to your Twitter Ads account.

Step 2: From the top toolbar, tap the “Creatives” option and choose the “Media” option from the drop-down.

twitter ad account

Step 3: Now, tap the profile picture, and click the “Media Studio” option.

twitter media studio

Step 4: You will now get to the Media Library that is the database of the videos and photos you have uploaded already on Twitter.

twitter media library

Now, tap the “Upload Media” option on the right upper corner that will allow you to take video or browse the files from the drive storage.

upload media

Step 5: Once you have decided on the video, tap the “Choose” button.

upload video

The video will upload automatically. And in the processing phase, you can add metadata, description, and call-to-action. Once complete, the video will get posted on your account and media library.

video ad customization

Part 3. Twitter Video Ads Online Maker with Editable Templates

When you look at some of the famous Twitter video ads examples from top brands, you would have noticed that the ads are unique yet straightforward that nails their brand name in just 15 seconds of the roll. To create such stunning ads, you don't require professional software. Instead, all you need is an online one-stop video creator tool like Wondershare VidAir.

In just seconds, VidAir helps you create beautiful videos for your Twitter ad that can be useful for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. It is a one-stop online video creator tool from Wondershare with numerous trending templates.

How to make Twitter video ads online with VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template for Twitter Ad

After login, open the templates page and choose one you like. Select an aspect ratio, and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to start editing.

choose twitter ads template

Step 2 Edit Twitter Video Ads Online

From this page, you can customize the video with text effects, stickers, background music, and footage. Upload your local resources can also be done easily.

twitter ads video online

Step 3 Export Your Twitter Video Ad

Preview the whole video to check your content. And hit on the Export button to download it.

save and export the video

Finally, we are almost at the end of our today's article. Are you amazed to find that Twitter video ads are compelling, like Facebook and Instagram ads? Yes, it is Twitter pre-roll that gets the colossal hit score among the other Twitter-promoted video. We have also discussed VidAir in detail that helps you out in crafting great video ads for Twitter.