How to Use Twitter Website Card for Promotion

A full guide on Twitter website card you cannot miss.

Create Twitter website cards using the step-by-step tutorial, respective ad specs, and process of the online video maker.

How can you use Twitter to promote business?

Twitter is quite a diplomatic platform and thus designed in a way to effectively promote your business. Every influencer, top-leader, and high-profile people are available on Twitter, with millions of people waiting for their tweets. So, the tweet by top individuals matters a lot. This platform further engages 190 million users each month, where 35,000 users sign up each day. Thus, your business promotion on Twitter is quite helpful to reach a more extensive audience base. Even though there are many ways to introduce your website, Twitter website cards are a pretty reliable feature worth considering. This entire post will be a descriptive discussion on using and creating Twitter cards for business scenarios. So, let’s start with the definition of a Twitter website card as follows!

Part 1. What is Twitter Website Card

The Twitter Website Cards are a type of ad placed on Twitter to drive visitors to the website promoted. Thus, you can call it a part of the lead generation process. It goes down and occurs in the marketing funnels. Just like Twitter ads come with different formats, Twitter website cards are also available with variants to select from. Yet, they all share a similar design. Thus, it presents a great way to generate click-through than just using text.

A Twitter website card further consists of various categories, as already mentioned above. We have provided relevant information on creating Twitter cards and the respective ad specifications you have to use. You are available with different formats as you sign up to advertise on Twitter. So, let's discover each of them in details.

01 Image Twitter Website Card

Pricing Model: CPE or CPM

single image twitter website card

Respective Ad Specs

  • Title Length of Website: 50-70 characters
  • Copy of Tweet: 256 characters
  • Image Size of Twitter Website Card: 800 × 800px or 800 × 418px for 1:1 aspect ratio [3MB Maximum Size]
  • Supported File Types: JPEG and PNG only
  • Aspect Ratio: 19:1 or 1:1

02 Promoted Text Twitter Website Card

Pricing Model: CPE or CPM

promoted text twitter website card

Respective Ad Specs

  • Up to 280 characters [Link: 24 characters]

03 Promoted GIF Twitter Website Card

Pricing Model: CPE or CPM

promoted gif twitter website card

Respective Ad Specs [Mobile]

  • Image Width/Height: 600×335 pixels [Minimum]
  • Tweet Copy: 280 characters
  • Size of Image File: Max. 3MB on and Max. 15MB on
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Supported File Types: JPEG, PNG, GIF

Respective Ad Specs [Desktop]

  • Image Size of Twitter Website Card: 600 pixels [minimum width], and height more significant than this width gets cropped to 1:1
  • Tweet Copy: Up to 280 characters on and up to 232 characters on
  • Aspect Ratio: Within 1:1 and 2:1
  • Supported File Types: JPEG, PNG, and GIF

04 Promoted Poll Twitter Website Card

promoted poll Twitter website card

Respective Ad Specs

  • Poll Options: 2-4 custom poll responses
  • Tweet Copy: Up to 280 characters
  • Poll Duration: 5 minutes to 7 days
  • Poll Copy: 25 characters each [that doesn’t count against 280 characters]
  • Image Options: Add image to single promoted image

    No support to GIFs

    1:1 ratio images cropped to above ratios

  • Video Specifications: 1:1 ratio videos are auto-cropped to the above ratios

    16:9 ratios for videos

    Videos looped automatically if their length is under 60 seconds

05 Promoted Account Twitter Website Card

Pricing Model: CPF

promoted account twitter website card

Respective Ad Specs

  • Up to 280 characters [Link: Up to 23 characters]

Similarly, you can promote content with video as well on Twitter. Given below are various specs for creating video Twitter website cards.

06 Promoted Video

Pricing Model: CPM, CPE, or CPV

promoted video twitter website card

Respective Ad Specs

  • File Size: 1GB Maximum
  • Tweet Copy: Up to 280 characters [Link: up to 23 characters]
  • Supported File Types: MOV or MP4
  • Video Length: Recommended 15 seconds or less

07 Amplify Sponsorship

Pricing Model: CPV

amplify sponsorship twitter business card

Respective Ad Specs

  • Supported File Types: MOV or MP4
  • Video Length: 15 seconds to 2minutes and 20 seconds
  • Captions: Closed captioning with text overlays
  • File Size: 1GB Maximum
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or 1:1
  • Video Codec: 4:2:0 color space, H264, baseline
  • Frame Rate: 30FPS or29.97 FPS

08 Promoted Live Video Twitter Website Card

Pricing Model: Have to contact Twitter Client Partner for availability and pricing

promoted live video twitter website card

Respective Ad Specs

  • Audio Codec and Bitrate: 128 kbps AAC-LC
  • Video Codec and Bitrate: Maximum 4,000 kbps

    Recommended 2,500 kbps

  • Frame Rate: 30 FPS
  • Keyframe Interval: Every 90 frames (Wirecast), Every three seconds (OBS)
  • Supported Services and Encoders: Wirecast, OBS, Elemental, Teradek, SwitchboardLive

Thus, these were different versions of Twitter website cards with their ad specifications that you will need before creating Twitter ads.

Part 2. Steps to Make a Twitter Website Card

Step 1: Set up website clicks campaign

set website click campaigns

Login Twitter ads account and hit the Create Campaign tab. Choose your 'website clicks' to reach the Details tab to fill the form. Set up ad group goals, including Website Conversions, and Link Clicks, etc. Then, you need to select the kind of bid. Select your audience in the Targeting tab of an ad campaign. Choose Tweets with customized Twitter locations.

Review the entire campaign under the Review & Complete tab.

At last, launch website click campaigns!

Step 2: Serve Website Click Campaigns

serve twitter website card click campaigns

The Twitter website campaigns serve in various locations, namely the Home Timelines, Relevant Search Result Pages, Profiles, Tweet Detail Pages, Partner Applications, etc.

Step 3: Analyze Results

analyze twitter website card results

The last step is to analyze results on Ads Manager. You can view results based on key metrics such as Results, Total Spend, Result Rate, and Cost per Result.

So, this was all about creating Twitter cards and the entire procedure of different types and respective step-by-step guides. Despite this technical stuff, you need to create a Twitter video website card and a Twitter ad card.

Part 3. Easy Tool to Make Twitter Video Ads for Campaigns

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