10 Types of Email Marketing You Should Know

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Whether you’re a beginner or already established in the email marketing scene, you need to find new ways to build client relationships and improve revenue. Fortunately, the internet is abuzz with multiple types of email marketing campaigns to take your game to a whole new level. So, I’ve already done the digging work for you to unravel the most appropriate type of email marketing and how to use it.

Part 1. 10 Popular Types of Email Marketing Campaigns for Reference

01 Welcome Email

According to research, only 25% of your leads are sales-ready. Therefore, this means you have to go overboard to push your leads over the line. Luckily, personalized welcome emails that are not too salesy have proved efficient in closing deals.

Pros Cons
Can leave a long-lasting relationship with the client. It doesn’t include much information.
They have higher click-through and open rates. /

Welcome Email

02 Product Launch Emails

Now this one is probably the one most clients love. With product launch emails, you can announce your upcoming eBook, webinar, free trial, coupon; you name it! Use it to promote and describe a specific product or offer by building anticipation and attracting passive clients.

Pros Cons
They create clients out of prospects. They require proper planning.
They are easy to track. /

Product Launch Emails

03 Product Update Emails

As you may already know, product emails can sound pesky and are not as appealing as, let’s say, an offer email. Still, it’s vital to maintain simplicity and straightforwardness on these emails. Most business brands use monthly or weekly product digests to engage their fan base or customers with the newest functionalities and features.

You can link a custom page for every product feature for customers to learn more about the product.

Pros Cons
Generates more concurrent buzz. Requires relevant content or can sound dull.
They are very informative. /

Product Update Emails

04 Newsletter Emails

Most businesses use newsletters to educate their prospects and clients about products on offer and showcase employee profiles, organization goals, and other relevant topics. But if you want to create an efficient email newsletter, you must define your goals and know how you’ll track progress.

Pros Cons
They are excellent for creating brand awareness. They contain diverse content.
Can contain overwhelming call-to-action. /

Newsletter Emails

05 Seasonal Promotions Emails

You can launch an email marketing campaign on any holiday in your country. This can be Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, December holidays, etc. Either way, use these campaigns as buildup before the season or event. According to NRF (National Retail Federation), holiday sales make up 20% of retail sales in the US alone.

Pros Cons
Vital for attracting new customers. Mastering holidays in a region can be tedious.
Can be used to introduce new products. /

Seasonal Promotions Emails

06 Social Engagement Emails

The chances are that most of your contacts have social media accounts. So, connect your social campaigns to your email marketing campaign and experience rapid growth. This will significantly help you engage your potential buyers in their news feeds.

Pros Cons
Increases your social media authority. It can create confusion if not correctly generated.
It can be used to gather product reviews. /

Social Engagement Emails

07 Confirmation Emails

Sometimes, it can be disappointing to make an online purchase and not get a confirmation email. So, don’t let your clients worry whether their transaction was successful or not by creating automatic confirmation emails.

Pros Cons
Simple and easy to create. Confirmation emails can be very brief.
They increase client trust in your product. /

Confirmation Emails

08 Internal Update Emails

As much as clients are everything for your business, don’t neglect your employees. Many big organizations send their staff internal newsletters to update them on the latest company news and information.

Pros Cons
More about message clarity. Less about marketing.
Improves employee efficiency. /

Internal Update Emails

09 Re-Engagement Emails

A re-engagement email is a campaign targeting dormant subscribers. For example, you may have multiple subscribers who haven’t opened emails for months. In that case, send a re-engagement email to bring these clients back to the fold or delete them from your list altogether.

Pros Cons
Can bring back dormant subscribers. It can look pesky if not properly done.
It can help you update your contact list. /

Re-Engagement Emails

10 Abandoned Cart Emails

Like most automated campaigns, a client’s action triggers an abandoned cart email. Often, they offer incentives such as discounts if a client didn’t finish checking out. Interestingly, this type of email marketing has higher open rates, just like welcome emails.

Pros Cons
They have higher open and conversion rates. More sophisticated for green hands to create.
They are automated campaigns. /

Abandoned Cart Emails

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Wondershare VidAir


These are the main types of email marketing campaigns to run in 2021. If you’re just starting out, sending a welcome email to your subscribers will do a lot of good. You can then proceed gradually by sending product launch emails, product update emails, and more. And yes, use VidAir to spice up your email campaign with videos.