10 Types of Video Ads You Should Know

Learning all video ads types and the tips to create your ads online.

Is your campaign marketing strategy still missing epic video ads? If yes, well, it does not sound very genius. As the digital world is changing at an incredible speed, advertising videos are coming front-and-center. And with the fascinating power of appealing and capturing large audiences, video ads are a realistic choice to quickly uplift your brand.

Having said that, video marketing can be tricky at times. There are a plethora of different types of video ads in the market today, all of which have distinct specifications that fit particular social platforms. A video advertisement that flies high on Facebook reaching your relevant audience might not be effective on YouTube. The truth is, without a clear understanding of the various types of advertising videos, your time and effort in creating a beautiful video ad can go to waste. And that's where we come in to rescue you. In this article, we bring you a practical guide with the insights of 10 types of video ads that you should know.

Part 1.Useful 10 Types of Video Ads


Facebook video ad

A social media platform that is all-inclusive is Facebook, with more than 2 billion monthly users. The major benefit to Facebook video ads is the unparallel reach. Since Facebook hosts a quarter of the world's population, your video can reach a wider audience of different age groups, interests, and areas. Virtually anyone and everyone. Apart from being universal, Facebook video ads are also cost-effective owing to the CPV (cost-per-view) pricing model, for which Facebook counts a 3-second view as a complete view. Not just that, you can also optimize your video for the ThruPlay billing option, which allows advertisers to only pay for ads that are viewed to completion.


Amazon video ad

Amazon is arguably the best online retail site, with a near-third of the total online shoppers at a time. Apart from retailing and listing products, business marketers use this site to reach a massive range of Amazon customers through video ads. The video ads are designed for Amazon's website, mobile apps, and Fire tablet wake screen that provides potential marketing opportunities. They can autoplay as soon as targeted with no sound. Users can choose to activate the ad, expand the ad into a full-screen mode, and turn on sound.


YouTube video ad

One of the finest types of video ads for handy monetization is YouTube video ads. Business marketers have been using YouTube, the second largest search engine, to attract people to their products and services. To better house your content, YouTube offers a suite of creative tools to customize video ads that will generate an overwhelming view count. With only a small effort, you can create eye-catching advertisements to convey your message to the target audience using this approach. Four major types of YouTube video ads are Skippable (can skip after 5 seconds), Non-skippable (after 15 seconds), Non-skippable mid-roll (after 10-30 seconds), and Bumper video (after 6 seconds).


 Instagram video ad

Video advertisements on Instagram stories are an excellent fit for increasing app downloads. Compared to the other types of video ads, Instagram video ads appear seamless in a bold, linear format, perfectly tailored for smartphones. They run over 10-15 seconds long, so you better create a video that tells stories to captive the teen minds in a matter of seconds. Instagram video advertisements are cost-efficient that reach nearly 500 million accounts. To top it all, video ads on the Instagram story take over the entire mobile screen giving users a wholesome experience.


Native video ad

Surprisingly, native video advertising is a fast-growing advertising system in today's world. A native video ad is technically an in-feed but non-disruptive video ad integrated into existing content. These ads are called "native" because they are finely formatted for the platform that hosts them and allows direct uploading. Informative and entertaining native video ads that connect with the crowd work well for long-term campaigns. Native video ads are highly customizable concerning alignment aspects. You can place them on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, news sources, or famous vlog channels.


LinkedIn video ad

There is no denying the fact that LinkedIn is one of the top networking platforms. Thus, LinkedIn video ads are an effective way to earn global views. Technically, LinkedIn takes advantage of the user data, which benefits advertisers with targeting options. With LinkedIn's advanced conversion tracking feature, you can track the view count and observe your ad's effectiveness. The only downside to LinkedIn video ads is the cost.


OTT video ad

OTT or Over-the-top advertising offers data-driven targeting, potent for your product campaign. Such ads are an additional service delivered directly to the viewers through streaming media services such as a cable package, game consoles. Being "over the top" gives these ads the freedom of movement, which means they can bypass the traditional TV controls and schedules.


 Snapchat video ad

With Snapchat video ads, you can drive impressive results for your business. Snapchat provides a full canvas for advertisers to display digital ads to engage with their audience. What gives Snapchat ads an edge over the other ads is the number of complete views. Users seem to enjoy Snapchat ads and not swipe through them since they do not realize that they are watching an ad.


Pinterest video ads

Pinterest advertising is relatively new; however, the video ads on Pinterest still manage to attract a huge crowd. Savvy advertisers claim that this platform helps people discover their brand impressively. On Pinterest, video ads are offered in standard width and max-width formats.


 In-stream video ads

In-stream video ads are a fast and reliable advertising system for brand awareness. These ads appear in-line before, during, or after a streaming video requested by the user. Since some users find them intrusive, the recent formats have increased the user experience by providing skippable ads that have a "Skip this Ad" option. These ads are typically only 5-10 seconds long.

Part 2.How to Make Video Ads Online

Creating a unique and appealing video ad was never easy, but then came Wondershare Wondershare VidAir. VidAir is an online video maker that is handy and professional with an array of powerful tools to craft beautiful advertisements. It offers an extensive template library for every occasion and theme, pre-designed to save your time and efforts. Not just that, you can customize your video with stickers, fancy texts, stock images, and royalty-free music to draw valuable attention. Moreover, it also offers HD quality export that you can put out and flaunt in front of the world.

How to Make a Video with VidAir.

Follow this easy and quick step-by-step tutorial to create a stunning video ad for your brand.

Step 1 Sign Up to Choose a Template

Launch VidAir on your browser and sign-up if you haven't already. After signing up, navigate the template library. Choose a template that you like, select an aspect ratio, and then press Use This Template.

Sign up and choose template

Step 2 Edit to Create Different Types of Video Ads

On the next screen, you can enhance your video with artistic text, quirky stickers, and more. Add upbeat background music from the music library or upload your favorite one.

 Edit best video ads

Step 3 Save and Export

Once the editing is done, it's time to save your video. Click on Export on the top-right corner, choose your required resolution, and again click Export.

Export best advertising video

So, are you ready to attract new leads and turn them into valuable customers? Video ads are your best bet. Video ads are believed to convey strong messages to a whopping 63% of viewers.

While you may find innumerable types of advertising videos, choosing the right one depends on your brand requirements. Each type has a distinct reach, particular formats, and specific placements, all of which profoundly affect your campaign.