How to Make Professional Vertical Video Ads

Steps to make video ads in vertical easily.

The status quo of streaming videos has been redefined. With the popularization of smartphones, the trend of watching videos has shifted to the vertical video format. Since a vertical video is more favored amongst smartphone users, it has become an integral part of advertising.

But creating a vertical video isn't that straightforward. You must figure out the frame settings and camera movements to ace the vertical video format and entrance viewers. Thanks to the amazing video makers, you can now create free vertical videos in a few quick steps.

Part 1. What Is Vertical Video Ads

The vertical video simply refers to any video displayed in a vertical manner. As opposed to videos shot on landscape mode, these videos are shot vertically. Typically, vertical video ads are meant to be streamed on smartphones. Since the majority of users are holding the phone upright, the vertical video format is highly suited for phones. Portrait mode videos are more convenient to stream on phones, making them an effective advertising format.

In this era, the use of smartphones has heightened. This makes the use of vertical video ads the best way to advertise on a larger scale.

The most common vertical video aspect ratio is the ratio of 19:6. This aspect ratio for a vertical video is the optimum size since it covers the most area of the vertical screen. However, this aspect ratio isn't the only vertical video format. The format can change slightly based on the different social media platforms and their requirements.

Facebook And Instagram: Both are compatible with videos of 4:5, 2:3, or 9:16 ratio.

Snapchat And TikTok: Only accept 9:16 ratio.

YouTube: Easily adjusts various ratio videos to the vertical video format.

Common aspect ratios

Part 2. Tips for Making Vertical Video Ads

01 Avoid Fast Movements

The field of view in a vertical video is relatively narrow. Any sudden or fast horizontal movements might confuse the viewers and render your video uninteresting. Avoid shaking the camera too much. Fast pan movements are also not recommended. Instead, you should try to keep the camera steady and make the subjects move in and out of view. This will give a more stable vertical video that is easily understandable.

Avoid fast movements

02 Focus On The Subject

A vertical video gives you complete freedom to focus on your subject by zooming in. The narrow frame also makes it easier to shoot the details. However, according to the rule of thirds, you should avoid placing the main subject in the middle of the video. Rather, for a more engaging and dynamic video, try bringing the subject into view from different angles. Emphasize on your subject and make your shot clear, but be creative while shooting.

Focus on the subject

03 Fill The Space

With the vertical video format, you must make the most of the space available. The vertical-friendly subjects can be easily shot to fill up the screen, but you will need to be careful while filming distant or up-close shots. Try taking shots that cover most of your subject while also adequately filling up space.

Fill the vertical video

04 Text And Graphics

Although the vertical video ads are attractive enough already, you can always kick it up a notch by adding subtitles or captions. Those viewers who might be scrolling by without a second glance might get intrigued by an eye-catching caption. So, add clear and precise messages that are easily readable on a phone screen. Use stylish or trendy caption styles but ensure the clarity of fonts.

Apart from catchy captions, you can bring your vertical video ads to life by incorporating graphics or keyframe animations. The use of stickers and GIFs will make your vertical video even more appealing. Add motion tracking or 3D graphics for a dynamic effect.

Add text to vertical video

05 Creativity

Vertical video ads don't have to be simple while avoiding extra fast movements. To make a vertical video more immersive and interesting, you can get creative with the layout. You can merge two or more video clips into a single vertical video. This will serve to make it attractive and unique. You can also stack multiple horizontal clips or related video clips to create an amazing vertical video that instantly grabs attention. The unique layout will ensure viewer attention.

motion tracking or 3D graphics for a dynamic effect.

Creative vertical video

Part 3. Best 3 Vertical Videos You can Reference

Before you start creating your own version of a vertical video, you must take a look at some excellent vertical video examples.

01 Nike Vertical Video

Among the best vertical video examples, this iconic video stands at the top. As recommended, this vertical video keeps the camera steady while the various subjects move in and out of the frame. And following the rule of thirds, no subject takes the center position. Rather, the subject focus shifts. But, there are no rapid pan movements. All the clips seamlessly blend into one another.

Also, for maximum effect, there are captions to draw attention. However, only the main phrases are captioned to highlight their significance. In this vertical video format, the clips adequately fill the screen. Wherever the scene doesn't cover the screen, space is appropriately filled with captions.

Nike vertical video

02 Louis Vuitton Vertical Video

Louis Vuitton goes for a creative approach. Their vertical video is rather short but highly impactful owing to their creativity. In this video, there is a combination of subject and camera movement. As the subject goes into motion, so does the camera. The camera moves to bring the bring subject in focus. But, following guidelines, the movements are slow and calculated. The camera also fills the whole screen at all times. The details such as the Louis Vuitton product being advertised is also focused and portrayed to be the center of attention.

Louis Vuitton vertical video

03 Samsung Vertical Video

The best vertical videos are those that are unique. Just like this vertical video format that stands out from the millions of others owing to its creative layout. Samsung goes for a smart split-screen mode to accommodate various video clips. This way, Samsung covers more content in a single video eliminating the need to create multiple videos. It successfully merges the clips as small square clips in a vertical video format. Further, the split-screen mode also allows playing two different videos simultaneously. Although this sometimes causes confusion, it also grabs attention, and the viewers are tempted to watch the video again. Better yet, Samsung also adds easily readable and clear captions at certain points, reinforcing the message being delivered.

Samsung vertical video

Part 4. How to Make Vertical Video Ads Easily Online

Do you want to create eye-catching vertical video ads to scale your business? Don't have the editing expertise to create a video that stands out? Leave that to VidAir.

Wondershare VidAir is a powerful online video maker and editor. The intuitive interface coupled with the easy to use tools allows making free vertical videos in just a few taps. The categories of differently and attractively themed templates also enable users to create the best vertical videos. Users can also customize the templates further by using professional editing tools. To add captions, there are various stylish text presets which are also customizable in terms of font size, style, and position.

Step 1 Open VidAir And Choose A Template

First of all, open VidAir on your browser online. In the Categories tab on the main interface, select a template. Then, choose the aspect ratio that best fits your need. Click on Use This Template to proceed.

Open VidAir and choose template

Step 2 Edit And Enhance The Vertical Video

Now, edit your vertical video. From the Text tab, choose a caption style and then customize it according to your preference. Choose to add music from the Audio tab. Add stickers and filters.

Edit vertical video

Step 3 Save And Export The Vertical Video

Finally, click on the Export button in the top right corner. Select the resolution you want and choose a watermark option. Tap on Export to save the vertical video.

Export vertical video

Despite the slightly challenging nature of a vertical video, it is now a necessary advertising format. Since the majority of the population streams video on their smartphones, thevertical video format is highly effective. So, it is about time that you hop on to market your products by creating the best vertical videos using powerful online tools such as VidAir.