Top 10 Best Video Advertising Companies

Learn the top video ads agency to improve your business.

Video is now an essential marketing medium. If you still haven't scaled up your marketing strategies to include video ads, it is about time you do that. And if you don't have the necessary resources or time to do that, don't worry. Leave all the planning and creativity to the video advertising companies.

A video advertising agency can save your day in these crucial times. So, I have rounded some of the top-notch video advertising companies to scale your business.

Let's dive in.

Part 1.What is Video Advertising Agency

Video advertising companies are a group of individuals that create, produce, edit, and distribute video content for any brand(client). They design and run video marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness, engagement, or sales. The task of any video advertising agency depends on the needs of the brands. Whether the brand wants an explainer video or a quick promotional snippet to be circulated on social media, video advertising companies bring the brand's image and message to life.

These video advertising companies offer a multitude of benefits. You might not have high-end editing expertise or equipment to make your own ads; a video ad company can be hired to do that for you. With a team of expert designers and editors, a video advertising agency has the power to level-up your brand strategically.

Part 2. Recommend 10 Useful Video Advertising Agencies

Here is the ultimate list of the best video advertising companies that can successfully help you boost your brand.

01 Cintri

Cintri is a video advertising agency that specializes in narrating brand stories in uniquely creative ways. They mix innovation with talent to create highly dynamic ads that grip and influence viewers. Their aim is to bring the brand ideas to life and portray their message in the most visually appealing ways. The use of graphics and animations can also be seen in the work by this video advertising agency.

Cintri video advertising agency

02 Sandwich Video

If you are looking for an incredible video ad agency that uses one-of-a-kind marketing tactics, Sandwich Video is it. Using graphics to create visual stories that grip viewers attention, Sandwich Video makes sure that the brand message is delivered effectively. They excel in crafting exciting and professional-grade advertisements. They deliver various kinds of ads such as explainer videos, animations, documentaries, etc.

Sandwich video advertising agency

03 Simple Story

As the name suggests, Simple Story is one of those video advertising companies that create captivating stories visualizing the brand, and its products. By combining business with unmatched creativity, Simple Story narrates the brand message in compelling ways that instantly heighten brand awareness and engagement. They employ 2D and 3D animation to enhance the ad's visuals and draw attention. Other than that, they ensure the thorough distribution of the video ads on all major platforms.

Simple Story video advertising agency

04 IndieWhip

Among some of the major video advertising companies, IndieWhip takes the lead. It provides engaging ways to connect with the audience and boost awareness. IndieWhip doesn't just create videos; it takes the brand objective into account and customizes it to clearly achieve the goals. It tailors the videos so that they fit the client requirements and ensure effective marketing.

IndieWhip video advertising agency

05 Big Teeth Productions

Big Teeth Productions belongs to the league of highly creative video advertising companies. This company excels at merging talent with strategy, ultimately bringing the best to the clients and their audience. Using animation, stop-motion graphics, and a unique videography style, this video ad company makes the brands stand out. They highlight the brand's key features and products in ways that are compelling to the viewers. Big Teeth pitches videos that aim to sell products as well as ideas, thus influencing the audience.

Big Teeth video advertising agenc

06 LittleFire

LittleFire is regarded as an outstanding video advertising agency. If you are looking to boost your brand using creative masterpieces, LittleFire is your way to go. Like many other video advertising companies, LittleFire is dedicated to working tirelessly to deliver the best. They ensure high reach on every platform using videos that draw attention and secure quality leads.

Little Fire video advertising agency

07 Zane Productions

Zane Productions is a one-stop-shop for all your video marketing needs. From video shoot, production, right down to editing, Zane Production has got you covered. It aims to entice customers and boost engagement through attractively dynamic video ads. Video advertising companies such as Zane utilize editing features like visual effects to make compelling videos.

Zane video advertising agency

08 Sleep|Walk|Film

One of the best video advertising companies, Sleep|Walk|Film, delivers cinematic and professional-grade videos. They strive to capture the essence of the brand and convey the brand message accurately and creatively. This video ad company strategically scales a brand's image from producing to editing the videos to perfection.

 Sleep|Walk|Film video advertising agency

09 BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios is one of those video advertising companies that are specifically aiming to create animated videos. Driven by skills and expertise, BluBlu excels in creating dynamic animated videos. This video ad agency tells the brand's story a little differently but equally powerfully. Graphic designing, motion graphics, and special effects used by BluBlue further enhance their marketing videos. Their high-end designs and distinct styles make them one of the best video advertising companies dedicated to animations.

 BluBlu video advertising agency

10 Demo Duck

Whether you want to create promotional videos or explainer videos, Demo Duck offers a creative solution for all. Demo Duck takes pride in delivering the best work in your designated budget. They also cover animated and live-action videos. So, Demo Duck is an all-in-one video ad agency ready to turn your brand around.

Demo Duck video advertising agency

Part 3.How to Make Video Ads Online

Do you want to create eye-catching video ads all by yourself? Even if you don't have much editing experience, you can still create professional-grade videos using a powerful video editor. One such editor is Wondershare VidAir

VidAir is an online video maker and editor that is easy to use. It has an intuitive interface that renders the video-making process incredibly simple, even for beginners. The themed templates are fully customizable. There are stylish presets for various different occasions. VidAir also offers a collection of catchy caption styles to highlight the brand message. The audio library in VidAir has a huge number of songs of every genre. The music can be trimmed to match the video. Users can also add stickers to make their videos attractive.

Moreover, VidAir allows the export of high-quality, uncompressed videos. The watermark can also be easily removed. Better yet, there are multiple aspect ratios that enable easy upload of the video to different social media platforms.

Here's how you can create stunning video ads using VidAir.

Step 1 Open VidAir And Choose A Template

On your browser, open VidAir. Choose a template from the Categories template. Select an aspect ratio and click on Use This Template

Sign up and choose template

Step 2 Edit And Refine The Video

On this page, use the editing tools to enhance your video. Choose a caption style from the Text tab and customize it to change the font style, size, color, or position. Add or upload music to the video.

 Edit best video ads

Step 3 Save And Export The Video

Finally, click on Export in the top right corner. Choose the resolution and watermark option. Click on Export again to finish and save.

Export best advertising video

It's time for you to reevaluate your marketing tactics and turn it up a notch. Everyone loves watching videos, and you can make them love your brand too. Take help from a reliable video advertising agency and turn your business around.

Give VidAir a try and test your creativity using the easy-to-use editing tools. Happy advertising!