Top 12 Video Ads Network for Publishers

Get all tips and tricks about ad networks.

Today, marketers are earning overwhelming revenue with video ads-all thanks to their global reach. So, there is no reason not to include video advertisements in your market strategy, especially with the ever-evolving digital world.

However, when it comes to finding safe digital mediums to showcase video ads and generate boosted sales and monetization, the process can be tedious. With quite a few fraudsters and scammers in the social network, it is wise to take refuge from the video ads network. While there are numerous substantial video ads for publishers, it is advisable to choose one that best suits your requirements.

Fortunately, we have done the heavy-lifting and picked a list of the top-notch video ads network. Explore and choose the best fit for your campaign.

Part 1.What is Bumper Video Ads?

To put it simply- a video ads network is a broker that connects the demanding publisher to the supplying advertiser to traffic monetization. The advertising networks collect inventories from multiple ad space owners in the advertising market and match them programmatically to the demand side (a.k.a advertisers).

The invention of video ad networks today has helped marketers relieving the stress of everyday face-to-face negotiations.

What is the Video ads network used for?

If your goal is to monetize your video assets efficiently, advertising networks are your best shot. Offering effective ad management and optimization, video ad networks can be a gateway to boosting the publishers. Better yet, payments and transactions are facilitated with the use of a video ads network.

Part 2. The Best 12 Video Ads Networks You Should Know

Now that you have an insight into what is and how a video ads network actually works, it's time to explore some of the industry's leading networks.


SpotX ad network logo

A popular video ads network with over 1000 publishers serving nearly 2.5 billion video ads each month, SpotX tops our list. Packed with expert advertising services and tools, it offers advanced publisher solutions via data activation, technical set-ups, and more. For the best part, the CPMs can go as high as $10 with this global network. Features like bid activity reporting, price floor optimization, ad inventory management, and multi-currency reporting provide SpotX a steadfast approach to a seamless ad serving platform. It is also a good option for users with excess video content, for it does not offer the video syndication service.


Unruly ad network logo

Unruly is one of the best video ad networks for all the right reasons. It is known to maximize ad revenues with a range of best-performing ad formats and allowing access to every major DSP and trading desk. If you're a publisher with no video content, you can still take benefits of Unruly's dedicated services. While in the other case, they do offer options of in-stream and other video ad formats. Through real-time reporting, publishers can keep track of how well their content is performing.



What was once known as Oath is now a reliable advertising network named Verizon Media, popular for their excellent customer support. Ideal for mid-size as well as premium publishers, Verizon enables users to run out-stream video ads via JS on a self-servable platform. Some of its incredible features include yield optimization, performance insights, speed improvements, and more. Moreover, non-video publishers can count on Verizon's syndication service.


Undertone ad network logo

Here's a video ad network with limited demand but CPMs 100%-1500% higher than other ad formats. With minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly impressions, Undertone can work wonders. The ad formats available are in-banner and pre-roll, in addition to standard IAB formats. Undertone specializes in full-screen takeover ads, offering a broad range of media customization options.


 Rubicon Project ad network logo

Magnite is the combination of assets of Rubicon Project and Telaria's leadership in CTV. As a publisher, you can connect with premium buyers worldwide on Magnite, with approximately 900,000 advertisers bidding on publisher inventory. Not just that, you also will be able to maximize revenue from the impressions with the help of header bidding. When it comes to ad formats, Magnite employs several formats, including native, pre-roll, mid-roll,post-roll, vertical video, reward video, and out-stream.


Viewdeos ad network logo

Viewdeos is a video only ad network designed to enhance user experience with a variety of ad formats for both desktop and mobile devices. However, it specializes in native short-form video advertising to generate boosted sales and effective monetization. Viewdows comes with a reliable algorithm to ensure quality ad delivery.


Exponential ad network logo

Formerly known as Tribal Fusion, Exponential network partners with publishers having video ads for website maintaining an attractive layout. An impressive aspect of Exponential is the support and customer service that helps publishers make high impacts with ads like rising star and pre-rolls. Furthermore, it offers decent CPM rates based on the audience and ad viewability. Publishers on Exponential are required to have at least 500,000 unique users per month and get a 55% revenue share.


AdMedia ad network logo

One video ads network that will help you hit your ROI objectives is AdMedia. However, it works in a unique way allowing publishers to access and monetize third-party videos. Due to this reason, many publishers find AdMedia apprehensive. Unlike other ad networks, AdMedia enables to sell impressions only to the advertisers who are connected to the platform. Even publishers with no video content of their own can have decent CPMs on AdMedia, which allows them to pick video content from partners.


Primis ad network logo

Using Primis, publishers can make the most of their content by delivering engaging video ads that maximize RPMs. It is a powerful video discovery platform. The artificial intelligence and contextual targeting utilized for the discovery engine favors ad relevancy for a better user experience. To top it all, Primis is reasonably safe and protects consumers from all kinds of fraud.


Fyber ad network logo

Fyber is a data-driven programmatic advertising network suitable for premium brands. Publishers on Fyber can obtain ad inventory insights from real-time that help them better optimize their ad campaign. It offers various ad formats you can choose from but mainly emphasizes mobile video formats for app monetization. This incredible tool comes loaded with expertise in mediation, RTB, and a lot more. Whether you want a square, banner, vertical, or interstitial ad unit, Fyber has it all. What makes it unique is the A/B test feature through which you can preview your content.


AppNexus ad network logo

"Video for publishers" service offered by AppNexus, gives it an edge over many other video ads network. Here publishers have the freedom to select the type of advertisers that can access their ad inventory. Additionally, they can choose to make direct deals or employ programmatic exchange options. Publishers also love AppNexus for its package and sell inventory service, which gives them complete control over their ad strategy. With AppNexus, you also have plenty of options to choose from a variety of ad formats.


SpringServe ad network logo

Last but not least, the SpringServe ad network is designed with a user-friendly interface with a suite of ad serving tools. With the simple demand tag system, SpringServe ensures publishers transparency and optimization control. The platform is highly customizable and flexible with robust services, including header bidding, waterfall optimization, and macros for GDPR compliance.

Part 3. Recommend an Online Video Ads Maker

No matter how excellent a video ad network is, it will not drive potential results if the video ad is not engaging enough. And to help you create a top-notch video ad for your campaign, we recommend you use creative video ad-makers online. One such easy-to-use online video editor that deserves a try is Wondershare VidAir. Wondershare launched VidAir with a pleasing interface to suit users with all levels of expertise. From its extensive template, you can choose a theme for your ad that compliments your campaign. More importantly, VidAir offers artistic texts, quirky stickers, stock images and videos, and eye-catching elements to give your content a beautiful final look. You will also love VidAir for its HD quality export and support for all the major video formats.

Create video ad with VidAir

Advertising networks have truly made video advertising easier than ever. Being a publisher, these networks will help you reach the relevant buyers, increasing chances of maximum monetization.

With plenty of options out there, it is safe to say every publisher can find a perfect video ads network for them. For a smarter choice, test out a few networks and see which one works the best for you, considering your brand objectives.