Top 10 Useful Video Editing Tips for Beginners

Read useful tips for video editing in this article to improve your video quality.

Are you unsatisfied with your videos? Do you want to make your videos more creative? Do you want to add beautiful effects and filters to your videos? If you have similar trouble with creating videos, you may need to read this article about video editing tips, which may give you some new ideas on your creation. An online video maker will also be introduced here to inspire your creativity.

Part 1. Most Recommended Online Video Maker to Create Videos Easily

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Part 2. 10 Tips and Tricks to Help you Learn Video Editing

Create unique and quirky videos for your viewers by following these cool video editing tricks and make your video stand apart. Capture your viewer’s attention on your videos by using these video editing ideas and make a distinctive identity of it. Listed below are some of these tips ad tricks which you must adopt while making your videos.

01 Add melodious music track to your videos

If you are making videos as a beginner, this is considered to be one of the most important video editing tricks for you. To make good and attractive videos for your viewers, add melodious tracks into your video clips which will keep your audience interest intact. Adding music tracks to your videos will help you to brand your business product clearly and efficiently.

02 Utilize shortcuts in your videos

To complete your editing faster, use keyboard shortcuts. Make these keyboard shortcuts as your friend and start practicing them while making your videos every time. For example, key U of the keyboard is to add ripple effects to your video, while the K key is used for pausing your video clips.

03 Add transitions to your videos

To make your videos extraordinary and outstanding, inculcate transitions to your videos. One can use fade-in and fade-out as one of the common transitions. One image slowly fades out in the video clips while the other image fades in to replace it. Cuts and dissolve are other such transitions that you can add to grasp your viewer’s attention quickly. In cut, one clip separates from the other clip, and in dissolve one clip fades away slowly from the screen while the next clip appears on the screen. There are important video editing tips for beginners to edit your videos.

04 Inculcate background filters and effects to your videos

Make your videos quirky and innovative by adding background filters and effects to your videos. Highlight your purpose and agenda of your videos to promote your business growth and productivity. Make sure you don’t use too many filters and effects as too many filters and effects might lose your video purpose and your audience's interest in your videos.

05 Fix the balance of your videos

Stabilize your video if your video appears to be a bit shaky. Fix the proper balance between your video clips so that your video doesn’t tremble from the beginning to the end and to maintain your viewer’s interest in the video. While trimming your videos, follow these cool video editing ideas.

06 Organize your video clips

If you are making travel videos and have picturized your shots from the various locations. Now to make it one complete video, make use of some of the video editing tools to organize your video clips together, and to emphasize your major purpose. Attract your audience’s attention by making your videos interesting and special.

07 Adjust the speed and length of your video

Enhance the significance of your video by adjusting the lengthiness. Make your videos short and crispy instead of making them long and tedious. Short videos can be watched by your viewers again but in long videos, your viewers might feel bored and lose their interest. Another important aspect which you should keep in mind while making your videos is consistency. Make your videos at an even pace instead of making them at a fast and slow pace as pace governs the curiosity of your viewers.

08 Choose the right editor for your videos

To edit your videos wisely, choose the right software which works best for you. While choosing the software consider these certain factors such as usability, features, and interface. Make sure you use the software which has standard video editing features and which are easier to apply.

09 Trim down your video clips

Shorten down your video clips by using a trimming tool. The trimming tool helps you to cut down the length of your clips by removing the extra video clips from the beginning to the end. You can simply place your cursor at the end of your footage and trims down the video which you don’t find relevant. Another way of shortening down your video clips is to drag the corners of your footage toward inwards and outwards as per your requirements.

10 Balance the shades of your color tone in your videos

Make sure your video clips have an even tone of color to give them a quirky look. Your video should not have high-ton or low-ton of colors as it doesn’t give a good impact on your viewers.

Follow these best video editing tips to make your videos fantastic and cool for your viewers and to create your videos easily through Wondershare VidAir which is the online video editor maker tool that helps you to promote your business video easily on various social media platforms.