Top 8 Video Game Marketing Tips

Useful Video Game Marketing Strategies You Cannot Miss

Marketing Tips

Creating and developing a good video game isn't enough. You will need an exceptional video game marketing strategy to get your game out in the market and sell it.

Online games need marketing. It is for this reason games such as Angry Bird have been so popular ever since their development. You might have cutting edge game graphics with no-lag game-play, though your video game marketing may be off. It will cause a disservice to you owing to the many hours spent creating the game. Thus, learn some right video game marketing strategies to help boost your game downloads and ratings.

Part 1. 8 Useful Video Game Marketing Strategies You Cannot Miss

01 Marketing Through YouTube

YouTube is one platform you will need to make the most use of due to its high popularity rate. It is the top way to market your game. If you have a YouTube channel, you can create a teaser video of the game and upload it to your channel along with the links to the game download point or App-Stores. You can also use YouTube advertising services to make an ad from the teaser video you created, viewable before a video plays on YouTube. Though this is a paid service, it is still a great way to market and promote your game.

Market Through YouTube.

02 App-Store Optimization

Similar to SEO, this video marketing strategy is ASO-App Store Optimization, a tactic used to boost your rankings and visibility. With ASO, you are more likely to make your game discoverable on search results, which can ultimately drive traffic to your game page, finally converting visitors to players.

App-Store Optimization

03 Sponsors and Influencers

For this video game marketing strategy, you need to use website tools and influencer metrics to find the apt kind of influencer for your niche. That said, note that with this strategy, you might have to cough up a buck or two or a few to pay an influencer, or if you are lucky and have a friend who is an influencer, you could reach out to them. The right kind of influencer could result in exposure and perhaps gain you thousands or millions of potential customers.

04 Social Media Game Marketing

Social media is another excellent strategy when it comes to digital marketing video games. With dedicated apps such as Twitch, there are plenty of benefits you can revel in. You can get tagged as a Twitch partner with many viewers and subscribers with services such as sharing in advertisement profits; you can even advertise or sponsor a stream. Other social media platforms to market a video game include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here, on these platforms, you need to learn and use techniques such as creating fun content, memes and offering helpful game tips along with promotional apps to increase engagement and awareness about your video game.

Social Media Marketing.

05 Blogging and Review Websites

It isn't just creating a blog about your video game. With this strategy, you will need to have a radical and innovative approach. Visiting and submitting your video game to review websites is a critical part of video game marketing. You will figure out the bits and pieces that need to be enhanced and what is right, and you need to keep it up.

06 Marketing Stunts

Similar to utilizing influencers, this will require you to go a step further. One terrific way to market your video game is by using marketing stunts. Everybody likes a good publicity stunt, and it is a good strategy which you can use to sell your game. The sky is the limit, and this is your chance to think outside the box to create a marketing stunt that has a buzz and attracts visitors to your game or the app store.

07 Freebies and Discounts

Similar to contests and giveaways, this strategy is done by merely giving freebies and discounts. It not only invites new visitors but also keeps your current visitors engrossed and engaged.

Freebeis and Discounts.

08 Mobile Gaming Ads

Ads is a strategy that you need to employ heavily. A lot of companies have heavily invested and have spent a lot of money on mobile ads. At the moment, there are innovative video marketing techniques that utilize mobile ads. There also standard ways of placing them on websites, and better yet, there are interactive ads that let people click them and even participate in free trials. Therefore, using this strategy will help you extensively market your video game by attracting gamers.

Part 2. How to Get A Video Game Marketing Job?

While this is similar and obvious for any marketing job, the primary skills required for a video game marketing job are good interpersonal and communication skills and knowledge of contemporary advertising and marketing strategies. On a serious note, you may need a Bachelors's degree in graphic design. Since this is a job in the entertainment industry, you may also need to have good problem-solving abilities.

Part 3. Easy Online Tool to Make Your Game Videos More Attractive

If you decide to take up the quest to market your video game by yourself, you will have to use different and diverse marketing tools. It may cost you or even inconvenience you at some point. Using Wondershare VidAir, a Video Production Tool, you can overcome such travails and make ads, YouTube video teasers, and more to help you with marketing your video game. It is an all-in-one suite, and you won't need to look for other tools to help you with video game marketing. VidAir is a one-stop shop for everything video production and hence your best choice.

Hence, as discussed, your game's success doesn't just stop at scripting and coding the game. You will have to do the necessary video game marketing to get your game out there. It will require you to use marketing strategies to make it on par with some of the highest-selling games at the moment, like FIFA. We put out some excellent marketing strategies above, and to help you out when marketing your game is VidAir. This tool assists when implementing any of the procedures, like creating videos for your YouTube channel or other social channels to attract gamers.

Wondershare VidAir