Top 8 Video Marketing Agencies in 2020

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Be at the forefront of marketing and growing your enterprise or business using a video marketing agency. Learn what it is and how to get hold of this fantastic opportunity.

This feature is all about video marketing services from what they do, what they offer you, and the top 8 video SEO services in 2020. Now that we mentioned the word marketing, it stands to reason that these are services to help you grow your brand awareness, which ultimately increases your business. Thus, when it comes to creating ads to help you market your business further and ingeniously, a video marketing company will be your best bet. There are a few things to consider when selecting a video ad agency, for instance, the cost. Figure out what a video marketing agency entails and the factors to take into consideration before choosing one.

Part 1. What Is a Video Marketing Agency?

A video marketing agency's scope may vary, though generally, it is a company or service to help you grow your business. A video marketing service must be to provide for your services, such as marketing your videos by incorporating them into social media campaigns or delivering personalized messages via email. Therefore, it takes away the heavy load on your hands and makes it easy for you to market your business in a more streamlined fashion. To help you understand more what a video marketing company is, below is a list of its services.

    • 1. Assesses your Marketing Funnels and your Sales Pipeline.
    • 2. Assists with Strategic Planning.
    • 3. Creation of a myriad of banner ads, emails, landing pages, and more.
    • 4. Helps with the Roll Out and Promotion of New Content.
    • 5. Campaign Analysis and Reporting.

    Part 2. Top 8 Video Marketing Companies Provide Video Promotion Service

    01 Sandwich Video

    With a client list ranging from renowned companies such as Lyft, Slack, Etsy, and Airtable to start-ups. Sandwich Video, launched in 2009, was initially made to create apps, they started by making an ad video that gained so much attention; hence they decided to get into the Video Marketing Service. Their process takes four significant steps: the inventive step, production, post-production, and distribution.

    • Price - US$ 150,000

    • Sandwich Video

    02 Digital Silk

    Focused on creating Superior Digital Experiences, Digital Silk is a world-class video marketing agency working alongside top brands such as Microsoft, HP, Amazon, AT&T, and NASA, among many others. Their services include brand and digital strategies, integrated marketing services, cutting-edge software development, and custom web and app development.

    • Price - US$ 10,000 - 25,000

    • Digital Silk

    03 No Good

    No Good helps you drive engagement with videos across all channels. It is a great way to either create campaigns or improve your marketing strategies. It can also help generate brand trust by using methods to distill your message into an understandable format. It also helps establish personality to your brand and tell a story that connects to prospects.

    • Price - US$ 8,000

    • No Good

    04 Titan Growth

    Titan Growth is a technical video SEO service that incorporates a team of expatriates and a fully-fledged, patented software to help you grow and expand your brand. Titan Growth is a Google All-Star Agency and an Elite Bing Partner, Facebook, and LinkedIn Partner. All their SEO members are also Brightedge certified.

    The TitanBOT patented software gives you an edge. It emulates bots used by Bing, Google, and other search engines to crawl a site, identifying opportunities for testing and predicting search outcomes.

    • Price – Based on inquiry

    • Titan Growth

    05 Harmon Brothers

    Currently, with over a billion views for their client ads and sales of up to 300 million, Harmon Brothers is an impressive video ad agency reputed for its stunning creations of video ads such as FibreFix, Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri, to name just a few. Their method centers on creating unique video ads to accumulate thousands of views.

    • Price - US$ 150,000

    • Harmon Brothers

    06 Mayple

    Listed as one of the top-performing PPCs and digital marketing services by Clutch. co, Goodfirms, and more reputable sources, Mayple is also a Google Eco-system enabler and a preferred partner by Facebook and Taboola. It works on a flexible business model that allows the business to evolve and replaces services according to their ad-hock needs and KPIs. Mayple works with A-Plus players and experts who have been vetted and bench-marked with above par standards to help your business succeed with online marketing.

    • Price - US$ 1,000 - 10,000

    • Mayple

    07 VeracityColab

    Utilizing an engaging method for creating videos focusing on key-persona and key-audience, VeracityColab is a video marketing agency dedicated to creating videos in areas such as animation, marketing, social, and training. Among some of the sectors, they have worked in Healthcare, Consumer Products, and Business Services.

    • Price - US$ 20,000+

    • VeracityColab

    08 Ignite Visibility

    Ignite Visibility has a proprietary technology known as the "ForeCaster Method," which helps them predict and make projections of every service they deliver. It is a top digital marketing agency, representing over 150 clients. Having made use of the same strategies, Ignite Visibility became a four-time Inc. 5000 company from 2017 to date, thus being highly trusted by major brands.

    • Price - US$ 1,000 - 10,000

    • Ignite Visibility

    Part 3. Easy Tool to Start Video Marketing by Yourself

    Video Marketing Agencies offer a lot of services in a single bundle. It means that video marketing services can create and market your content efficiently. While you might want to take things into your own hands and personalize your creation, even if you are in collaboration with a marketing service, to create personalized content, a video production suite will help you do just that. One of the best video production tools used by professionals, scholars, and freelancers globally is the VidAir Video Editor. It is a lightweight tool, running on a website and free to use. You can create HD content and even remove watermarks. It also offers you cloud storage, so you have no issue saving your data.

    ❶ Shortcomings of video marketing services

    • ● Metrics
    • So far, one of the biggest challenges to video marketing services is how to build concrete marketing strategies.
    • It means how to create engaging content that people want to consume or videos that get shared. A good grasp of metrics by the content creator is necessary to know how to indicate a video's success and know the areas that need improvement.
    • ● Cost
    • This issue is on both sides. While hiring a video marketing agency may come off too costly, running one is, on the other hand, an overly expensive affair. Since video marketing agencies will need to hire or incorporate experts on their teams, purchase high-end equipment and software to ensure the smooth running of the service. The cost, however, over the years has slightly been going down, as online marketers are learning new ways to go over the cost issue.

    ❷ Other Shortcomings include: (to both client and agency)

    • 1. Lack of Effective Marketing Strategy.
    • 2. Stiff Competition.
    • 3. Creating videos in different or diverse languages to cater to the global audience.

    Thus, when it comes to growing and expanding a business, a video marketing agency will help you because it offers many services to boost your businesses. Suppose you plan to create content for your channels, whether for business, education, or other fields, start solo, using a video production platform such as Wondershare VidAir to make your content before leveling up to more sophisticated services offered by video marketing agencies.

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