Top 6 Vlog Intro Maker to Inspire Your Vlog Creativity

A step-by-step guide on how to create an attractive intro for your Vlog videos.

Want to make your vlog videos more attractive? Create a stunning vlog intro is important. An interesting vlog intro can help you gain more views and make your audiences remember you easily. There are several online vlog intro maker tools that can help you inspire your vlog creativity. A step-by-step guide with editable templates is also provided below.

Part 1. How to Make a Vlog Intro Online for YouTube Channel

Are you tired of looking for interesting intro videos for your vlog channel? Wondershare VidAir is just the right tool to consider. This excellent online video maker comes loaded with various templates in different categories so that you have the one matching your vlog and other video requirements. The text, video, audio, and all other elements of the template can be completely customized as needed. Free to use this intro vlog maker program also has a premium paid version that offers watermark-free videos, 2GB of cloud storage, and 1080p resolution.

Steps on how to make vlog intro video using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose Vlog Intro Template

Click on the Templates button at the top of the interface, and then a template page will open. From this page, select an intro template with an aspect ratio for your channel. Click the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to start editing.

choose vlog intro template

Step 2 Edit Vlog Intro

Now comes the editing part, where you change the font and the color of the text, add effects, add music, and edit various other elements using the tabs on the left-side panel. Click on the Preview button will let you check the changes made.

edit vlog intro online

Step 3 Export Vlog Intro Video for Use

After all the changes and editings are confirmed, click on the Export button to generate and download the intro video. You can then download and combine it with your vlog video.

export vlog intro videos

Part 2. Other 5 Intro Maker for Vloggers

01 Intromaker

For making intros for your YouTube channel, Facebook, and other presentations, this is a good online tool to use. The program features a lot of templates in different themes including the ones having 3D animations and more. The process of creating intros is fast and simple that makes the tool apt even for beginners.

vlog intro maker - 1

02 Introchamp

If you want to create simple and decent-looking intros for your blogs without much-added features then this will work as a great option. There are different templates available at the tool, with each of them having different prices. So, depending on your budget and requirements, the templates can be selected and can be then edited to match your vlog content.

vlog intro maker - 2

03 Panzoid

Free to use, this program works as a decent clip-maker, video editor, and intro vlog background maker. Use its multiple templates, the desired vlog intro can be created in no time. Editing and customization of the templates are supported and it also supports a huge community of people with whom you can communicate as well as take suggestions.

vlog intro maker - 3

04 TubeArsenal

This is a good tool to create customized intro videos for your YouTube vlog and other content. Without any need for software download, the program is simple to use and requires no previous experience. The variety of templates is quite good and sure to meet everyone's requirements.

vlog intro maker - 4

05 Flixpress

This online tool creates intros quickly and in high quality. Pick up the template from multiple options available and then customize them as per your video content. So, if you require to make multiple videos in a month, this works as a great tool. Even if you need to upgrade to the free version, the plans are flexible and affordable.

vlog intro maker - 5

Part 3. 3 Vlog Intro Ideas You Should Know

Creating an impressive intro for your blog is a tricky task that requires you to take care of several things. To help you with the same, we have some vlog intro ideas listed below.

1. Having a play button for the vlog inro is an effective way to engage the viewers and force them to get into your content.

2. The intro design should match the content of the blog. For instance, if you are creating a vlog related to art and crafts, use the template having an artistic style. For a travel-related blog, use the travel vlog intro template and so on. This way, the user gets an idea about what the vlog holds in.

3. Having a short count-down for vlogs and several other intros always works and looks interesting. A count-down sets in the excitement and engages the viewers.

Pick up an intro maker and let your creativity flow to have an interesting intro for your vlog. Wondershare VidAir works as quite a decent tool with support to a variety of templates, editing features, and high-quality files.