Top 10 Vlog Intro Music in 2021

Learn the most popular music for your vlog intro videos.

Have you ever thought about why you should add music to Vlog, which is known as the video blog of your channel? Do you know the difference between the traditional blog and a Vlog? Well, if you are not aware of the difference between them, let me tell you that blog is the conventional way of writing and expressing your thoughts. At the same time, video blog is in which you make videos to advertise and brand your product for the purpose of marketing. Nowadays, Vlog is quite famous among the youth, and everyone wants to become a successful Vlogger. The Vloggers post their videos on the YouTube Channel to capture the interest of the audience. A vlog intro music is very important to develop the impact upon your audience and to keep their interest engaged with your videos. After making the vlog intro music, you can use the intro maker website or software to make your video intro better.

Part 1. Top 10 Royalty-Free Intro Music for Vlog

Download the best royalty-free intro music for your Vlog to make your videos informative and unique for your audience. As you all know that your intros video should be attractive and captive enough to grab the attention of your viewers and to convey the purpose of creating such videos. It doesn't matter whatever content you are creating, what grabs the attention of the audience is the music which is playing in the background.

Top 10 Royalty-Free Intro Music for Vlog

  1. 1. Ukulele This light and happy soundtrack will set the mood of your audience and draws an instant reaction from them. Get this soothing and relaxing beat from for free.
  2. 2. Night City Streets The vocal electric guitar beats accompanied by the dreamy deep tune relaxes your audience's mood and keeps their interest engaged with your video. Download this soft melody for free from
  3. 3. Devoted Minds This classy music track sung by the band of Wild Colours arrest the interest of your audience instantly. You can get this track from for free.
  4. 4. Stuck On U This inspirational soundtrack provides motivation to your audience and keeps their curiosity and excitement for your videos. This cool track is now available for free on . Download this song to add in your intros video.
  5. 5. A New Beginning This track will remind you of high-quality pop-rock accompanied by the strong guitar intro and dynamic chorus. Add this sparkling music to seize the attention of the audience by downloading them through
  6. 6. Meet at the Cafe This beautiful soundtrack will make you fall in love with its rhythmic beats. Get this chord from to merge it in your intros for good results.
  7. 7. Take Off Make your viewers happy and cheerful by adding this soulful chord sung by Ikson and to keep their interest engaged. Download this track for free from
  8. 8. Let's Get Funky Set the mood of your viewers with this funky tune and add it to your intros video to gain the attention of your audience. Get this song for free from
  9. 9. Acoustic Breeze The combination of folk guitar and cello will melt down the mood of your viewers. Get this beautiful track from for free and include it in your intros video.
  10. 10. Catch Your Rhythm This dynamic soundtrack amalgamated with various instruments captures the attention of your audience. Download this track from for free.

Part 2. Tips for Vloggers to Find Music for Their Vlogs

Well, finding accurate audio music for your Vlogs is quite a tiresome journey. Audios are an essential part of the videos that capture your viewer's reactions instantly and enhance the productivity of your brand. Here are some popular music sites from which you can download good-quality music.

  • 1. YouTube Music Library

It would be best if you first searched for good music from the Youtube Music Library as Youtube has vast variety of songs collections that you can use without facing any issues of copyright infringement. You can even download the tracks according to your choice.

  • 2. SoundCloud

The SoundCloud is a popular music-sharing website that offers you a wide range of songs collection expressed in a variety of themes. You can download the songs sung by various artists easily, and you can even modify your search result.

  • 3. BenSound

This is one of the most trusted websites that offer free royalty-music for your videos. You can search from the various genres of the music and select as per your video style and design. You can download the videos for free without having a license problem.

Apart from the above-mentioned source, there are various external sites through which you can download the music for your videos.

Part 3. Easy Online Tool to Make Vlog Videos with Customized Templates

Wondershare VidAir gives you an opportunity to create video online with creative templates according to your needs. You can enhance the growth of your brand by making creative videos for your users and to inspire your creativity and imagination. This simple tool helps you to make your videos quickly without wasting much time in researching. After creating a video template from your video, you can even customize it by adding videos, images and sound effects to your videos.

Steps to Make Vlog Videos Online with Templates

Step 1 Choose A Vlog Template

Go to the templates page by clicking on the Create button, and choose a template you like. Then choose the aspect ratio and hit the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to start editing.

choose vlog intro

Step 2 Customize Vlog Music

You can change images, video clips, text, and background music to your video. Click on the Upload button to add your local audio files.

customize vlog music

Step 3 Save and Export

After changes have been done, click on the Export button to download the video.

export vlog video

To make your work easy and stressful, use Wondershare VidAir to create your vlog videos in a minute and to give a professional outlook to it.