Useful Strategies for WhatsApp Marketing

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Planning to promote your business and brand over WhatsApp?

WhatsApp not only works as a great messaging service but an excellent platform for brand promotion and sales as well. With more than 2020 active users monthly, WhatsApp offers great chances to connect to your potential buyers directly and get leads. Using the right tools and strategies to get benefit from WhatsApp marketing is important. The parts of the article below will guide you through WhatsApp marketing software, tips, and strategies.

Part 1. Recommend Online Tool to Make Marketing Videos Easily

With members across the world in all age groups and types, WhatsApp works as an excellent app for business and brand marketing. Available in more than 50 languages, WhatsApp is quite promising for reaching potential customers. WhatsApp marketing is a marketing process where you can use the messaging app for promoting your brand, business, and products to create awareness, reach the target audience, and boost sales.

Since WhatsApp is a communication channel, it is easier to earn the trust of people in comparison to other social media sites. Using WhatsApp, you can use multiple methods of promoting including text, images, video, as well as audio. Some of the other benefits of using WhatsApp for marketing include free tools, high conversion rate, maintaining customer relationships, high user engagement, diverse functions, and more.

Part 2. Top 8 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

Getting consumer engagement on WhatsApp is difficult in comparison to other social media sites as the platform does not allow sending messages to unknown people. You first need to be invited by the consumers to be able to send them your messages regarding brand and business. So, using the right strategies is very important for WhatsApp marketing, and to help you gain the maximum benefit we have shortlisted the top WhatsApp marketing tools as below.

01 Have A Broadcast List

Creating a broadcast list helps in reaching out to the maximum number of people having similar interests. Depending on your business and products, you can create a broadcast list and initiate a one-way communication. These lists can include the links as well as invitations in your messages to connect to more and more people. WhatsApp bulk sender tools are also available for sending messages to these broadcast lists.

Broadcast List

02 Group Messaging

Group messaging is a method through which you can communicate with multiple people. This way of communication involves interaction and apt in situations when you want to get the opinion, reviews, and advice of the people. A group of like-minded people or people having similar interests can be created and then a general discussion or a relation to your brand or business can be initiated.

Group Messaging

03 Offer Quick Customer Service

Speedy and responsive customer service is another effective strategy for WhatsApp marketing. As per the studies, the platform has more than 70% of the opening rate that means if your customer is on WhatsApp, then there is almost surety of getting your messages exposed. WhatsApp is also compatible with desktop devices in addition to mobile phones and thus desktop app can also be created for quick response. Ensure to have enough resources to deal with the customer queries so that it does not take hours in responding.

Quick Customer Service

04 Create A Brand Persona

In comparison to the other social media platform, WhatsApp is more personal and intimate where you can directly connect with your customers. Thus, it is important to create an impressive and friendly brand persona so that the potential customer feels connected. The brand personality should represent the attitude, traits, and values of the business.

Analyze the personality of your business and then use the same for communicating your business on WhatsApp.

Brand Persona

05 Use Freebies, Promotions, And Other Offers to Have A Database

Since WhatsApp is a free messaging app where you need to be in the contact list of the receiver to be able to send them messages having a database is tricky. Thus, to include a person in your WhatsApp database you need to offer them some value in return which might be some interesting offer, freebies, or a promotion. Interesting and engaging promotion will tempt the person to share their number with you and once you have their number you can build a relationship and communication by offering them freebies or redeemable offers. Thus design your WhatsApp marketing campaign around these promotions.

WhatsApp Freebies

06 Quality Content

Quality of content plays an important role in marketing on all platforms and WhatsApp is no exception to this. So, while sending messages on WhatsApp ensure that the content quality is good and useful for the receiver. Sending unnecessary messages will result in the person blocking you which you would never want. Keep your messages short, engaging, and interesting. You can even include images and videos to get the engagement of potential customers.

Quality Content

07 Know Your Target Audience

It is always beneficial to know your target audience and their interest. Customer profile creation is one of the approaches that can be used to know your potential customers who can help in boosting sales and brand promotion. For this method, surveys can be created on a social media platform and using other analytic tools.

Another method that can be used is Jobs to Be Done under which you need to analyze a few questions like, why your product is being used by the people, what value do they receive, and outcomes expected.

Target Audience

08 WhatsApp Business App

There is a dedicated app of WhatsApp to meet the small and large business requirements and it is known as WhatsApp Business. The WhatsApp marketing for business app version has an array of additional business-centric features that can help in brand promotion, sales, and creating leads. Some of the additional features offered by the app include a business profile, catalog for showcasing products, automated replies, labels, statistics, and more.

WhatsApp Business App

Part 3. Recommend Online Tool to Make Marketing Videos Easily

If videos are a part of your marketing strategies on WhatsApp or any other platform, it must be ensured that the video is crisp and engaging to get the attention of the users. Wondershare VidAir is one such tool that will assist you in creating professional videos. This is an online tool that requires free sign-up to be worked from the browser interface.

Templates in multiple categories are available at the tool so that you can get a ready-made design to create a video that best matches your brand or business. The text, video, and other content of the template can be customized as per the video requirements. You can even add stickers and import local media files. The interface is simple and the video creating process is quick.

The free version of the tool has a watermark on the videos that are created in 720p resolution while upgrading it to the paid version results in watermark-free videos in 1080p resolution.

Wondershare VidAir


Building an engaging relationship and delivering value is the key to WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp has a huge potential and gaining the best from it requires proper planning, techniques, and strategies. Use the above-listed strategies to boost your sales, create leads, and gain brand promotion. For adding impressive videos to your marketing messages, use Wondershare VidAir that is a simple yet effective tool for video creation and editing.