How to Use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10/8/7

Read the steps on how to edit videos using Windows Movie Maker and its online alternative.

On the Microsoft Store, there are many apps supported for video editing where. One such app designed by Microsoft Corporation to help you edit videos is the Windows Movie Maker. If you perform a simple search for a video editor or movie maker, many apps can still come up on the Store. Some of these apps are by other developers, though still available on Windows Store, but if you are using Win 10, the search will not display Windows Movie Maker. Instead, the Windows 10 Movie Maker will appear. It means that the original Windows Movie Maker 2012 doesn't available on Windows 10 anymore. Windows Movie Maker, a part of the Windows Essentials Suite got discontinued on January 10, 2017, and to replace it, an in-built Video Editor on Microsoft Photos thus came.

Part 1. Steps to Use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7

The free movie maker for Windows is easy to use, though discontinued on Win 10. However, if you still have the app on your computer, which could be either running on Win 10, 8, 7, XP, or Vista, you still have the privilege to use it. Windows Movie Maker is so much in demand for making videos because it is free and elementary. Most Windows users, through the ages, have gotten accustomed to using it, and this is why they prefer it so much. Detailed below is how to use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7.

How to Use Windows Movie Maker?

Step 1: Since developers discontinued Windows Movie Maker, the steps shown below are for using the in-built Win 10 Video Editor on Microsoft Photos. Start By launching the Microsoft Photos App on your Windows computer. The video editor is located at the top, and clicking on the "Video Editor" feature in the Photos app will redirect you to the Video Editor dashboard.

Step 2: Create a new project by clicking on “New Video Project.” A pop-up dialog box requesting the project name will appear once you have opened the video editor. Name your project.

edit videos windows movie maker 1

Step 3: After naming your project, you can start adding videos or pictures to make a video or edit photos. The video editor utilizes online resources for video and photo templates. By clicking on "+Add", these templates appear, and you can select from the many different categories from their templates library.

edit videos windows movie maker 2

Step 4:With a category selected, you may then proceed to select the desired image from the category. You can also upload from local files. The Video Editor functions are at the base of the Video Editor dashboard. You can drag selected photos or videos and add them to the Storyboard. You can then perform any editing function such as adding titles, text t, filters, adjusting the motion, or even delete unnecessary items from the storyboard.

edit videos windows movie maker 3

Step 5: At the top right corner of the Video-Editor dashboard are other functions such as adding audio. Once done you can preview the video created by pressing play on the mini-screen on the dashboard designed for previewing.

Step 6: Finally, once all editing is over, you can save and export the video by clicking on the "Finish" button at the top right corner. You can then choose the video quality to save it and click on "Export" to save it to your PC.

edit videos windows movie maker 4

Part 2. Online Alternative to Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a great tool, and it becomes hard finding reliable movie editing software. There are many video editing software available, due to their exorbitant fees, it becomes hard to get one reliable software to use. To curb this situation is Wondershare VidAir, a cross-platform online tool that makes video editing fun and straightforward. You can use VidAir in place of the Windows Movie Maker. Unlike Windows Movie Maker, you can get the job done with high-quality in just three simple steps.

How to Create Videos Online with Windows Movie Maker Alternative

Step 1 Login and Choose Template

Visit the Official VidAir Website and click on the Login or Sign up button. And then click on the Templates option to open the templates page, from where you can choose your desired template with the aspect ratio. Click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose video template after login

Step 2 Customize Video Online

You will reach the Video Editor and have the options to add videos, photos, text, audio, or upload from your local files. Create videos here with your ideas, and click on the preview icons to check your works.

customize video

Step 3 Export Video Online

VidAir will save your project under the My Projects option, which can be accessed by clicking on your Avatar. You can also export and share the video by clicking on the Export button.

export and share video online

Again, please note that Windows Movie Maker is no longer available, and any other software you find on the Internet claiming to be the Windows Movie Maker is a farce. On Win 10 Photos app is an in-built Video Editor you can make use of. Other than that, there is also an excellent tool with the autonomy to use and a myriad of smart features to help you with video editing, which is VidAir, state-of-the-art software.