How to Make a Slideshow on Windows 10

Video Editor is the useful windows 10 slideshow maker you should master

Most of us were unaware that we have a powerful Windows slideshow maker in-built in our PCs. And the majority of us still don't have any idea how to make a slideshow on Windows 10 using a simple Microsoft slideshow maker.

Well, the process is pretty straightforward, and despite the lack of advanced editing features. In this article, we will walk you through the steps on how to make a slideshow on Windows 10. With the Windows slideshow maker, you'll be able to make slideshows in simple steps, and you can make Facebook campaigns with the help of these slideshows you created.

Part 1. Teach You to Make a Slideshow on Windows 10

Let me take you through the step-by-step guide on how to make a slideshow on Windows.

Step 1 Locate Microsoft Slideshow Maker

To find the in-built windows slideshow maker on your PC, just type 'video editor' in the search bar. If your windows are up to date, the app will be instantly displayed.

find video editor

Step 2 Create a New Product

To start creating a new slideshow, click on the + plus sign on the yellow box labeled as New Video Project.

create project

Now you can name the slideshow for ease of keeping track or skip the option.

name your project

Step 3 Import Media

Here, you need to import all your media. When you click on the Add tab, you will be presented with three options as follows

-Add from PC

-Add from Collection

-Add from web

Since we want to create a slideshow of images from our computer, tap on Add from PC, choose all your media, and click Ok. All your photos will now be visible in your project library

import media

Step 4 Add Media to Storyboard

Now, drag and drop every photo to the timeline, or tick all the images and then press Place in the storyboard for quick creation

Add Media to Storyboard

You can easily rearrange the photos in the storyboard by dragging and dropping the images from one position to the other

rearrange the materials

Step 5 Adjust Slide Duration

Now you will have to adjust the slide duration for every photo individually. Click on the numbers written on the slide, for example, 3.0, and choose the timing that fits your need. You can also change the timing by clicking on the Duration tab above the timeline.

adjust duration

Step 6 Edit Photos

All the photos are in different sizes that might not fit the frame in the Windows slideshow maker. To address that issue, tap the Crop icon above the timeline and click on Remove black bars

edit photos

However, this option might not work on some pictures because removing the black bars will enlarge the photo in a way that might zoom it too much and there is no way to adjust the picture size

Step 7 Add Texts and Titles

Now you might want to add some introduction to your slideshow. To highlight the purpose, topic, or occasion, a text slide is a perfect way to go. Just click the slide before which you want to insert the title slide and click on Add title card. Now, this will be a blank card, and you will have to tap on the Text tab to add your caption

add text

In this tab, edit your text in the right side menu and select an animated text style that best compliments your video purpose. You can even custom select a stylish layout to make an interesting title slide.

select text style

Switch to the Background tab and choose a given solid color or create a custom color that fits your slideshow palette or is the standard color of your brand

choose color

The Windows slideshow maker also lets you add titles to your images. You can add stylish captions to add more meaning to your photos. But here, you cannot change the background color since your selected image is the background. By sliding the bar below the image or reducing it will change the duration and starting/ending time of text display

add title

Step 8 Apply Transition, Filters, and Special Effects

Now a simple transition from one photo to the next can be pretty boring. To bring some edge to your video, Microsoftslideshowmaker offers a variety of motion effects, including professional effects like pan, zoom, tilt, or zoom. Just select a slide, click on the Motion tab and choose the one you like best. Click Done to apply a transition to that slide. Do the same for all your slides.


To add some cinematic filters, select a slide again and click on the Filters tab and choose a filter to apply


The best feature of the Windowsslideshowmaker is its extensive collection of animated elements and 3D animations. Tap on the 3D effects tab in the Effects panel, choose a cool special effect, and double click to add it to your image. Tap on the elements on your photo to change the size or position. Also, adjust the effect duration by changing the bar length at the bottom.

3D effects

In the 3D library tab, there are various animated elements in categories, double-click on an element to add to the image and then edit its size and position. You can even search for a specific element by typing it in the search bar.

add image

Step 9 Add Background Music

Next, you must add some cheerful music to captivate your audience with a beautiful slideshow complemented by upbeat music. If you want to add music from the library of the Microsoftslideshowmaker, click on Background Music above the viewer panel. You can custom adjust the volume of the music and also choose to auto-sync the beats to your slideshow

background music

But if you want to add a song from your own playlist, press Custom Audio and then tap on + Add audio file. You can even add multiple tracks to a single slide and then adjust their duration with the bar at the bottom.

custom audio

Step 10 Export and Save

Windows slideshow maker lets you save the video in the resolution of your preference. Click Finish video and select the video quality. Finally, press Export to save the video in MP4 format to your device.

save and export

Part 2. An Easy Alternative Tool to Make Slideshow on Windows [No Download]

If in case your Windows isn't updated enough to support the Microsoft slideshow maker, you can learn how to make a slideshow on Windows 10 using a much powerful alternative

Wondershare VidAir is a professional online editor and slideshow maker. It easily and superiorly rivals the Windows slideshow maker owing to its creative editing options to make your video more attractive. Loaded with themed templates, VidAir lets you create a slideshow for any occasion like birthday, Halloween, or even travel vlog within minutes. The user-friendly interface makes VidAir a handy tool for transforming photos into note-worthy slideshows. Customize text into catchy captions or add your favorite background music from its rich library. Export an uncompressed, high-quality video and enjoy


Now you know how to make a slideshow on Windows to create impressive slideshows for personal or professional use. Using the free yet powerful Windows slideshow maker has been made easier. It's time for you to up your game and boost your business with engaging product videos.

Don't forget to use the equally impressive Windows slideshow maker alternative, VidAir, to surprise your friends with nostalgic slideshows