How to Use Movie Maker in Windows 10

The step-by-step tutorial of using movie maker Windows 10

Without a doubt, Windows movie maker was once our go-to software for movie making and editing. Despite being completely free and simple, you could do so much with it to create eye-catching slideshows and videos. Too bad, it was last updated in 2012 and officially discontinued only a few years back.

Fortunately, Windows 8 and 10 came to us with a hidden movie maker now.

Part 1. Where is Movie Maker in Windows 10

If you're unaware where is movie maker in windows 10, we'll take the chance to unravel this secret. It's the PHOTOS APP. The windows 10 photo that stores all your photos and videos is a movie maker in disguise. You can find it in Windows 10 start menu.

windows10 movie maker

After the discontinuation of Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft announced to launch of a new video editor called Story Remix. It was designed to allow users to combine video clips and photos together to transform their digital memories into fascinating visual stories. However, with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft added Story Remix to the existing Photos app.

Now, windows 10 photo features Story Remix to produce attractive video clips with background music, Text, as well as 3D animations and objects.

Part 2. How to Use Video Editor in Windows 10 Photo

The new Microsoft Photos offers a fun and creative way to edit your photos and create exciting video clips. It comes with a vast yet impressive toolkit that gives it a holistic approach. More, a striking feature of windows 10 photo is the Artificial Intelligence technology, through which it generates automatic movies using relevant content from your collection.

Despite having so many new editing tools, movie making is pretty simple and straightforward with windows 10 photo video editor. Read ahead to grasp a handful of knowledge of how to use these new functions.

01 Locate and Launch Microsoft Photos App

Now that you know where is movie maker in windows 10, you can quickly launch it from the Start Menu. Or more simply, just type "Photos" in the search bar, and it will do the job for you.

launch movie maker

02 Create an Automatic and Random Video

story remix windows 10 uses auto-generated content that adds a theme, transition, and music tracks to create a random movie clip for you. To start an automatic project;

  • Select a few photos and videos from the Photos
  • Click New Video on the top toolbar.
  • Choose Automatic Video from the New Video dropdown.
  • Give it a name and hit OK
create a project

This will generate a quick video with Text, style, music, and transition with a preview display. In case you don't like the video, press Remix it for me to rearrange photos, change the theme, pace, and length of your video.

rearrange video

03 Create a New Project from Scratch<

If you wish to create a custom video showcasing your precious moments, start your project from scratch. And to do just that, go to the Video Editor pane and hit New Video Project.

Add a name to your video for easy navigation in the future, or skip the option.

new project

04 Import Photos and Videos

Now you can import your custom media into the project library. When you click the Add button, a dropdown appears with three options that are

  • From this PC
  • From My collection
  • From the web

Choose an option depending on where your photos and videos are stuffed. Tick all your media and click OK. This will add all your selected photos to the project library.

import metarials

05 Add Media to Storyboard

Next, drag and drop each photo from the project library to specific keyframes of the storyboard. Or, for instant action, select all photos and press Place in Storyboard.

add media

06 Adjust Slide Duration

Once all your photos are on-board, a default timeline for each image is set. You can change each slide duration as per your need. To adjust the duration, tap the Duration button above the timeline, and pick another value or manually type the seconds. A more lengthy yet customizable way is to change the time duration of each slide individually.

Adjust duration

07 Add Titles with Custom Text

Add titles, windows movie maker text, and lower thirds in your video to tell your story in a more creative way. You can throw in picture-perfect quotes or insert cute captions for your photos. To add a text title in between a slide, choose Add Title Card to insert a blank card and then hit Text.


Now, type your caption in the text box on the right side. Customize your Text with animated text styles to add an artistic touch or use a layout to position your title in a unique place. Hit Done after that.


08 Add Motion and 3D Effects

The highlight feature of windows 10 photo is a rich library of 3D effects and animated objects that will give your video a bloom factor. Just select a slide, click on the 3D Effects tab to enter the Effects panel. Here, you can add subtle 3D effects for a cinematic touch to your photo. What's interesting is that the movie maker 3D effects are fully customizable. Move the slider below the preview display to tone or adjust the duration and angle of the 3D effect. Hit Done once you make your choice.

Add Motion

In the same tab, tap the 3D library to view a wide selection of animated 3D objects that will make things even more special. Search for a specific item by typing in the search bar and double click the object to add to your slide. You can also resize and reposition it as you like.

3D Effects

Motion transitions will give your video an appealing yet smooth flow. Browse through the variety of motion effects offered by windows 10 photo and add to all your slides.

Select the slide you want to add motion to and tap on the Motion button. In this tab, try and preview each motion effects to choose one that compliments your slide. Once selected, click Done to add the transition to that slide. Repeat the same for all other slides.

add motion

09 Add Filters and Background Music

Tap the Filters button above the storyboard and choose a fancy or vintage filter to add a dramatic tone to a photo. Hit Done after that.


Adding a piece of cheerful background music will draw even more attention to your movie. Confused about how to add music to windows movie maker? Well, it's as simple as clicking the Background Music tab (above the viewer's panel) to add a built-in soundtrack from the windows 10 photo music library. Adjust the volume and sync the video contents to the upbeat music.

background music

However, you can also add your favorite song by tapping the Custom Audio option. If you feel single music does not do justice to your movie, add multiple tracks, and adjust their duration as you like.

custom audio

10 Save and Export

When you're done decorating your movie clip, press Save and then Finish video from the top menu. Pick your preferred resolution and hit Export to share your mp4 video to your PC.

save and export

Part 3. Best Online Alternative to Windows Movie Maker

Even though windows 10 photo is a fun-filled windows movie maker with basic video editing tools, it can sometimes lack specific features to enhance a movie. So, we bring you an even easier yet powerful windows movie maker alternative.

Wondershare VidAir is a tool to cure all your video editing challenges. It offers high-tech editing features to create professional-scale slideshows and movie clips that will boost your viewer engagement. The rich selection of themed templates, fancy filters, artistic texts, and animations give VidAir an edge over the Windows Movie Maker. On the bright side, it lets you edit your videos while staying in the comfort of your browser without the hassle of any downloads. Just select a creative template, add your aesthetic photos, and start crafting a beautiful visual story with this simple and best online alternative to Windows Movie Maker.

How to make a movie with VidAir

We've said it before; we'll say it again. Making a movie with VidAir is quite easy, a mere 3 step process. Let's take a look

Step 1 Choosing a template is important for online movie maker

Launch VidAir on your browser and sign-up. After signing up, choose a themed template that attracts and fits your video theme from the variety of templates in different categories.

choose template

Step 2 Edit with easy movie maker

Once you hit Use This Template, start editing your movie clip. Toolbars add custom texts, cinematic filters, instrumental background music, stickers, and royalty-free stock media to prettify your work from the left and right sides.

edit movie

Step 3 Save and Export

After your video is customized, save your progress by tapping the Save button. Finally, to export your project, hit Export, and select a resolution. Lastly, hit Export again, and that's it.

save and export


Are you already excited to use the newly discovered video editor on your laptop? Hop on to it, then. Make the most of the windows 10 photo cool features to create picture-perfect movies out of your digital memories. Get your friends and family nostalgic by adding somber background music to your video or insert love stickers to cherish your loved ones.

Also, remember to use the online alternative to Windows Movie Maker in case you don't have a Windows 10 on your PC.

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