Windows Movie Maker Tutorial for Window 7

The step-by-step tutorial of how to use Windows 7 movie maker

Speaking of Windows Movie Maker takes us back to the good old school days when creating quirky slideshows with cool transitions and effects were a marvelous thing. Sadly, with Microsoft upgrading their Windows game rapidly, windows movie maker windows 7 was left behind. And so, Windows Movie Maker is now only available on Windows 7.

Part 1. Windows Movie Maker Tutorial for Beginners

If you still have windows movie maker on your computer but you haven't used it yet, then you've come to the right place. All you need to do is follow the quick steps described in our movie maker tutorial below.

01 Launch Windows Movie Maker

Locate the built-in windows movie maker windows 7 in the Start Menu. Or you can type "Movie Maker" in the search box, and the app will be instantly displayed.

launch movie maker

02 Name Your Project

To avoid losing any of your progress as well as keep track of your project, give your project a specific name. To do that, click the Save button on the top left corner of the screen, and type the project name.

name your movie

03 Import Photos and Videos

Start crafting your movie by importing the relevant media from your gallery into the windows movie maker windows 7. On the top menu of the home page, click the Add Photos and Videos tab.

add materials

This will open a windows explorer window, where you can browse the photos and video clips you would like to add. Tick selected media or select all by pressing CTRL + A, and hit Open after that.

select materials

You can now view all your media in the blank space on the right half of the program. Windows Movie Maker will automatically arrange all the photos and videos in a slideshow.

04 Add a Title Text to Your Movie

windows video editor add text is a great way to add some highlight to your movie. Opening titles with custom text is the perfect start to a visual story.

On the top menu of the home page, you will find a Title tab. Once you click on it, a blank title slide is created, and a new Format page with customizable options is opened up. Wondering from where and how to change text color in windows movie maker?

Well, after you type a special title that suits your video, in the text box on the blank slide, you can personalize your title using the formatting options. On the left side is the Font panel with options to change the font, size, and even the color of your text to create an exciting title slide. You can also change the alignment of your text to which fits best in your video. If you find your text blending in with your slide, apply a pastel, or maybe a subtle color to the background using the Background Color option from the Adjust panel. Plus, you can also set a custom display duration for your title screen.

add a title

05 Add Music to Your Movie

To draw extraordinary attention to your movie, you might want to add some upbeat music in the background. There is no better way to enhance your beautiful slideshow than adding pleasant soundtracks that add a hint of love and happiness. If you're confused about how to add music to windows movie maker, just click on the Add Music button present on the home page and browse through your playlist from the windows explorer window.

windows movie maker windows 7 also offers a free music archive with a rich variety of exclusive soundtracks. Click on the little arrow on the Add Music and choose Free Music Archive from the dropdown.

add music

06 Apply a Theme and Transition to Enhance Your Movie

Dramatic themes can offer a cinematic effect to your video, while the transitions give a smoother flow to your memories. To add a transition style in between slides, switch to the Animation page on the top of the screen. Browse the different types of transitions, such as zoom, tilt, pixelate, fade, and more. Click on the transition you like most to add to a particular slide. Do the same for each slide. You can also adjust the timing of the transition through the Duration option within the edit toolbar on the top menu.

choose transition

In the center of the top toolbar is the Auto Movie Themes panel loaded with aesthetic themes. Navigate through the variety or try each theme by taking a look at the preview display to choose one that compliments your movie the best.

select movie theme

07 Share Your Movie

As soon as your video is decorated with all the cool features and edits, it's time to share your work with your audience. Click on the Share Movie option on the right side of the home page. This will further present different sharing options you can choose from. To save a high-quality video on your device, press for High Definition display, which will open up a windows explorer window.


Name your video and browse through the folders where you want your work to be shared. Once done, click Save.

save your video

Part 2. Windows Movie Maker Online Alternative

Despite being a creative movie maker, windows movie maker windows 7 lacked some high-tech editing features, and so it is no more available for download. It was last updated in 2012 and officially discontinued a few years back. Thankfully, Microsoft provided a few alternative options in-app as well as online. One such alternative is the Windows 10 Photos App, which comes with a hidden powerfully advanced video editor.

On the other hand, there is a recommended online alternative to Windows Movie Maker is the Wondershare VidAir. To make your videos more creative, it offers a comprehensive template variety categorized for different occasions, such as Birthday, Halloween, travel, and more.

It is also the best bet for newbies with simple 3 steps.

Step 1 Select a template for movie maker online Microsoft

Once you sign-up, you can view the template library with a wide selection of beautiful templates. Explore through the different categories until you find one that best compliments your video theme. Choose your ratio format and hit Use This Template to enter the edit panel.

vidair template

Step 2 Easy Edit with online movie maker

Here, you can personalize your movie clip. Use the left toolbar to add catchy texts, animated stickers, free stock images, and photos, as well as a piece of background music to enhance your video. To create longer videos, you can add extra clips by pressing the Add Scene button above the timeline. Take a good look at your customization using the Preview option.

edit in vidair

Step 3 Save and Export

If you think your video is good-to-go, press Save to avoid losing your effort. Next, hit Export and choose your desired resolution from the options of 720p and 1080p. You can also choose if you want your video watermarked or not. Finally, hit Export again, and your masterpiece is ready to amaze the world.

save and export


Hope you got some extra knowledge like how to add music to windows movie maker or how to change text color in windows movie maker with the quick tutorials.

Use windows movie maker windows 7 to create unique blends with its extraordinary features in a few clicks. Pick a theme, pick a soundtrack, add filters, and you're through with a beautiful video showcasing your unforgettable digital memories. Moreover, give Wondershare VidAir a shot to boost your creativity to a whole new level.

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