Top 10 YouTube Ad Creator: Make YouTube Ads Easily Online

YouTube ad creators help you to stand-out and breathe life into your business. Create stunning ads to develop your brand where you can get help from here.

Figure out how to make a banner ad or a video advertisement using a YouTube ad maker. It is one of the tools that a YouTube creator should make use of regularly. Using a YouTube ad creator is easy as you can customize the ads to reflect your channel. Whether you need to sell merchandise or make educational videos and tutorials, the standalone ad creators discussed here will help you create stunning ads.

Part 1. How to Make YouTube Ad Videos Easy Online

Making YouTube ads has never been this easy. With VidAir, you get the opportunity of being a professional ad creator. VidAir is an impressive online tool that is free to use with numerous editable templates. You can also use VidAir as a YouTube ad creator as it possesses an outstanding design that makes it very easy to use. The templates range from travel, online shopping, online shop promotion, make-up tutorials, besides cooking.


Key Features

1.It can be your video or audio editor

2.It is a cross-platform tool that also supports numerous file formats

3.It is easy and free to use

4.It is a powerful ad creator with no delay (Instant response time)

5.It has many editable templates

How to Use VidAir to Make YouTube Ads?

Step 1 Login and Choose Template

Open the VidAir Official Website, then Log-In and click on “Try for Free.

step 1.1

Then select a template you want to use to create the ad. Click on “Use This Template” once you have decided which template to use.

step 1.2

Step 2 Create the Ad

With the template selected, you will reach the Ad Creator. Here, select the photo or video template you wish to utilize or “Upload” the one you want to use.

step 2

Proceed to create the ad as desired by adding text or your logo.

Step 3 Preview and Export

step 3.1

Then click “Preview” to view your ad and then click “Save.” After saving, you can download and upload the ad onto YouTube.

step 3.2

Part 2. Top 5 YouTube Photo Ad Maker Recommended

1 Snappa

Providing ad creators with over 4,000,000+ high-resolution images that are 100% royalty-free stock photos, Snappa is an outstanding YouTube Thumbnail maker. It is easy to use online YouTube ad maker, and Snappa has several pricing options with the chance to get started using it for free.



2 Canva

Canva offers instantly laid out templates with a different layout whereby when you log-on to the site and select from the in-built templates. It also features an in-depth template selection. For instance, if you choose a social media template, it further offers different social media template designs. It could be for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You select a different ad template for the story, post, or even cover. With varying options of pricing, it is also a free online YouTube ad creator.



3 Fotor

Fotor works as a video editor, providing you with numerous ad creation opportunities. It is a critically acclaimed YouTube ad creator from renowned sources such as BBC News and Lifehacker, with many advanced editing and ad making features. Its many complex features and a standalone YouTube ad creator set aside solely for ad creation. It has several pricing options with a free one included and is also an online tool.



4 Bannersnack

Bannersnack has got over 8,000 banner designs. It is an online ad make that can help you to make flyers and posters. It is easy to use, neatly laid out, and by the way, it has got several pricing options, including a free choice from where you can start with giving it a try!



5 Adobe Spark

Though many fear using Adobe products, this one is straightforward to use. Simply sign-up for free, and you can start using it with the free starter plan. The Adobe Spark is designed for ad creation and comes in handy as a great YouTube ad maker. It is an online tool, and you can learn about it from the many and detailed guides it has.


Adobe Spark

Part 3. Other 5 YouTube Video Ad Maker You Should Know

1 Motionden

You do not need software or downloads with Motionden. It is free to use online tool that will let you make video advertisements. It gives you high-quality marketing and advertisement videos. It is free and also effortless to use.



2 Movavi

Movavi is a standalone software that lets you make high-end video ads as it is a powerful software. It is for an institutional setting as it is also useful to teach or study. It has got many features, including being a screen recorder, converter, and even an editor. You can try Movavi for free as well.



3 Nero

Designed as a video suite, Nero is renowned software that has many capabilities. You can use it to create ads, manage videos, export and burn them, or even stream using Nero. Its pricing starts at US$ 39. 95.



4 Promo

Promo has an appealing and inviting design. It is a YouTube ad maker to make video ads partnered with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GettyImages, Shutterstock, and Shopify, where you can showcase some of the best ads using Promo. It has got different types of ads such as in-stream ads, pre-roll ads, and bumper ads, among many more. It has other pricing options with an option to try it for free. It is an online tool that is also very easy to use.



5 PlaceIt

Besides, the many templates on the Website are tags to assist you when selecting a template. An example of these tags includes HipHop, Christmas, Football, and YouTube, to make it easy for you when finding a template. You can sign up for a free account. It has several pricing options too. It is an online YouTube ad creator that is easy to use.




Thus, a YouTube ad creator lessens your worries as it offers you the ability to make an ad easily. With VidAir, you get so much more, from video editing to ad creation. It is one impressive standalone tool to help with all your YouTube channel management, be it making ads or editing videos. Also, we listed some extraordinary YouTube ad making services, both for photo and video, to help you make fascinating ads.