5 Types of YouTube Ads for Marketers

A full guide on YouTube ad types you should know.

YouTube is an excellent platform for its countless visual contents and videos as millions of viewers and advertisers visit YouTube every day, making it a great platform to reach people. YouTube ads are essential for boosting brands, services, events, or any promoting thing. Marketers, professionals, YouTubers, organizations, and business people use YouTube advertisements to promote themselves. However, beginners will find it challenging to analyze YouTube ad formats, campaign types, and types of ads in YouTube that suit their requirements and budget. In today's post, we will describe five types of Youtube ads so that you can get an overview.

Part 1. 5 Different Types of YouTube Ads

01 Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

Skippable in-stream ads appear on the screen before, during, or after the videos. Skippable video is our first YouTube ad type that comes with an option to skip it after the ad plays for a minimum of 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, you have the choice to ignore them. But in a general statement, you can see the YouTube video ad appears for a total of a minimum of 12 seconds. Keeping such ads less than 3 minutes is recommended, and YouTube will only charge when your viewers watch at least for 30 seconds and if they click on your ads. Quite often, a banner ad at the top right of the screen accompanies the skippable in-stream video ads.

skippable in-stream video ads

02 Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

Non-skippable ads are short in-stream video ads that play before, during, or after another video or while viewing partner content. In non-skippable ads, viewers do not get the option to skip the ad. Depending on the viewers, non-skippable ads can be up to 15-20 seconds long on desktop and mobile devices. This YouTube ad type can also play right before a video or during it, and the primary benefit is you can reach viewers as the user views the entire message. The ad's timing depends on automatic processing, and the only difference between skippable and non-skippable ads is that there is no "Skip ad" button. Non-skippable ad is best when your brand needs to increase awareness.

non-skippable in-stream video ads

03 Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are short videos that appear on YouTube, providing you the opportunity to reach more customers. They help increase awareness about your brand as it delivers brief description that provides memorable messages. You can use VidAir to create bumper video campaigns using the YouTube campaign types. Bumper ads play with a minimum of six-second, and it is a non-skippable video ad type. These ads play right before an actual video, and if you want to deliver a simple message to get across, bumper ads are perfect. When you do not need a total production of a minutes-long video, you can also choose bumper ads. For promoting an event, driving a brand, or increasing the engagement with audiences and frequency, bumper ads are considered a great spot.

bumper ads

04 Discovery Ads

From the mentioned three types of YouTube advertising, discovery ads are pretty different. These are very similar to Google search ads and appear semi-organic amongst the search results. As a search engine, you will find these ads that will help your YouTube channel. There is a similarity of discovery ads with Google text ads. Discovery ads of YouTube are also called the ad in a box. It will, for results, let users know they are paid. A thumbnail image composes discovery ads of three text lines and can appear on the search bar, video watch page, and YouTube homepage. It gives them excellent visibility.

discovery ads

05 Non-Video Ads

Non-video ads are known as widely "In-Display" ads that is our last YouTube ad type. The brands that aren't looking to make a big spend or have less budget; YouTube offers non-video ads. This type of ad in YouTube format promotes your video on the YouTube search results page that appears alongside the related videos section and the YouTube mobile homepage. Non-video ads consist of a thumbnail image from the video, including a headline and description. While a video is playing, you can choose to serve a display ad on the results' right-hand side. This ad includes images, some text to the right of the picture. It can feature a button to click on the website. Per-click basis, these non-video ads charge money on a cost.

non-video ads

Part 2. Easy Steps to Make YouTube Video Ads Online

Why not create an amazing YouTube ad to make your ads more professional, acceptable and make a trending video that viewers love to watch. One of the most remarkable online YouTube video ads makers for you is Wondershare VidAir. Whatever your YouTube ad type could be, VidAir is all set here with an impressive feature set.

Here are the simple steps to help you create a YouTube ad video easily online with Wondershare VidAir.

Step 1 Choose Your Ad Template

Go to VidAir official website or open the templates page directly. Choose your desired template for your YouTube ad type. Select an aspect ratio and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose templates for youtube ad type

Step 2 Edit YouTube Ads Online

After selecting the template, you will reach the editing interface. Select the photo or video template for utilizing or upload the one you desire to use. Create the ad by adding text, stickers, and music from the left panel.

edit any types of youtube ads

Step 3 Generate YouTube Ads

You can preview the changes you made. After that, click on the Export button to generate and download the video you created.

generate youtube ads

While finding out the appropriate YouTube ad type, you may feel a little bit confused without knowing them in detail. As you see from the discussion above, YouTube allows different advertising formats to better user experience. In today's world, engagement with audiences through visual content is one the best choices of any brand or organization. A perfect YouTube ad with proper advertising formats and type management can lead you to increase viewers. Thus, from the mentioned five, select your YouTube ad types and configurations based on your YouTube campaign types. You have also got the idea about creating great ads online using Wondershare VidAir. Amuse your audiences with amazing videos with the online tool VidAir.