How Much Does YouTube Ad Cost in 2021

Learn the average costs of YouTube ads in this article.

“Is YouTube advertising cost affordable else high?”

What do you think the answer for the above question would be yes or no? Would YouTube ads price pinch your pocket or fit enough to your ad campaign? No idea? Yeah, we, too, never had a vision and hence thought of making it a post so that you can benefit from it. There are surplus ad types on YouTube like Instagram and Facebook. Above all, YouTube is a popular website with millions of users daily, making it the best platform to run ads. If you are wondering whether the YouTube advertising price is affordable, then the answer depends on the ads you choose.

To do so, a YouTube ad cost calculator isn’t required; instead, all you need is to explore our today’s article to get in detail about the price for YouTube ads.

Part 1. Average Costs on YouTube Ads

Here is a list of YouTube advertising prices gathered based on different types like banner ads, bumper ads, cost per impression, etc. With no delay, let’s get into it in detail.

01 YouTube cost per view

Yes, there is an average cost per view of YouTube. On average, you will have to pay $0.10 to $0.30 per view or action. Whereas the YouTube cost per view as a daily budget accounts for $10. That is, the YouTube advertising cost per view ($0.10-$0.30) is charged when a user or viewer views your ad and gets engaged by tapping the CTA button provided on the screen.

02 YouTube cost per click

YouTube cost per click is similar to that of YouTube ads price per view. Yes, it could cost anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 but isn’t standard all the time. This price range of YouTube ads cost per click is typical that the business experience when they enter into the YouTube advertisement world. Depending on which the YouTube advertisement price change accounts to campaign goals, target audience, and video quality.

03 YouTube bumper ads cost

YouTube bumper ads cost from $1 to $4 per thousand views. Apart from the above-discussed ads, it is quite different based on per impression on YouTube. Yes, you will pay by cost per mille YouTube, where you need to spend each time when your ad receives 1 000 impressions.

04 YouTube banner ads cost

YouTube overlay or banner ads are the ones that appear as rectangular banners on the bottom 20% of the playing video. YouTube banner ads cost is also from the same range of YouTube per view cost between $0.10 to $0.30.

05 YouTube channel promotion cost

With an effective advertising strategy, you can build your channel and accelerate the growth organically. With options like Google Ads and campaign optimization, YouTube channel promotion cost starts from $0.10.

06 YouTube video cost per view

Another tactic or mode of youtube advertising is by paying per video view. For example, if your ad campaign had got over $0.10 video view, for every 10 000 people who have watched your video ad, YouTube video cost per view price is $1000.

07 YouTube display ads

The YouTube display ads cost or YouTube discovery ads cost is about $0.30 per click. The point to note is that both display ads and discovery ads are the same.

08 YouTube masthead ads

Being the highest preferred or popular type on the YouTube ads list, Masthead ads are the ones that spark the highest engagement in a short period. The minimum YouTube masthead cost for a complex campaign is around $5 000.

09 YouTube Trueview ads

YouTube Trueview ads or in-stream ads depend on the target audience and marketing goals but are basically between $0.10 to $0.30.

Part 2. Make YouTube Video Ads at Low Costs by Yourself

Does the option to promote a video on YouTube cost more than you could imagine? Or is the YouTube ad campaign cost higher than you guessed? Are you thinking of dropping the idea as you cannot bear the high price? Well, do not worry as we have a budget-friendly tool called Wondershare VidAir for you.

Wondershare VidAir is an online video maker platform designed to help your business soar. You can expand your influence, brand, market, or channel with VidAir, a free-to-use all-in-one solution. VidAir is an ultimate companion with no watermark to create short videos for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The engineers behind VidAir analyzed that the YouTube advertising cost could be challenging for small businesses or companies and has come up with this affordable online video creator tool.

3 Steps to Create YouTube Ads at Low Costs

Step 1 Choose A Template for YouTube Ads

Enter the website on your web browser and tap on the Templates button to select your desired one. You should also select the aspect ratio, and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

select vidair template

Step 2 Edit YouTube Ads Online

From the editor, you can customize YouTube ads video with Text, Stickers, Music, and upload or online footage. Also, you can preview what changes you have made.

edit youtube ads

Step 3 Generate YouTube Ads Video

Finally, tap the Export option to export the YouTube ads video with the desired resolution instantly.

save and export youtube ads

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