Top 5 YouTube Ads List You Watched in 2020

Here are the best 5 YouTube ads lists you should know.

Currently, it isn't possible to avoid watching videos on YouTube. Considering all viewpoints, it is noticeable that from cartoon to a promotional video, from children to aged people, from educational to entertaining videos, you can find all in one platform. Many YouTube ads appear on the screen while watching any video, as YouTube is the best way for marketers to promote their brands, ideas, or events. Every year, the most viewed or appeared YouTube ads get ranked. This article will introduce the top 5 watched YouTube ads list.

Part 1. Best 5 YouTube Ads for Reference

01 Never Too Far Down | You Can't Stop Us | Nike

LeBron James narrated the film "Never Too Far Down." It extends Nike's "You Can't Stop Us" campaign. Nike's words give hope to keep the connection to their sorting spirit even against the most formidable odds. This film reflects the feeling of fandom, experiencing disbelief, and reawakening the power of Nike.

Starting with James's deep voice, "We've all been underestimated and counted out. Those moments it felt like it was over." The film includes clips of renowned sport's moments.

James was losing 3-1 against the Cavaliers at the Australian Open.

Serena Williams was 1-5 down to Karolína Plíšková in the third set.

The BarclaysTiger Woods' final round dropped to the ground due to his extreme pain in the back.

James continues, "But it's when we're given no chance that we somehow found that last bit of strength to keep fighting." For persevering through challenges, Nike's campaign has used sport as a paradigm.

Lost & Crowned | A Clash Short Film

02 Lost & Crowned | A Clash Short Film

Supercell partners with Psyop and both have premiered exclusively its first-ever animated film called "Lost and Crowned a Clash Short" on YouTube. While premiering, the company kept in mind that it has notified the players through in-game notifications that Supercell pushed across all 3 of its games, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale. The animated film was about 11 and half minutes. It has accounted for the adventures of tiny skeletons, Peter and his brother Larry.

Starting was like Peter and Larry's mum; the Witch sees them off from a Clash of Clans village. From Clash Royale, Peter and Larry travel to the castle of the Red King. They have to guard the Red King's coffers, but Larry messes up their task. He trifles with the gilded crown and also brings the entire chaos down upon everything. The short clip has made a chance to troop in action outside their game lives for the two famous mobile game's fans and watch their favorite cards.

lost & crowned

03 The Whole Working-from-Home Thing — Apple

'The whole working-from-home thing,' a seven-minute film from Apple, has marked the return of "The Underdogs." Apple has launched a new idea of it through the ad "Apple at Work" series. The main point of this ad was to represent how Apple has a way to help people overcome the barriers regarding working at home. From 2019, the company's clip named "The Underdogs"; the four characters' return has put a mark on this campaign. With this new one, all the characters are available. However, instead of working in an office, they are working and operating from home remotely during coronavirus lockdowns.

Apple products like Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and AirPods have been pitched in the ad. They can face various challenges while working from home, including being interrupted by pets and children, video chatting problems, working in casual dress, and more. The ad bears the meaning to help them "unleash their creativity and productivity."

the whole working-from-home thing — apple

04 NEXT 100 || NFL Super Bowl LIV Commercial

Super Bowl LIV is the NFL's 100th season's culmination. NFL brought the Super Bowl with a stunning and commercial thought of stars. A young player has led it. He was taking the game ball from 97 years old Virginia McCaskey. After then from the Chicago Bears' owner and finally, bring the ball to midfield. Can you recognize the young player who has been passing the ball and catching it so coolly within this ad? He was Bunchie Young. He belongs from the area of Los Angeles. He is not a teenager and has good skills at playing football.

You will find Jim Brown, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Joey Bosa, Steve Young, Derwin James, Jimmy Garoppolo, Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara, Ray Lewis, Mark Ingram II, Justin Tuck, Ed Reed, Brett Favre, Barry Sanders, Anthony Munoz, Jerry Rice, and Peyton Manningpast. All are past and current NFL stars. The ad showed a tribute to Pat Tillman.

next 100 || nfl super bowl

05 Aunt Infestation - GEICO Insurance

Aunt Infestation ad is one of the funniest ads I have rarely seen. You will find that progressive ads' weirdness affects its starting humorous tone. It has a touch of comedian Alyssa Limperis's skits of her mother.

Ad's couple loves their new home and space, but not the aunt infestation. After moving into this new home, their aunts always come to visit them. They always talk about unnecessary points and leave unsolicited comments. As a result, the couple is now more known about slouching and conscious of expired condiments and dusty shelves. GEICO is saying it really can't deal with your house of aunts. In this funniest way, GEICO is offering to make bundling home and car insurance policies easy.

aunt infestation - geico insurance ad

Part 2. Easy Online Tool to Make YouTube Ads

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ad template selection

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edit video ad for youtube

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export youtube video ad

Creating the best YouTube ads can be complex without following proper methods and tips. For marketers, entrepreneurs, or any professional promoters, one of the primary marketing strategies is to reach audiences through visual content. YouTube is the most renowned platform where videos get millions of views, likes, and shares. You can see that the YouTube ads list 2020 has millions of views, audiences getting the central theme and catching the information in these videos. Lastly, we don't get confused about choosing YouTube ads maker, as we recommend VidAir, the best ads creator. It has incredible features that will give your ads a perfect shape and stunning look without any complexity.