Top 10 YouTube Marketing Agencies in 2021

Learning the top 10 YouTube agencies for marketers.

Marketer's first choice to boost their identity and brand to reach their audiences is YouTube. With billions of users worldwide, YouTube has become one of the largest social media platforms and everyone's choice to search necessary staff ever. Millions of clicks people put on YouTube. And if you want to make your sales boost and take your brands to the next level, YouTube is one of the most considerable places for you. You can promote your brand, event, product, or service here through YouTube advertising services.

If you are asked, 'As a marketer, how do you promote your brand?' Your answer will be to do it by yourself or work with a YouTube video marketing company or any YouTube ad agency. Who are they? Such a type of company and agency works with brands and companies to maintain media influencer campaigns. They are aware of leveraging the relevance and increase the engagement of present successful YouTube stars. There are numerous digital marketing companies and agencies. We are presenting you top 10 YouTube marketing agencies today.

Part 1. 10 YouTube Advertising Agencies for Marketers

01 Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive advertising mainly focuses on the YouTube platform that making it the first. This type of advertising commits you to portray a brand. It creates a mindset to accept advertising that doesn't push limits. It redefines a brand that doesn't work as Disruptive advertising offers display advertising services. You can use it for the display ads on your YouTube channel. When they're most likely to convert, it proactively targets new customers by placing trending, engaging, relevant ads in front of them. Display advertising is one of the best platforms to build awareness and keep your brand or service top of mind. Disruptive advertising uses various specialized tools and includes in-depth analytics for designing and refining their YouTube advertising campaigns.

It has divided its services into various stages, including site testing, web analytics consulting, PPC management, and lifecycle marketing. They work hard to understand what their clients want the most. Disruptive advertising helps them achieve it. Disruptive Advertising helps employees develop skills and achieve individual goals.

disruptive advertising

02 SociallyIn

SociallyIn is a much focused and Birmingham-based social media marketing agency. It provides its services to a large number of clients and in a variety of industries. The mission of SociallyIn is to create lasting connections through interactive engagements. It helps to connect people and ideas through its strategic online communications. It is widely helpful as a YouTube advertising agency and helps brands with different social media marketing strategies. The agency splits its services into:

  • Creative and production (film, draw, record, make, build, paint, bake, write, capture, hatch, invent, compose all of your social media content).
  • Community management (help brands manage their social media audience by monitoring).
  • Social media strategy (create and execute unique strategies for brands).
  • Social media paid to advertise (social media channel immerses in different products offering and rolls out the latest features and tactics).

Including YouTube, SociallyIn covers the entire gamut of social networks.


03 Vireo Video

Vireo Video, a video marketing agency, will give service as a YouTube ad agency. It stays from start to success and designs, executes YouTube video marketing campaigns. You will benefit from turning leverage video to create revenue and grow their brands for return on investment.

Vireo Video helps brands engage with their online audiences. They firmly keep the belief on behalf of the power of YouTube marketing. Across the platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they create video content strategies for their clients regarding their goals. Vireo Video makes targeted YouTube Ads to connect with target customers and generate sales growth. You will find it very useful.

vireo video

04 LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing is excellent to work for, and if you want to get into the world of YouTube, it will help you operate the digital marketing field. It is a great place to grow and develop your brand primarily known for social media marketing hence categorized here as a YouTube marketing agency. It uses the most relevant and requiring social media marketing strategies. LYFE Marketing ensures to help businesses grow and meet the goals. It is an award-winning marketing agency. It offers and splits its services among social media management, PPC management, social media advertising, search engine optimization, email and SMS marketing, search engine services, website, graphic design, product photography, consulting and coaching, content marketing services.

lyfe marketing

05 Thrive

Thrive is a digital marketing agency with full-service results-driven well-known as a YouTube video marketing company. Since the year 2005, they have provided a wide range of services to clients. They have kept the benefits for all types of industries. Their digital marketing services include:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • Copywriting.
  • Pay-per-click ads.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • Amazon store optimization.
  • Some others.

It provides consultation and management options for these types of online marketing strategies. If you connect with them, you will get expert web design and well-development services. They work for various kinds of industries, including Commerce and B2B. They offer YouTube marketing services and are used widely as a YouTube marketing agency. There have two ways includes social media marketing and video production services. They keep ahead of their social media campaigns, strategies, and technologies, as social media's expectations are increasing and the internet community is growing and changing. It offers extensive experience in social media services. They have specialists know to design creatively and effectively implement social media marketing campaigns for brands and businesses.


06 Barracuda

Barracuda is a London-based digital marketing agency, offering a wide range of services and split its activities including across owned, SEO consultancy, earned digital PR to PPC management and paid media. They include various types of YouTube-related services, including video production, paid YouTube advertising, and YouTube channel management. Barracuda is a Google Premier Partner Agency. It is widely known as a YouTube marketing agency. Some of its activities for YouTube specialist services include video ad placements and management, cross-channel tracking to show the impact on other channels, video ads tracking and reporting, YouTube channel setup and management, video creation. Barracuda helps its clients to utilize its existing video assets best. They help to create new acquisitions as well. Barracuda provides the facilities to put together a creative campaign. They monitor video campaigns by improving their performance and optimizing the ads against technical, demographic, and geographic performance.


07 Factor One

Factor One is a digital and social media marketing agency well-suited for all your YouTube ad services. It provides various online marketing solutions for businesses and companies in the areas like leads or sales. Factor One's specialist operates and manages their primary areas of expertise as a digital marketing agency are search engine optimization, website development, paid search traffic, and online review management. You will find YouTube advertising amongst these services of Factor One when you believe that YouTube advertising is becoming one of the best mediums for companies and brands to obtain potential customers. Factor One. If you are looking out for a cheaper and more engaging way than TV or radio advertising, Factor One agency focuses on demographics, topics, interests, and keyword targeting. They can provide you video ads played as skippable pre-roll ads that are popular ones on YouTube currently.

factor one

08 Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)

Digital Marketing Agency is a popular digital marketing agency among the best YouTube marketing companies. Its offices are in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, and Hong Kong. DMA focuses on digital and online marketing, including reputation management, SEO, social media, web development, PPC, and marketing automation services. They create strategies for businesses to achieve their marketing needs and focus on connecting a brand with its audience. DMA includes facilities including video SEO, YouTube marketing, YouTube advertising, and influencer marketing for YouTube-related services. When it comes to YouTube, DMA provides channel optimization options so that they optimize your video channel. As a result, it helps search engines find and favor them over many competing contents. They execute and manage various comprehensive strategies for helping your videos. It helps to organically improve the videos' performance. They focus on creating effective channels, visuals content, and eye-popping supporting content for the targeted audience. DMA has the optimization of the YouTube platform to create custom campaigns to add advertise on popular videos. DMA's goal is to reach its audience with YouTube influencers and content. Their key clients are Kohler, Trip Advisor, and Makeable.

Digital Marketing Agency

09 Passion Digital

Passion Digital is a results-driven digital marketing agency as our next YouTube advertising agency on the list globally prevalent in London, Clapham, and Spain. Passion Digital follows a niche-based Youtube advertising strategy. For using YouTube TrueView in-stream and in-display, they focus on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies. While being displayed, this form of advertising includes an advertisement that will play either before a video begins or next to a video. Passion Digital has divided its services into social media marketing, Pay Per Click, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, web services, conversion, and digital strategy. Passion Digital can help you craft ideas, approaches, and techniques for creating consumer-accepting content that is genuine. By making them more demographically conscious, Passion Digital increases audience awareness of these advertisements. The key clients of Passion Digital are Good Hemp, The Ultimate Travel Company, and Cambridge Dictionary.

Passion Digital


The goal of is to provide digital marketing solutions that help to exceed industry expectations significantly. They strengthen the clients' ability to connect effectively with them and communicate with their core audience that makes it the best YouTube ad agency. It helps to create marketing campaigns in a meaningful way for your brand they work with. Their innovative digital marketing solutions provide the facilities to show them a real, significant value. The marketing campaigns of follow a four-step process, including Communication, Implementation, Research, and Monitoring, and Maintenance. They know the beneficial sides of YouTube marketing in the marketing mix. They provide several ways for YouTube marketing strategies to get strong results. It involves different sub-strategies, including creating unique video ads to serve on video content and video content for the brand's channel, sponsoring content connecting with key influencers, to produce highly targeted video content working with key influencers.


Part 2. It's Easy! Create YouTube Video Ads by Yourself

Usages of YouTube advertising services are an excellent idea for sure, but why not grab your audiences' attention by creating amazing videos? Remember, creating an awesome video is not an option, but it's compulsory. And so, you must be aware of creating a stunning video to reach your audiences. You can increase your popularity by creating impressive stories using a YouTube slideshow maker. If you have fantastic and unique videos created using a powerful YouTube video maker, you can quickly go to the next level will be easier. For you, the most recommended free online YouTube video maker is Wondershare VidAir.

It's an online video slideshow editor, which mainly for a beginner and makes it an all-in-one software. You will get a wide range of advanced editing tools on VidAir that offers you numerous options to make videos for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. With a flexible video editor toolkit, the need for a reliable video editor is over, as it comes in handy with the video editor toolkit.

To reach millions of potential customers, YouTube video marketing company provides extra benefits for advertises and business experts. People spend more time watching YouTube than surfing any other social media. Although most social networks have facilities for video sharing, YouTube is still the favorite and valuable site for sharing longer videos. Hence, create your YouTube ads with VidAir and use YouTube video marketing company to retain precious audiences.