A Full Guide on YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Marketing: Who Does It And Is It Worth It?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the powerful marketing strategies in today's digital marketing space. What if it's possible to do YouTube affiliate marketing? Here is all you should know.

Part 1. What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube is the second most popular search engine next to Google. Around 62 % of businesses use YouTube as a platform for their content. With nearly everyone has access to their mobile devices, why not start affiliate marketing on YouTube?

Provide YouTube affiliate links with your videos, and earn a commission if a viewer purchases through your YouTube affiliate links; it's that simple. That said, you need to do some background work before starting on YouTube and affiliate marketing.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Part 2. How to Be a YouTube Affiliate Marketer and Earn Money?

Now that you are aware of generating extra cash on YouTube and content creation, let us check how to do YouTube affiliate marketing professionally

01 Choose Your Content And Audience

There is a big difference between starting a YouTube channel and creating your own YouTube brand.

YouTube is all about viewership. So you need to find your niche and the content that suits you. More importantly, you need content that will engage viewers. Your content should be authentic and exciting, and affiliate marketing through YouTube is a supporting strategy for you. Remember, YouTube and Amazon are not the same.

Content And Audience

02 Create Your YouTube Channel

Starting your YouTube channel takes no time. If you have a Google account, use it to log in to YouTube; if not, create one. If you need assistance, check out YouTube itself for tutorials.

If you have already chosen your theme, you need to make your channel reflect it. Consistency is the key, so upload videos at regular intervals and squeeze out as much from the YouTube algorithm possible through compelling titles, keywords, etc.

YouTube Channel

03 Find An Affiliate Program

It is best to find an affiliate program for your channel when or even before you start the channel.

There is a lot of options to choose from when it comes to affiliate marketing through YouTube.

amazon associates

04 Add Your Affiliate Links

There are multiple ways to do this. The most common way is to put the affiliate link in the descrip-tion. You can mention the links at the end of the video or use the comment section to engage your audience.

Youtube Affiliate Links

05 Collect your revenue

It is the most straightforward task. Once somebody purchases through your affiliate links, you start getting a commission.

If you know your content and your competitors, YouTube and affiliate marketing tools are open for anyone to make some money without too much input.


Part 3. Make YouTube Ad Videos Easily Online

If you are someone with a YouTube channel, you might be looking to boost your marketing through video marketing. If you want a fun, easy-to-use platform for your YouTube Ads, check out Wondershare VidAir, your online video maker.

Some of the handy editing features of VidAir include:
  • ✔ Adding texts and stickers
  • ✔ Adding music
  • ✔ Applying effects
  • ✔ Changing layouts
  • ✔ Cropping Video
  • ✔ Output Preview

Why are you waiting? Check out VidAir and take your YouTube ads affiliate marketing to the next level.


We can conclude that affiliate marketing platforms are powerful marketing tools in the digital era. A popular platform like YouTube can help effectively to promote affiliate products and earn money. By keeping an updated and engaging content and choosing the right affiliate programs, you can make money from home just through your YouTube channel. You can use popular options such as YouTube Amazon affiliate links. And if you are looking for an easy tool for YouTube ads affiliate marketing, VidAir is here to help you.