An Easy Guide on YouTube Bumper Ads for Marketers

Tips and steps on how to make a YouTube bumper ad video easily.

There are many different kinds of ads on YouTube where one is YouTube bumper ads. This article will in detail view the bumper ads and how to use them on YouTube. YouTube is one of the excellent services, which is suited for both live streaming and social site. Marketers can leverage YouTube through forms such as the YouTube bumper ad to message out there concerning their brand. They will need to employ some techniques to make marketing effective, reach the audience they desire, and ultimately drive sales. Learn how to use them, some of the YouTube bumper ads specs, and more about what they entail.

Part 1. What Are YouTube Bumper Ads

As stated earlier, there are many ads on YouTube, and one broadly used type is the YouTube bumper ads. The key identifying factor that differentiates bumper ads from any other YouTube ads is that they only run for six seconds. They appear at the beginning of a video and are not skippable, making them an effective way to spread your brand or business.

A few YouTube bumper ads examples will be listed below to give you a clear picture of what they are. When creating and using them, there are also some other elements you need to take into account. These are the YouTube bumper ads specs and some of the powerful specs to consider listed below.

Name Video Specifications
Ad Resolution AVI, ASF, MP4, MPEG, Quicktime, Windows Media
Maximum Animation Up to 6 seconds
Maximum File 1GB Size
Audio MP3 or AAC
Viewing Platform Desktop and mobile

Part 2. Tips on How to Make YouTube Bumper Ads

When creating the bumper ads, you should make a few considerations, such as the YouTube bumper ad size and more detailed above. It would help if you also utilized specific techniques, strategies, and some tips provided below to help you create effective YouTube bumper ads.

01 Be Straightforward

Less is more, and with only six disposable seconds of ad time, you need to get to the point instantly with YouTube bumper ads. You should make sure to deliver a single message as by trying to fit in too much information in such a small or short ad, you may end up overwhelming viewers, which might confuse them, and they might not get the intended message. Ensure that the YouTube bumper ad mockup that is the image and font is simple enough as overly flashy ads may also overwhelm viewers.

02 Target Carefully

Whether targeting a specific audience for the first time or retargeting a particular demographic, targeting needs to be precise. You need to identify your target audience using ads targeting demographics and interests. Besides, even go a step further to figure out their attractions in specific categories, since, without careful targeting, you risk wasting your ad spend, displaying ads to viewers who aren't your target audience.

03 Mix of other types of ads

It goes without saying as by using a mix of other YouTube types of ads, alongside the YouTube bumper ads, you can significantly amplify and echo your message to your target audience. Using them in collaboration with other ads will be one way to tease after using other longer ad formats.

Part 3. YouTube Bumper Ads Examples for Reference

01 Tom Ford Lips and Boys

Through comical situations and celebrity endorsement, this YouTube bumper ad from Tom Ford Lips and Boys is a striking video ad that catches viewers' attention.

tom ford youtube bumper ad

02 PG Green Tea

Another bumper ads YouTube example that captures audience attention is the below one from the PG Green Tea. Focusing on one unique message regarding a product makes sure that their message gets communicated quickly.

pg green tea youtube bumper ad

03 Jason Bourne

Unlike the old traditional trailer teasers that ran for 30 seconds or longer, this Jason Bourne bumper ad only runs for six. What they have implemented exemplary is the use of new material to make the ad. The best practice is to develop a YouTube bumper ad, which suits the video with all the requirements and specs.

jason bourne youtube bumper ad

Part 4. Easy Online Tool to Make YouTube Bumper Ads

While you may opt to use Google Adwords to set up and run the campaigns, you will always need a reliable video editor tool like Wondershare VidAir. With it, you can access inspired templates professionally crafted, royalty-free resources, flexible video editor, and so on than any other online platform on the internet. Importantly, it is easy for YouTube to create a perfect ad with proper YouTube bumper ad length as VidAir provides aspect ratio customization.

How to Create YouTube Bumper Ads Using VidAir

Step 1 Choose Bumper Ads Templates

Open Wondershare VidAir from your browser, and click on the Templates button to select a video template. You need to choose an aspect ratio and tap on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to go on.

choose bumper ad template

Step 2 Create YouTube Bumper Ads Online

From the video editing window, you can edit the video with text, stickers, footage, background music, and other elements. You can preview the final results after all changes are made.

create bumper ads online

Step 3 Generate Bumper Ads Easily

After you complete the video creation and editing part, hit the Export button on the right corner download the completed video.

save and export bumper ads

As of now, I hope that from the above sessions and examples listed, you would have got a good idea of what a good YouTube bumper ad is and how it should look. Finally, if you wish to be more creative and hands-on with the bumper ads, you can create one by yourself using one of the best platforms: VidAir, and remember to take note of specs such as video format, size, and resolution.