YouTube Creator Studio: Easy Guide to Use YouTube Studio

Over the years, YouTube has changed quite a lot, offering users the ability to create and manage their channels using the creator studio classic, which has now changed to YouTube creator studio.

So, what is the YouTube creator studio?

It is a valid question one might ask, and those who didn't know or came around to using the Creator Studio Classic will get a chance to understand. Herein, you will also learn what a YouTube studio editor is and some quick ways to navigate through it. As mentioned earlier, the creator studio classic is currently phasing out to give way to the YouTube creator studio beta. The new upgrade gained recognition and is heavily in use by You-Tubers and channel creators.

Part 1. What Is YouTube Creator Studio?

As a YouTube channel creator, you now have a new haven, where they can easily manage channels and even get new insights on how to grow it. That is what a YouTube creator studio offers you as a creator, the ability to stay updated on the latest news and announcements. It has improved features to help you grow exponentially.


New and Improved Features:

  • 1. The newly designed YouTube Analytics overview.
  • 2. Video Snapshots to see the performance of uploaded videos.
  • 3. Known YouTube issues to give way forward on the significant YouTube issues to stay updated.
  • 4. It offers the ability to link merchandise and crowdfunding sites from your YouTube videos.
  • 5. Copyright tool: to be able to re-upload your original videos to other channels.

While also being a YouTube studio video editor among many of its functionalities, the YouTube creator studio beta is replacing the creator studio classic as it is slowly getting outdated.

What's the Difference Between YouTube Studio and YouTube Creator Academy

Why use the creator studio beta YouTube while you are already used to the YouTube creator academy? Here are a few reasons why, in table form and as the main differences.

YouTube Studio Academy YouTube Creator
The YouTube studio offers new and improved insights such as YouTube Analytics, video snapshots, and even some known YouTube issues.

The YouTube creator academy is outdated and lacks some essential insights as compared to the YouTube Studio.

It is fast and reliable as it utilizes the latest technology.

It is a bit slow and even takes a lot of time to add small features based on older technology.

Features merchandise and crowdfunding sites.

It doesn’t feature merchandise and crowdfunding sites.

It has a copyright match tool.

The Studio Creator lacks a copyright match tool.

It has the Live tab option.

It lacks the Live tab option.

New Design that is user friendly.

It comes with an old design and slow response time.

Part 2. How to Make Videos Easy Online for YouTube Channel

If you talk about creating and editing your YouTube videos, VidAir will be your number one solution for all video-based tasks. Besides the YouTube creator studio, which has a YouTube dashboard creator studio to help you edit your videos, VidAir comes in handy as it has numerous editing options. It is easy to use and is also free. The YouTube creator studio has limited options for editing videos as this is the creators' panel, where they can upload and manage their channels. Some of the effective options on the YouTube creator studio include the YouTube creator studio monetize option, copyright option, customization of the video, that is for the layout and branding, and even has the options to add audio effects and manage comments.

As detailed above, it is thus evident that you will need a YouTube video editor, and VidAir will be the best tool to help edit and create videos for YouTube. It is an online tool that is cross-platform and supports many file formats and devices.


Key Features

1. It is a free Online tool

2. It is compatible with many devices.

3. It works well with many different video, photo, and audio formats

4. It is easy to use, powerful, and fast

How to use VidAir?

Step 1 Login and Choose Template

Visit the official VidAir website and login with your Wondershare ID, or if you don’t have one, sign-up then login

step 1.1

On the website, click on “Try For Free.

You will reach the templates window. You can then choose the template you wish to use. Also, remember to adjust the "Aspect Ratio" to fit the video to be edited, and once done, click on "Use This Template."

step 1.2

Step 2 Edit the Video

The video editor will show in a new window, and you can then start editing the video. Here in this window, you will have the option to “Upload” videos you would like to use or use any from the many templates provided on the video editor.

step 2

You can edit videos as easily and quickly as you please. You can also perform intense video editing, depending on the work. To start editing, once you select the video to edit, you will have the option to edit the video by either trimming, cropping, adding a clip, duplicating, or even replacing it. With the "Add Scene" option at the bottom pane, the video to edit will display as little scenes. When you hover on these scenes, ellipses will appear, and if you click on these ellipses, you get the options detailed above.

Step 3 Preview and Export

You can also add text, audio, or photo when editing. Once done, you may preview the video by clicking on the “Preview” option beside the add scene option. Then you may click on the “Save” button at the top right corner to save the edited video.

step 3


Edit video in YouTube studio is the newly designed YouTube creator panel to help you. The YouTube studio lacks all the editing functions; thus, VidAir comes highly recommended to edit videos you want to upload on YouTube and other social media or streaming sites. Lastly, as elaborated, the creator studio YouTube classic will phase out, and in its place, we shall have the YouTube studio and alongside VidAir to edit videos.