A Full Guide on YouTube Discovery Ads for Marketers

Learning the tips on creating YouTube discovery ads easily online.

On a platform with over 2 billion active users, YouTube would be the right stage to voice your brand or search and learn about different products or services that will benefit you most. Thus, you will need to adapt the YouTube discovery ads technique, which suits both the viewer and the advertiser. In fact, unlike other in-stream ads, YouTube video discovery ads do not interrupt you when viewing and hence one of the better ways to get your brand or product in front of the right audience.

Part 1. What Are YouTube Discovery Ads

So what are discovery YouTube ads, and how do you use them? YouTube discovery ads are also known as Trueview ads (yellow-tagged ads), appear after search results on YouTube. They are also visible on the suggested videos sidebar section or the homepage. Discovery ads on YouTube may contain a thumbnail, title, and description. Tapping on these ads will take you to a video watch page to view the video.

YouTube Discovery Video Ads Specifications

Before detailing the specs, you must know about certain video Discovery ads YouTube requirements you may need to adhere to. One of these requirements is that your video will need to be hosted on YouTube as these ads are specifically meant for YouTube. Other considerations you ought to make are the description, titles, or thumbnails, whether necessary to create them or use custom-made ones.

File Format: AVI, ASF, Quicktime, Windows Media, MP4, MPEG

Recommended Resolution: 480×360 or 640×360

File Size: 1 GB

Frame Rate: 30 FPS (most cameras can shoot 29.97 FPS, which is fine)

Part 2. Useful Tips on Making YouTube Discovery Ads

01 Setting up Your Campaign

When getting started on YouTube discovery ads, you will first need to consider what goals you intend your campaign to achieve. A good range of plans will include brand awareness, increasing the interaction within your ads, leads and website traffic, product considerations, and sales.

02 Bidding Strategy

Focusing on your bidding strategy means focusing on options such as the Cost Per Action (C.P.A.), the Cost Per Click (C.P.C.), Enhanced Cost Per Click (E.C.P.C.), Return On Ad Spend (R.O.A.S.), and also maximize conversions by focusing on visibility or impressions and interactions.

03 Budget

One primary consideration with the YouTube video Discovery ads and any other ads is the Budget. Setting a budget regarding how much your business will spend is where to start. Next, you need to choose how much to spend each day and how to run the ads.

04 Audience

It goes without saying that by targeting the right audience, you will reach the viewer demographic you wish and lure them in, hence making sales. Discovery YouTube ads utilize keywords, and it is vital to make the ads as relevant as possible to reach the target audience.

Part 3. YouTube Discovery Ads Examples

There are various kinds of ads on YouTube and one of these types of ads is the Trueview Type of ads. The Trueview ads further categorize into two other forms: the Discovery ads YouTube and the in-stream video ads. We will look at the first type, the Discovery ads, and below are some YouTube Discovery ads examples.

01 Central Penn College

While utilizing different types of Trueview ads, this ad captures a discovery ad's true essence and is one great YouTube Discovery ads example. It is informative and captures viewers' attention. The use of different forms or types of ads helps them get more reach and increase brand exposure.

central penn college discovery ad

02 Riot Games

Capturing viewers’ attention and staying at the top of their minds, especially for gamers even after the ad is over, is the Volarant Video Game discovery ad. They use a combination of the in-stream and discovery ad for maximum exposure. The ad will also be displayed on the sidebar as you continue watching your videos. It shows part of the gameplay and is compelling, especially to those who like playing video games.

riot game volarant video game discovery ad

03 Vrbo

Using relevant content to engage and resonate with their audience, Vbro created a short ad to showcase their services. Vrbo is a Vacation Rental Company with compelling ad content that focuses on appealing to families who want to take vacations. It is one of those fascinating YouTube Discovery ads examples that put the message across and is brief and to the point.

vrbo discovery ad

Part 4. How to Make YouTube Discovery Ads Easily Online

YouTube video Discovery ads will require plenty of considerations to set up and launch. Though this should be the list of your worries, it is a great strategy to create compelling Discovery ads on YouTube. After all the considerations, or by putting in place the necessary measures, a suitable video creator platform is required that is none other than Wondershare VidAir.

You could be a professional or newbie if you wish to create the ads by yourself; Wondershare VidAir is one such excellent platform to create beautiful videos online. It is affordable and, importantly, loaded with customizable aspect ratio features, making ads for YouTube, and other social media like Instagram is just a piece of cake.

Steps to Create YouTube Discovery Ads Online

Step 1 Choose A Discovery Ad Template

Once you logged in to Wondershare VidAir, click on the Choose A Template button to select your desired template for your YouTube discovery ads. After that, choose your desired aspect ratio and tap the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose discovery ads template

Step 2 Edit Your Discovery Ad

You will then open the Video Editor page, where you can create the ad by adding text, changing footage, select background music, etc. You can preview the video before the next step.

edit youtube discovery ads online

Step 3 Export Discovery Ad

After you complete the video creation and editing part, hit the Export button on the right corner to complete the process.

save and export the video

So far, creating Discovery YouTube ads might have been problematic. However, with the right tips, such as those provided above, creating a video ad comes easy. When it comes to creating YouTube Discovery ads, there is no better tool than the VidAir Video Ad Maker. It has many features that make the ad-creating process extremely simple.