A Full Guide on YouTube Display Ads for Marketers

Tips and steps about making YouTube display ads online.

Several factors need to be considered while creating YouTube display ads. So, if you are struggling to create a perfect ad, we are here to help you with the same. The article below will help you know more about YouTube display advertising and the best way to create YouTube display advertising.

Part 1. What Are YouTube Display Ads

Display ads are those ads that appear on the right side of the video playing screen. These ds can only be advertised on YouTube desktop version and varies in size and formats. To avoid any interference of these ads with the player, autoplay is not supported. So, the sound of these ads is played only when the animated thumbnail is clicked.

These ads work as a great means to drive the clicks to key post-click landing pages. A good YouTube display ad must focus on the target audience, be creative and catchy, and include a call-to-action.

The specifications as outlined for the site-served ads are as follows:

  • Dimension of the ad: 300×250, 300×60 (YouTube Reserve companions), 300×600 (Zagat only)
  • Formats supported: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 allowed for Google Ads standard display formats
  • Max File Size supported: 150KB
  • Max Animation Time: 30 seconds
  • Audio: No sound
  • Border: The background must be partially black or white along with a border in a contrasting color that is visible.

Part 2. How to Add Display Ads on YouTube Channel

Listed below are the steps to create display ads for the YouTube channel.

Step 1: Using your account details, sign in to the Google Ads account.

Step 2: Select the Display campaigns option from the navigation panel.

Step 3: Enter the name of the campaign that needs to be edited.

Step 4: Next, tap on the name of the ad group where the placement has to be added.

Step 5: Tap on the Placements from the page menu and then choose Add placements option.

Step 6: Choose YouTube channels or the videos. The search field can be used here.

Step 7: Next, you need to click on the checkboxes placed next to the placements that have to be added to the ad group.

Step 8: Finally, tap on the Save button.

Part 3. How to Make YouTube Display Ads Online with Templates

For creating professional-looking YouTube display ads online, we recommend Wondershare VidAir as the best tool. This browser-based tool is free to use and allows creating videos for several purposes including display ads. An array of templates are available that can be customized as needed to create excellent videos in no time.

Using the tool, you can add the text, video, as well as stickers to the selected template and can also customize them. The preview option will let you check the created video before processing it. The free version of the tool creates videos in 720p resolution and comes with a watermark. There is also a paid premium version where you can get watermark-free videos with 1080p resolution. Additional benefits include customized logos and 2GB of free cloud storage.

Steps to create display ads for YouTube using Wondershare VidAir are listed below.

Step 1 Choose A Template for YouTube Display Ads

Tap on the Templates button from the top menu bar that will open the list of the available templates. You can choose the desired one from the categories shown or can look from the search bar. Moving the mouse over the selected template will show its preview. Select the aspect ratio and tap on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose display video ads template

Step 2 Create YouTube Display Ads Online

The video editor will open, and you can use the options of Text, Video, Photo, Audio, Stickers, and Upload from the left-side pane, you can customize the video and add local files as needed. Click on the Preview button to check the video.

create display video ads online

Step 3 Generate YouTube Display Ads

Next, click on the Export button to generate the display ads video easily. You can find the video on your local devices and use it anywhere.

generate youtube display ads

Display ads for the marketers on YouTube need to be catchy and for creating professional-looking videos without any hassles, Wondershare VidAir works as an apt tool.