Top 6 Video Editing Tips for YouTube You Should Know

Read these tips and tricks about making YouTube videos to gain more audiences.

Are you not satisfied with the YouTube videos that you created to promote your business? Do you want to make your videos more attractive and unique? Do you want to capture the attention of your audience by creating meaningful and outstanding YouTube videos? These are some of the common questions which you will face while preparing your YouTube videos. As we all know, YouTube is one of the best social media platforms for branding your product and making your business run at a faster pace. Nowadays, everyone uses this platform to prosper business goals and to attract their attention. In this article, I will discuss some of the YouTube editing tips which you must follow to make your videos different and exceptional.

Part 1. Useful Tips for Editing YouTube Videos to Gain More Views

Make your YouTube videos unique and eye-catching is not a difficult thing. The following YouTube video editing tips will make your videos rock on your YouTube channel.

01 Trim your videos clips

One of the most important steps for editing your YouTube videos is to trim your long footage. Place all the essential parts of your video in such a way that it makes your videos meaningful and quirky for your viewers. The long footage/YouTube videos might fail to attract your audiences' attention and make your videos boring and tedious. You should make short videos so that your viewers can watch again and show their great interest in your video. You should trim all the excess clips from the beginning to the end that drags your timeline and make it crispy and short.

02 Intensify your videos by adding text and images

Once you have completed the first part of the editing, move to the next step. In this step, you have to add images and text to your videos to make them more informative and instructional for your viewers. By inculcating text to your videos will help you to convey your message to your viewers. The pattern of images in the videos will help your viewers to comprehend and grasp the message of the videos clearly and firmly.

03 Add transitions to your videos to gain more viewers

After adding text and images to your videos, the next step is to inculcate transitions to your videos to make them distinctive and peculiar. Transitions are filters that help you to make your viewers' interest intact to the video. Cuts, fade, and dissolve are some of the common transitions which every YouTuber must include in their videos. Cut refers to separating one clip from the other which helps you to grasp your viewers' attention quickly. Dissolve means one clip fades slowly as the next clip comes up on your screen. Fades means the entire screen goes black before the next video clip appears on the screen.

04 Enhance your video by adding the melodious track to it

To grab the attention of your viewers on your YouTube Channel, improve your videos by adding deep resonant tracks that will make your videos stand apart. Adding a melodic soundtrack to your recordings will assist you in portraying your feelings and passing on your best minutes through it. You can change the music tracks by making proper trims and slices to them. You should deploy favorite music tracks in your YouTube videos to captivate your audiences' attention instantly.

05 Change colors impacts of your videos

Take a stab while adjusting the shades of your shading in the video clips to give it an endless look. Equilibrium the high shade ton and low shade ton as indicated by your prerequisites, to make your video a superb bundle of the film.

06 Make use of overlays and filters in your videos

One of the last tips for editing YouTube videos is to add filters to make your videos quirky and fascinating for your viewers. If you want to introduce or emphasize some point of your brand, use overlays in your videos to provide a brief context of your product to your viewers and spread it evenly throughout your video. Do not inculcate too many filters to your video as excessive filters may impact the natural effects of your video.

Part 2. All-in-one Tool to Create YouTube Videos Online Easily

Boost your creativity and increase traffic with good video content. Wondershare VidAir helps you make creative YouTube videos, including intro and outro videos. It provides you attractive templates no matter beginners or advanced users in video editing can handle easily. You can make videos with image and video footage, text effects, background music, and stickers to enhance your creativity and imagination. You can even increase your revenue and traffic by posting your videos as ads on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more.

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Step 1 Choose A YouTube Video Template

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Step 2 Customize Your YouTube Video

Customize your video by adding various features such as text, photo, video, audio, stickers, etc. You can even upload local files in this online video maker. You will find the editing options under the template option from where you can make necessary changes in your video.

customize youtube video

Step 3 Preview and Save YouTube Video

After you have made the necessary editing in your video, click on the preview icon to preview your video. Finally, click on the Export button to download your created YouTube video.

export youtube video

Make use of the tips on editing YouTube videos and the steps to make your videos through Wondershare VidAir, and you can gain more users with your creative video channel.