Top 8 YouTube GIF Maker 2021

GIFs are ebullient in an exciting way where you can learn how to make a GIF today using a YouTube GIF maker, to liven communications with friends and family.

Making a GIF in 2021 has become fast and comfortable owing to the many GIF makers available in the market. Most of these GIF makers are online tools, whereby using them, you can make a GIF from a photo or video from any streaming sites or social media platform. One such site or forum is YouTube, with millions of videos. Discussed are some special tools to help you make GIF from YouTube video. These YouTube GIF makers are free and easy to use. Some of these tools are of high reputation due to their many excellent features. 

Part 1.8 Free Online Tools to Create GIF from YouTube

1 GIFRun

GIFRun is an online tool that is very impressive. With a clear-cut web-design, you can easily use this online tool to create GIF from YouTube that is watermark-freeAll you need to do is paste the YouTube link of the video you wish to use to make a GIF. A GIF creator dashboard will appear to help you make your GIF. It is a fast, easy to use online YouTube GIF editor. It also offers you the chance to create high-quality GIFs.



2 Make a GIF

It is a notable site, with diverse categories from which to make a GIF. You can download from their GIF collections too. To create GIF from YouTube video using Make a GIF is straightforward as it has a specific function to help you create GIFs from YouTube. It also offers free membership. All you have to do is sign up and log-in to enjoy using this online GIF maker.


Make a GIF

3 GIFPal

GIFPal offers you the ability to create high-end animated GIFs that you can edit as you desire. It also works well on phones, and you can even use it to make GIFs from webcam, the phone camera, or even photos. It is a nifty free and online YouTube GIF maker. Paste the YouTube link on the website and create your GIF. GIFPal is also an animated GIF maker.



4 Giphy

Giphy a well laid out website whereby using it, you can create GIFs and even backdrops and even decorate them using text, filters, and stickers. Giphy is free to use, and you can create an account to enjoy more benefits from the site, like creating and uploading your GIFs.



5 is an online tool that can quickly help you make GIFs from YouTube links. Select the option to make GIF from YouTube, and the rest is straightforward. GIF to pictures, YouTube to GIF, GIF effects, and reverse GIF are some of the in-built features of that you must give a try!


6 Imgur

Imgur is a renowned site for its high-end image collection. One can even create a blog on this site besides making GIFs from YouTube videos. This site stands out as a great YouTube GIF editor and YouTube GIF maker due to its high-end performance and immense recognition. To make GIFs from YouTube, find the desired video from which you wish to make a GIF, then paste it on the website. You can then finish up by doing some light editing to set your GIF as desired. You can also create an account on Imgur.



7 ImgFlip

With a laid out style that is easy to navigate and use, ImgFlip is another well-known site. You can create high-quality GIFs using ImgFlip as it is also fast and a sturdy online tool. You can create GIFs from other video websites, from your video files, and even from images. Create an account on ImgFlip and enjoy making GIFs.



8 has an appealing design that is also very easy to navigate and an easy to use YouTube GIF maker. It offers you the chance to edit your GIFs by adding effects such as cropping, monochrome design, padding, captions, and stickers. The only demerit with this online tool is that the GIFs will have a watermark with the free account. Otherwise, the pricing starts at US$ 1.99, depending on your usage. also has a GIF Player, which you can use to preview the GIF you create.


Part 2.Online YouTube Video Maker Recommended

When it comes to making GIFs from YouTube, you will need a reliable tool. One that can handle huge files supports many file formats and doubles up as a video editor as you may need to make additional changes to the GIF you created. One such highly recommended tool is Wondershare VidAir. It is also an online tool that takes less time to make GIFs from YouTube videos. It is one of the best YouTube GIF makers. To top it all up, you can create a free account to use, as the pricing starts at a free membership. For this free membership, you will even get free templates to and even export in 720p resolution.

Key Features

1. Create High-Quality GIFs.

2. Create Watermark free GIFs.

3. Edit your GIF as you please.

4. Sturdy Online tool that utilizes secure website protocols.

5. Compatible across multiple platforms.



Finding a GIF maker that thoroughly impresses you may be a bit tiring as many of the available YouTube GIF maker online tools usually have several shortcomings. From distracting ads, to slow response time, some are even not on secure website protocols. These make them come off suspicious and difficult to use. Thus, we detailed above one of the best GIF makers, VidAir, to help you make GIF from YouTube video besides listing some incredible YouTube GIF makers.