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YouTube influencer marketing is an excellent idea for your business. To find more about YouTube influencer marketing statistics and its related concepts, dive into our today’s post.

As the rapidly growing network day-by-day, YouTube’s daily active users cross millions for its countless visual aids and video uploads. Do you need to find the tutorial on how a video editor tool like Filmora works? YouTube has videos for it. Puzzled on how to fix the issues you faced during the recent macOS 11 Big Sur upgrade on your MacBook? YouTube indeed has a solution for it.

From blogging to vlogging, YouTube is a complete one-stop network that is now ever more popular as a YouTube influencer marketing platform. As you know, YouTube is for marketing your business, but is marketing with influencers on YouTube possible? You can make a lot of money through pre-roll and in-stream ads, and make your brand reach potential customers using YouTube micro-influencers. It is just because, with YouTube influencers, you can create skippable videos, making them suitable for business. However, the complication is when you need to find influencers on YouTube ideal for your brand. So, in this article, we provide a deep insight into the YouTube influencer marketing platform and its related concepts. With no delay, let’s walk through!

Part 1. How Does YouTube Influencer Marketing Work?

01 YouTube Influencer Marketing

Many people who have earned and built their accounts with an organic audience are famous on social media with millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. You can say that YouTube influencer marketing is the strategy of using YouTube influencers, social media users, or bloggers to promote your brand or business. Apart from reaching potential customers of both influencers, and your long-term customers, such YouTube influencer analytics can drive sales incredibly.

influencer marketing

02 Why Using YouTube Influencer Marketing is Essential?

Let us put ourselves in a scenario where you wish to purchase a gadget like a headphone, iPhone, or home appliances like LED TV, or refrigerator, or a study tool for your kid. Without a second choice, you purchase the particular brand just because a celebrity used it. Similarly, partnering with a YouTube influencer like Natalie Barbu or Mayuko is a type of marketing strategy for your brand that offers the below-listed benefits:

  • ❤ Drive leads and sales.
  • ❤ Impose traffic towards your website.
  • ❤ Build and grow your community or social followers.
  • ❤ Reach a wider audience group and spark engagement.
  • ❤ Build trust and satisfaction.

03 How Does YouTube Influencer Marketing Work?

There are surplus YouTube channels of vlogging artists, Generation Z Youngsters, advertising setup, traditional television channels, and more with 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. But is your content guaranteed to stand out from the crowd? Here is where the importance of YouTube influencers comes in.

If you need an outstanding example of how influencer marketing technique works, look at Beats By Dre, a headphone owned by Apple that did wonders because of using popular influencers like Kardashians, LeBron James on the TV commercials.

how influencer marketing works

Part 2. Types of YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Before you start your YouTube influencer search, preparing your YouTube influencer statistics in terms of plan and campaign is essential. Based on your requirement, you can hire the relevant YouTube influencer. Apart, you can also calculate the YouTube influencer marketing cost after the marketing campaign selection. Here are the three best types for your notice.

01 Contest & Giveaway Campaigns

Organizing context or giveaways is the first best campaign idea to drive customers towards your brand or strengthen your customer acquisition.

contest campaign

02 Introductory campaigns

As its name suggests, Introductory YouTube campaigns are valuable when you are about to introduce a new product or service from your brand or business. For people and the audience to notice your new product, you can make an eye-catching video of an influencer using your product. For example, here is a video relating to the game “World of Warships” partnered with the YouTuber influencer gamer, “The War Owl.

introductory YouTube campaign

03 Hashtag Campaign

Being in the social media age, you would have understood how good hashtags work on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Predominantly used to get interacted with audiences and customers, custom hashtags work well for YouTube. Tarte organized a Bora Bora trip where the influencer, Niki DeMar, shared her experience on YouTube with over 1.1M views.

hashtag campaign

Part 3. How to Find YouTube Influencers Easily?

To find YouTube influencers is neither an easy nor a difficult task as it purely depends on your perspective and requirement. Explore this session to find out some tips and tools to help you in your YouTube influencer search.

01 Tips for Finding an Influencer Com YouTube

Before choosing a YouTube influencer, check through the three given factors below:
  • ✔ Reach: The term reach refers to the number of subscribers or followers the influencer possesses.
  • ✔ Engagement: Look through the previous videos of influencers to examine how well they have interacted with the audience along with the content deliverance style.
  • ✔ Relevance: More or less despite the follower’s circle, the influencer should be related to your field or niche to make your brand or product promotions.

02 YouTube Influencer Agency/tools to Find Influencer for Marketing

If you wish to proceed with the YouTube influencer finder tools/platform, here are a few agencies to help you.

  • ❶ NeoReach
  • NeoReach has over 3M influencers with 40 different categories from which you can search influencers related to your niche and engage with them. It is a self-service YouTube influencer marketing agency that offers quick and intuitive campaign management and reporting tools after influencing selection. Enriched with robust coding and algorithm techniques, NeoReach is perfect for small and big companies.
  • neoreach marketing agency
  • ❷ Scrunch
  • Scrunch is our next YouTube influencer finder that is an easy-to-use data-focused platform that agencies and advertisers use to find relevant influencers for their company. Besides category-based influencer selection, you can also discover YouTube micro-influencers, macro and power influencers. Depicted with the YouTube influencer rates for each category, you can use filters to find the influencer who matches your requirement.
  • scrunch influencer agency
  • ❸ Grin
  • Grin is a one-stop platform to manage and build relationships with influencers, who are with a primary focus on E-Commerce business and major shopping platforms. It is a YouTube influencer analytics platform that performs additional influencer operations like content management, reporting, analytics, and recruiting. Loaded with current top performers, you can find the best influencers for Grin based on reach, demographics, and engagement.
  • grin influencer agency

Part 4. How to Start YouTube Video Marketing Easily Online?

Have you found the right digital influencer on YouTube for your brand, and are you worried that YouTube influencer cost is higher than you expected? How about becoming an influencer for your brand? Are you puzzled? How? Yes, if you have a YouTube channel or other social media with a decent follower score, you are all set to become a significant YouTube influencer even with no prior skill. What you need is a beautiful video maker/editor tool to carry out all the video-related processes. From moviemaker to vlogger, everyone needs a perfect instant video editor tool with great functionalities, and one such recommendation from our side is Wondershare VidAir.

Designed especially for instant result and non-tech-savvy lovers, VidAir from Wondershare is introduced to be an online platform. To help your business soar, VidAir comes loaded with templates of all categories or themes, rich elements, free media resources, and video editing tools. The ultimate part is, with VidAir, you can create a video for your entire social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with a customizable aspect ratio.

  • ❤ Editable creative templates to work with ease.
  • ❤ Video editing tools suited for beginners and professionals.
  • ❤ Stickers, text effects to highlight essential info.
  • ❤ Royalty-free media resources, including image, music, and videos.
  • ❤ Exclusive video for multiple platforms upload.


While Instagram and Facebook are better for short videos, YouTube is the only choice making it the best platform for YouTube influencers when it comes to lengthier clips. For not just product reviews or testimonials, you can find YouTube influencers for your brand & product marketing purpose as well. Thus, with a short discussion over a few YouTube influencer marketing campaigns, the YouTube influencer agency to find influencers on YouTube has reached the end of our today’s article. As stated that 85% of IP traffic is due to video, so if you are concerned that YouTube influencer pricing can itch your pocket, use Wondershare VidAir, the ultimate solution to craft amazing videos, free-of-cost by yourself!

Wondershare VidAir