10 Useful YouTube Intro Ideas to Boost Your Creativity

Helpful tips and tricks to help you make YouTube intro videos better.

Intro video catches the user's attention and gives them a fair idea about what the video is likely to be. Creating a good intro can be a challenging task as there are several things to be considered like the design, background image, music, and more. To help you boost your creativity, we list several useful YouTube intro ideas and tips.

Part 1. Make YouTube Intro Videos Online with Creative Templates

To make creative YouTube intros, the choice of the right tool is very important and one such popularly used program is Wondershare VidAir. This is a browser-based tool that requires no software download and works online after a simple free sign-up. Templates in an array of categories are available to choose from and these templates can be completely customized and edited by changing several elements. The process of intro creation is quick and fast and the tool is free to use. You can get rid of the watermark-free files by upgrading to the paid version that additionally offers 2GB of cloud storage and 1080p resolution.

Steps to make YouTube intro videos using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose An Intro Template

Login to your VidAir account and click on the Template option on the navigation bar. Select your desired intro template and the aspect ratio. Finally, click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to open the editor window.

Step 2 Edit Your YouTube Intro

Next, you can customize your Text, Video, Image, and other elements of the template. The Upload button can be used to add the local media file.

Step 3 Export YouTube Intro Video

The preview button will let you check the file changes. Click on the Export button to generate your intro video and upload it to YouTube.

Part 2. 6 Intro Ideas for YouTube Channel

The below listed 6 ideas will help to create a professional-looking YouTube intro in no time.

1. Keep the intro short

An intro should work as an introduction and thus should be short. A long intro not only loses the viewer's interest and engagement but also defeats the purpose. Thus, a good intro video of around 10 seconds will work as the best.

2. Have the right music

Background song or music plays a very crucial role in a YouTube intro. The right selection of the music makes the video interesting and related to the content of the channel or the video. Choose the song or the music as intense, pop, instrumental, animated, and others that go along with your video.

3. Include the channel logo and video title

An intro is used to make the introduction of your video and the channel. Thus, it is recommended to include your logo and the video title in the intro. Adding other information is not required and will unnecessarily create a mess.

4. Including animations

Animations instantly get the attention of the viewers and thus it is suggested to include an animated video with your logo and the title as the intro. An animation that matches your content can be selected which will make it look alive and bright.

5. Choose the right intro image

If you are using an image or a picture as your intro background ensure to use the one that matches the theme of your actual video and the channel. The image selected should be vibrant, clear, and of high quality.

6. Keep different intros for different channel styles

If you have multiple YouTube channels, keep intros different for each of these channel styles. Depending on the theme of the channel, the intro image, music, and other elements should be further selected.

Using the above-listed intro ideas for YouTube channels, create professional looking intros.

Part 3. 4 General YouTube Intro Ideas Sayings

We have already discussed above the several aspects to be considered while creating Youtube intros. In addition to the music, background image, logo, and other elements one more important thing to be considered is the content or the sayings to be used as an intro. To hook the viewers and make them watch your video till the end, the right intro sayings must be used. For your reference and help, we have shortlisted the tips on how to start and end your videos.

1. Keep it short

The YouTube intro sayings should be brief and short as if just giving a hint about what is to be expected in the coming video.

2. Link more information

Adding more information about your channel or the video like its social media profiles, links to the related video, and more will be a good idea to be included as sayings.

3. Keep it conversational

Keep the sayings conversational so that it seems to the viewers that you are directly talking to them. Keep it related to the content and the theme.

4. Include CTA (Call to Action)

A strong CTA is very important as it engages the viewers and asks them to do something like sharing, subscribing, liking, or commenting on the video. It could also include actions like buying merchandise, entering the giveaways, and more.

Choose the right content using the YouTube intro ideas sayings and YouTube channel intro ideas listed above and the right tool Wondershare VidAir to create an interesting intro for your YouTube video and channel. The templates can be selected from the software and can be customized using the ideas and the tips mentioned above.