Top 15 YouTube Intro Templates Recommended

Give you some examples about making YouTube intro videos with these excellent templates.

YouTube is a great platform not only to look out for your choice of videos but also to promote your brand, business, skills, as well as art. To make your videos look professional and appealing, it is important to have a good intro. An intro video helps the viewer to get an idea about what the actual video content is going to be and keeps the interest on. So, if you too have been struggling to get the right intro video for your YouTube, there are many templates available to help you get the task done. These templates are like a readymade framework that can be customized to meet your requirements. This article gives you kinds of YouTube intro templates in different styles.

Part 1. 5 Most Popular YouTube Intro Templates

A wide range of templates in different categories are used by people and the list of the ones that have been popular in the year is as below.



This is a paid template video intro with interesting colors and design. The template can be used with the video as well as the images and comes with 14 media placeholders and 8 text holders. It is 12 seconds of video with 1920 X 1080p resolution.

most popular intro template - 1


Dynamic Promo:

This is an animated intro template video of 35 secs that has eye-catching frames. Fast and easy to customize, the template features a smart controller for color change. There is an option for 21 media placeholders and text placeholders each. It is a paid template with an option for a regular license and extended license.

most popular intro template - 2


YouTube Fast Intro 3:

Another one is the list; this is also a paid template with 17 seconds of length and resolution support of 3840 X 2160. The option for media placeholders is 14, while for text it is 8. The template can be used without any need for plug-in with support to easy and fast customization and fast rendering.

most popular intro template - 3


Dynamic Short Opener:

Reasonably priced, this is 25 seconds of template video that features an option for 56 media placeholders and 17 text placeholders. With a modular design, the template is quite interesting and can be customized quickly and easily.

most popular intro template - 4


Flat Logo Animations:

When the logo is the main thing that you want to focus on during your intros, this is just the right template to use. Bright colors, interesting sound effects, and availability in different lengths make it popular among the users. The template supports 1920 X 1080p resolution and it includes after effects project files.

most popular intro template - 5

Part 2. 5 Free Video Intro Templates You Cannot Miss

If you are low on budget and looking for a pocket-friendly option, then no worries as there are several free intro templates available as well. With no copyright, these templates can be used without any worries of hassles. Check the top ones in the list below.


Atoms Electrons Logo:

This is free to use a template of 14 seconds duration that offers a high resolution of 1920 X 1080p. The template is apt for the videos that are related to science, atoms, or require some dynamic intro.

free intro template - 1


Welcome red Liquid:

If you are looking for something interesting and red in shade then this is a good template to consider. The duration of the template is 7 seconds with a resolution of 1920 X 1080p.

free intro template - 2


Breaking News Intro:

Apt for the news channels, this template is free to download and use. This is 6 seconds of video that is apt when you need to keep the intro very short and precise.

free intro template - 3



Apt for a short intro, this is a colorful and interesting-looking template of 5 seconds that offers HD video of 1920 X 1080p resolution.

free intro template - 4


Girl Kid Character:

If you are looking for a template used for a gaming, kids, cartoon and other children related videos, this might serve the purpose. The length of the video is 13 seconds and it has interesting animation.

free intro template - 5

Part 3. Best 5 Intro Templates No Text Recommended

If you are looking for an intro template without any text then check the list below.


Dynamic Intro:

This is a Final Cut Pro Template with interesting effects without any text. A version of After Effects for the template is also available. This 15-second template has an option for 11 media placeholders and 1 logo placeholder.

intro templates no text - 1


Lovely Photo Slides:

The template is quite impressive that features animated images that slide in and slides out. Up to 20 media placeholders can be used for this template that is 44 seconds in length. Apt for the travel, wedding, vacations, and other events, the template requires no plug-in.

intro templates no text - 2


10 second's intros:

Though the name says 10 seconds, it is 27 seconds of an intro template that features a stylish logo within a modern design. The template comes with an intelligent color controller and the transition is very smooth. There is an option for 15 images or video placeholders and 1 logo placeholder.

intro templates no text - 3


Fast Grunge Promo:

This is 10 seconds template in Premiere Pro that comes with a very impressive style and wonderful transition effects. There are 14 media placeholders and 1 logo placeholder option with support to HD 1920 X 1080p resolution. There is no need for the plug-in to use the template.

intro templates no text - 4


Fast Travel Promo:

This is a Premiere Pro template of 10 seconds that can have up to 15 media placeholders and 1 logo placeholder. The template is apt for the videos related to travel and interesting transitions of films, graphics, and zoom can be included.

intro templates no text - 5

Part 4. Online YouTube Intro Maker with Editable Templates

If you are looking for a tool that not only has a collection of templates but also lets you customize these templates and create an interesting intro, Wondershare VidAir is one of the best in its category. This is an online tool that straights work from your browser after you free sign-up. Templates in several categories are available that can be completely edited and customized as per the video needs. You can even add the local video, images, and music to the selected templates. The process of intro and another video creation is very simple and quick. Free to use the program also has an upgraded paid version using which you get the watermark free files with support to 2GB of cloud storage and 1080p resolution.

Steps to make YouTube intro video using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1. Sign up or log in to VidAir and open the Templates page. Choose your desired templates also the aspect ratio, and hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

Step 2. A video editing window will open. From where, select the Text, Video, Audio, Sticker, and other elements to make the changes to the respective part. Using Uploads, you can add the local video, audio, or image to the template.

Step 3. Click the Preview button to check your changes. Next, hit on the Export button to start processing the video. Once completed, the intro video is ready to be downloaded locally to your system.

vidair youtube intro maker

Using Wondershare VidAir create interesting and impressive YouTube intros and other templates by selecting the templates of your choice and editing them. A huge collection of templates in several other categories on different sites are available as well.