How to Start YouTube Masthead Ads Easily

Learning the easy steps and tips to make a YouTube Masthead ad online.

The YouTube Masthead ads are the best when you want to reach the maximum number of viewers for showcasing your product or service, or creating awareness about something. Creating an impressive Masthead can be tricky as it is not based on any target audience. The article below will help you to know in detail about these ads, their pricing, worth, and how to create one easily.

Part 1. What Are YouTube Masthead Ads

When you want maximum exposure to your brands, Masthead Ads on YouTube is a great way. These ads are digital billboards that are placed on the homepage of YouTube for 24 hours. Unlike the other YouTube ads, Masthead Ads cannot target the user based on their search history as they are placed on the homepage. However, there is an option to select the country where you want your ad to be displayed. These ads are shown on the desktop as well as the mobile devices, though they can look different on these different platforms.

Several specifications are required to be met for these ads, as listed below.

  • 1. Private videos cannot be used.
  • 2. The maximum time limit for autoplay is 30 seconds.
  • 3. Autoplay for 0 seconds is not allowed.
  • 4. The thumbnail of the video will be visible after the autoplay is done.
  • 5. It is recommended to use a 16:9 aspect ratio for the best video results.
  • 6. There is an option to crop the thumbnail on the left and the right side.
  • 7. You cannot change the form as well as the color of the CTA button.

Part 2. YouTube Masthead Ads Price and Does It Worth

Placing a Masthead Ads on YouTube differs depending on the targeted country. On average, the minimum YouTube Masthead Price would be around $300,000 to $400,000 and can reach up to $1 million.

As per the research, the users exposed to the Masthead Ads are 4 times more likely to go to the website of the advertiser and search for their brands and products and engage with the posted videos. Another research also revealed that these media ads get more attention from the users in comparison to the TV advertisements.

There is no doubt that Masthead Ads has a huge potential to reach a large number of users and viewers but considering high prices, is it worth the investment? So, if you are a big brand and have a budget to spend on Masthead Ads, it is a good opportunity. On the other hand, for small and medium size-setups Masthead Ads does not sound like a great idea owing to its huge cost and no option for reaching the target audience.

Part 3. Examples for YouTube Masthead Ads


This Masthead Ads is for a Rice Krispies brand where children’s groups are showing creating different sounds with their bowls, cereal, and other things along with the crunchiness of the product. The link to the homepage of the brand is placed on the right side of the brand.

example 1


hese Masthead Ads are used by Disney to promote their latest movie using the billboard. Some of the features of this ad include multiple options for the videos on the right-hand side, get tickets and Explore the Jungle as call-to-action buttons and media that is interactive.

example 2


This Masthead ad use several features like video links, image gallery, search bar, call-to-action for buying tickets, and button for social sharing. Check a few samples of YouTube Masthead Ads below.

example 3

Part 4. Easy Online Tool to Make YouTube Masthead Ads with Templates

If you have made your mind to promote your brand or a product through YouTube Masthead Ads, the next big thing is to create an impressive ad that might get the attention of the viewers. There are several tools available for creating videos, and we recommend Wondershare VidAir as one of the reliable tools. This is an online tool that needs no software download and facilitates creating professional-looking videos for several uses, including YouTube Masthead Ads. There are several built-in templates available at the tool that can be used for creating a video ad that best suits your brand or the product. You can simply edit and customize the template to add your brand logo, images, text, and other content.

The basic version of the tool is free to use that creates watermarked videos in 720p resolution. You can even opt for the premium paid version, where the videos are watermark-free and can be exported in 1080p resolution. Additionally, the premium version also offers 2GB of free cloud storage and the option to customize the logo.

Steps to create YouTube Masthead Ads using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Masthead Ads Template

Click on the Templates option from the top menu bar and the list of the templates will be shown. You can check the desired template from the given categories or even use the search box for any specific type. Tap on the selected template, choose from the Wide, Vertical, and Square option, and then click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button.

choose masthead ads template

Step 2 Customize Masthead Ads Online

A new editing window will now open. Use the options of – Text, Video, Photo, Audio, Stickers and Upload to edit and customize the video as needed. Once the editing is done, click on the Preview button to check.

create masthead ads online

Step 3 Export YouTube Masthead Ads

On the top-right corner, click on the Export button to generate your video. It will save it to the My Projects tab under the user avatar. You can also choose to download the video to the local system.

generate masthead ads

Wondershare VidAir is an excellent tool for creating YouTube Masthead Ads that are apt for your brands. The templates make the video creation quick and simple with the option to customize it as needed.