Top 8 YouTube Movie Maker (Download and Online)

These best video editing app for YouTube recommend to you

YouTube is not just a platform to watch your favorite shows, but with billions of active users who watch 250 million hours of videos per day, it is the perfect platform to skyrocket your marketing strategy. Nothing excites YouTube users more than the stellar theatrical videos.

However, it's not as simple as shooting and uploading a video on your channel. In a world where viral videos are on the go, you need to level-up your video editing skills using the best video editing apps for youtube.

Part 1. Best 4 Video Editing App for YouTube

If you're a brand, an entrepreneur, or maybe a YouTube vlogger, we're going to make your life a lot easier. Here, we'll go over some of the best video editing apps for YouTube and compare their particulars for you.

01 VivaVideo

VivaVideo has it all: shoot your video, trim, speed up, slow down, reverse, insert your favorite music, and add filters all within the app. It lets you create incredible-looking YouTube movies without having to leave your smartphone. VivaVideo is arguably the best video editor for youtube free for Android and iOS, which enables you to record clips in normal and professional-looking widescreen mode. Along with a variety of camera lenses, the app also offers a straightforward college and slideshow maker.



  • Beginner-friendly
  • Built-in camera
  • Widescreen recording
  • Professional editing tools
  • Picture-in-picture effect
  • Slideshow maker
  • Custom import soundtrack


  • Free

02 Magisto

An excellent choice for beginners is Magisto, with limited yet basic functionality. It allows you to make magical videos in only a click. All you have to do is explore the impressive variety of cool effects, choose one that adds a cinematic touch to your clip, and Magisto will do the job the rest. Unlike the majority of other youtube movie maker apps, Magisto uses Artificial Intelligence while also offering cloud storage for easy access of your videos anywhere and everywhere.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Available on Android, iOS, and web browser
  • Built-in music library
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Pleasing layout
  • A rich variety of themes
  • Video automation


  • Free

03 PicPlayPost

Ever heard of a video-collage? PicPlayPost is a popular youtube movie maker that lets you make appealing video-collages perfect for YouTube content. However, the sounds from the two videos clash, so you might want to consider that aspect. Other than that, it has special effects, snappy stickers, text overlays, transitions, audios, and much more. All in all, PicPlayPost is a one-in-all video editor for Android and iOS smartphones.



  • Straightforward
  • Adds multiple audio files and overlays
  • 9:16 ratio for Instagram stories
  • 4K video quality for YouTube clips
  • 30 minutes long video
  • Video collage maker


  • Free

04 PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a versatile Android app that will make you feel like a film director. A suite of robust editing tools makes it one of the best video editor for youtube free. Like all others, it offers slow-mo, reverses video, voice-over, and audio functionalities to add creativity to your YouTube videos. However, it also has some distinguishable features, such as motion tracking and video stabilization. If you often have "shaky camera" moments in your clips, PowerDirector will come to your rescue.



  • Compatible with Android and Windows
  • 4K quality output
  • Creative sound effects
  • Video collage maker
  • Crop, trim, stabilize, and color enhancement tools
  • Green screen effects
  • Motion-tracking to focus on specific objects


  • Free

Part 2. Recommend 4 YouTube Movie Maker Online

01 Wondershare VidAir

Perfect for personal as well as professional use, Wondershare launched Vidair with multiple easy-to-use editing options and elements to create videos that increase viewer engagement. It is a powerful youtube movie maker online offering no plug-ins or downloads in addition to instant export of high-quality videos. Also, add fancy filters, special effects, and transitions and preview your content to know what's missing before exporting it. Customize your memorable photos with VidAir's multiple editing options to create stunning videos for your Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok.



  • Handy and professional
  • A wide variety of themed templates
  • Different filters and effects
  • Customizable text font, style, position
  • Preview option
  • 720p resolution export
  • Customizable music options


  • Free trial
  • Subscription

02 Shotcut

An open-source, completely free video editing software designed with a good selection of video and editing tools is Shotcut. Despite having a tricky interface, it is a popular choice among beginners owing to the tons of tutorials and guides it offers. Create professional-looking videos with 4k quality for your YouTube channel, using Shotcut's multiple tools and filters. Moreover, you can download Shotcut on your desktop to use when the power's out or the WIFI's off.



  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Customizable menu
  • Supports a range of formats
  • Cross-platform
  • Selection of modifying options and filters
  • Configuration on multiple monitors


  • Free

03 Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is Apple's very own youtube movie maker download for their Mac OS. It is best for the tech-savvies amongst you, loaded with sophisticated features. A number of Famous YouTubers have been using this software to create engaging videos because of its one-off fee. It allows direct uploads to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. If you're looking for something that integrates smoothly with your iTunes and Photos to create seamless YouTube videos, Final Cut Pro X is the one.

Final Cut Pro X


  • Creative editing tools
  • Vast selection of effects with scaling
  • User-friendly interface
  • Video, audio, transitions, and title texts
  • High-resolution export
  • Ability to create keyboard collection
  • Format flexibility


  • Free
  • Subscription

04 Lumen5

Last but not least, Lumen5 is a no brainer youtube movie maker online. Creating social promos is its niche, with quirky GIFs, screengrabs, music, and more. Turn your blog posts into video content in a few clicks, thanks to Artificial Intelligence-driven editing. It also allows customizing your videos to match the look and feel of your brand.



  • Text to video
  • Animation
  • Extensive media libraries
  • Upload custom logo and watermark
  • 480p, 720p, and 1080p video quality export
  • Voice over tool


  • Free trial
  • Subscription

Part 3. Create Your YouTube video with VidAir

Without the hassle of any downloads, dive-in to create a stunning YouTube video online with Wondershare VidAir following these 3 quick steps.

Step 1 Choose a template for YouTube movie maker online

Launch VidAir on your browser and sign-up. After signing up, an impressive variety of templates with various categories will be available to you. Browse through the categories and choose a template that best fits your video theme. Click on the selected template, select your required ratio, and hit Use This Template to enter the editing pane.

vdiair template

Step 2 Easy edit with youtube movie maker

Start editing your movie clip to prettify your work. From the left toolbar, add artistic text, stock images, and videos, or a pre-installed soundtrack. You will also find an Add scene option if you want a lengthy movie. Another toolbar on the right side lets you personalize the added text's style, color, and position. Preview your video to see what's missing.

edit video

Step 3 Save and export

Now that the edits are complete, it's time to shine. Press Save to save your progress and hit Export. Select the video quality you want and again hit Export.

save video


Well, that's all. We hope you find our recommendations for the best video editing apps for youtube helpful. However, take your pick based on your budget, experience level, and the type of content for your YouTube channel. Thankfully, most of these are completely free or offer a free trial, while some that are subscription-based won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Are you excited to sharpen your video making/editing skills using one of your favorite youtube movie maker? Get started already.