Top 5 YouTube End Screen Templates You Should Know

Learn the attractive YouTube end screen design and the easy online YouTube outro maker here.

End screens are an important and essential part of your YouTube videos and to make them look impressive several templates are available. There are programs available to create outro videos that can be used along with the pre-defined templates. More about these tools and YouTube end screen template can be known from the following parts of the topic.

Part 1. Online YouTube Outro Maker with Editable Templates

One of the best tools that not only let you choose the template but edit them as well is Wondershare VidAir. This is an online tool that requires you to free sign-up to use the functions. Templates in an array of categories are available and they can be customized by the change in their text, video, photos, and other elements. You can use the video and image resources available at the site or can upload the ones from your system as well.

Steps to create YouTube Outro using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose YouTube Outro Template

Open VidAir templates pageand choose a video template you like. Search box can be used if you are looking for any specific YouTube outro template.

Click on the expand icon on the selected template and it will open in a new pop-up window. Here selects the orientation option from Wide, Square, or Vertical. Tap on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button. We advise you sign up first if you don't have an account.

choose youtube outro template

Step 2 Customize Your YouTube End Screen

From the pop-up window, you can use the left-side panel to edit the Text, Video, Photo, Sticker, and Audio. The Upload tab can be used to add the video and the images from your system. Clicking on the Preview button will let you check the created video.

edit youtube end screen

Step 3 Generate Attractive YouTube End Screen Video

Click on the Export button to generate your video. Click on the account avatar at the top-right corner and under My Projects, you can see all the saved videos.

generate youtube end screen video

Part 2. 5 YouTube End Screen Templates Recommended

We have selected the popular YouTube End Screen templates as below. Choose the one that matches your requirements.

01 YouTube end screen with abstract frame textures


This is a simple and decent-looking YouTube end screen template that allows you to place the link for your next video, subscribe button, and your social media handlers. The font and the color of the text can be selected and there is also an option to choose the frame and the icon color. Other customization can be made as well.

youtube end screen template - 1

02 YouTube end card with animated electrical circuits


This is an interesting-looking template with the option to add two slides. The text can be added as needed with the option to change its font and color. The playback speed can also be selected. If needed, customized audio can be selected for the template, along with the option to select the background, holder, and shapes color.

youtube end screen template - 2

03 YouTube end screen video maker with a pulsing animation


The free YouTube outro template comes with pulsing animations that can be used for subscribing to the channel and also adding the link for the previous as well as next video. The color of the text as well as the font can be edited. You can select the audio of your choice and also select the colors for other elements.

youtube end screen template - 3

04 YouTube end screen with animated circles


If you like the circles to be included in your YouTube outros, this will be a good choice for the template. The animated circle can be used to include the subscribe button and its color can be selected as desired. Other text like the link to the next and previous videos and others can be customized by selecting their font and colors.

youtube end screen template - 4

05 YouTube end card with kawaii characters


For videos related to cartoons, this will work as a good outro template for YouTube. Bright colors with lots of animations make this template an interesting choice. Bright colors can be used for the text, backgrounds as well as rays. You can even select the font as desired. The gradient 1 and gradient 2 colors can also be selected.

youtube end screen template - 5

Part 3. Tips to Make a Good YouTube Outro to Increase Your Traffic

The content, design, and other elements of a YouTube Outro should be selected carefully to get the visitor's attention and thus increase the traffic. Below listed are some useful tips to make a good YouTube intro video.

1. Select and edit the template: Choose a good template that matches the theme and content of your video. Edit the template design to match your requirements and make it impressive using your creativity.

2. Use whitespaces: Avoid making your outro too crowded. Use only the relevant information that is well placed.

3. Use relevant CTAs: It is always better to include links to the related blogs and videos at the outro.

4. Include social media handles and subscribe button: Include the handlers of your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites at the outro. To get the repeated visitors, you can ask them to subscribe using the button.

5. Consistency can create a positive impact: If you have a YouTube channel with multiple videos, then having the same outro design will not only be easy for you but will also create credibility and consistency.

So, use any one of the above-mentioned templates to create a customized YouTube outro. To create as well as edit the templates, Wondershare VidAir works as an excellent choice with support to a wide range of design and editing functions.