YouTube Playlist Creator: How to Make a YouTube Playlist

Now you can create a YouTube Playlist of your favorite videos using the latest innovative creation to help you sit back and enjoy music or movies using a YouTube playlist creator.

Many have been waiting for an invention, the YouTube playlist maker that helps you neatly organize the videos you wish to watch by making a list of them. This document features one futuristic automation that makes watching YouTube videos fun and captivating. Why should you be behind when others enjoy creating a YouTube playlist and more perks without the hassle to keep on clicking next or start searching for a video you wish to watch once the one you were watching is over?

Let's figure out what a YouTube playlist maker is and how to operate it. Included also is an ideal tool to help you make videos you wish to upload on YouTube or any other social site or video streaming site.

Part 1. Easy Steps to Make YouTube Playlist

Designed to make watching YouTube videos fun, without the need to get up or pick up your device to start looking for the next video to watch, is the YouTube playlist creator. It is a free online tool that has been created running on the latest technology and is very robust, supporting big videos on the playlist at once. The website is clean, without annoying ads, making it easy to navigate, and creating a playlist is instantaneous. It is fast and a one-of-a-kind YouTube playlist maker. The YouTube playlist maker is a pioneer of YouTube playlist creators. It is a media-savvy tool, and we highly advise you to seize the opportunity and be among many to enjoy the perks of this prodigious service.

Key Features

1 Snappy Playlist Creation

When it comes to creating a playlist, a service such as the YouTube playlist creator helps you do so as the site is free to use, and you need not create an account to utilize its services. Creating a playlist is instantaneously using this tool.

2 Auto-Play and Auto-Loop

Since this is a playlist creator, it goes without saying that you won't have to inconvenience yourself to click on "play" for the next video to start playing. Create a playlist and carry on your activities or binge on an entire series without bothering yourself about clicking next or playing for the next video. Videos on the playlist will automatically play and loop through each video without skipping.

3 Collaborative Editing

Like Netflix or any other streaming site or service, the YouTube playlist creator helps you create a link, which others can use to edit your playlist. It is a secret link, and it makes it all the more fun when your friends and family chime in to help create that awesome playlist.

4 Share

Share is a feature that is usually heavily used, especially on social media platforms, as it makes it exciting to share the fun with friends and family. You can create a playlist that you and your friends can enjoy, then share it with them.

How to Create a Playlist Using the YouTube Playlist Creator

Step 1: Visit the Official YouTube playlist Creator website. On their landing page, everything is neatly displayed and elaborate. You will thus see the option to create a playlist on the landing page.



You will then need to open YouTube. Once YouTube launches, search for the video or videos, you wish to make a playlist form.


Step 2: With the videos to make a playlist decided upon, start by adding the YouTube video links to the YouTube playlist creator one by one. With the first link added, click on “Make Playlist.”


Step 3: You will see another window, where you will have the option to add more links by copying the link from YouTube and pasting it on the YouTube playlist creator.


Then click "Add" to add the video. Here, you also have the option to delete a selected video or clear the playlist by clicking on "Delete Selected" or "Clear All," respectively.


Step 4: Finally, with all the desired videos added, you can then click on "Play" to start enjoying your playlist.


You also have the choice to share the created playlist by clicking on “Share,” which will offer the links for collaborative editing or viewing.


Part 2. Online YouTube Video Maker Recommended

While using a YouTube playlist creator would be one way to enjoy your day, there is another tool to help you with the YouTube videos called Wondershare VidAir, which can be a video editor. You can use it to create GIFs, ads, or even movies. Edit your videos using VidAdir for a stunning look. It is free to use online tool with an eccentric and very appealing website design. Using it is also very easy, and if not sure how to go about editing and making videos, there is a section containing user guides on the website, with videos and text to help you out. It has got numerous templates to choose from, and you can also add as many effects to your videos as you please.



Hence, an excellent way to enjoy a long day after work, the weekend, or relax and listen to music during the boring times, especially at this trying time of the COVID19 pandemic, would be by creating a playlist. A playlist with captivating videos, movies, series, or even music for relaxation would be an excellent way to help get through such times and the pandemic too. To create such a playlist is the YouTube playlist creator, which also supports many videos to create the desired playlist. It's easy to use and a free online tool. While you might also wish to edit or make a video to upload to YouTube or streaming sites, VidAir would be your best solution. It has many special functions, as detailed above, to help you create or edit videos.