How to Make & Upload a Slideshow on YouTube

The tutorial of how to use YouTube slideshow creator

With billions and trillions of users all over the world, YouTube is definitely one of the largest social media platforms ever. And if you want to sky-rocket your sales and take your business to the next level, you must take advantage of YouTube's huge user-base by using a YouTube slideshow creator to promote your products.

You can increase your own fan-base by creating impressive stories using a YouTube slideshow maker. Taking your YouTube channel to the next level will be easier if you are armed with some outstanding and unique videos created using a powerful YouTube slideshow maker.

In this article, I will introduce one such amazing YouTube slideshow creator and also list down the easy steps on how to upload a slideshow to YouTube.

Part 1. YouTube Slideshow Creator

For those of you who don't know how to make a slideshow on YouTube, I will list down a step-by-step guide to creating an amazing video using the best YouTube slideshow creator to date.

Now, choosing the right YouTube slideshow maker can be a tedious task. Most of the apps or online makers are very expensive or require registrations and subscriptions. But let me introduce to you a YouTube slideshow creator that is above all that and loaded with so much more.

Wondershare VidAir, a slideshow maker as well as a video and editor, this all-in-one software is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It offers a wide range of advanced editing tools to string together impressive slideshows, and also has a variety of themed templates for different occasions. From Black Friday to Wedding templates, VidAir has got it all. You can also find a song for every mood in its rich library. The stylish captions let you add customizable text and change its position to highlight your slideshow's message. Better yet, you can export a high-quality, uncompressed video and even choose to remove the watermark.

Moreover, the process of creating a slideshow on VidAir is extremely easy, making it a very handy tool. Let me show you how to make a slideshow on YouTube in four simple steps.

How to use the best YouTube slideshow creator

Step 1 Open Wondershare VidAir

On your browser, open VidAir. Then, Log In if you have an account or Sign Up for free.

signup vidair

Step 2 Choose a Template

VidAir has a great collection of templates categorized broadly. You can even search for a specific template by typing a keyword in the search bar. Click on the template you like. Choose an aspect ratio and click on UseThisTemplate.

vidair template

Step 3 Create and Edit Your Slideshow

In this window, you can now upload your photos as well as clips to string a slideshow. Various clips can be merged together to create a cool slideshow. You can add an upbeat or romantic song from VidAir's library or upload your own song. Select and add a catchy caption from the Text tab and change the font size, style, color. Set the caption at the optimum position on your photo or video.

edit slideshow

Step 4 Export and Save

Once you have fine-tuned your slideshow, click on the pink box for Export in the top right corner. Choose your desired resolution and watermark option and hit Export again.

save and export

Part 2. How to Upload a Slideshow to YouTube

Now that you know how to make a slideshow on YouTube, you must instantly upload it on your channel. But if you don't know how to upload a slideshow to YouTube, don't fret. We are here to save the day and teach you how to upload a slideshow in 5 easy steps.

01 Open YouTube

First, open on your browser and open your channel page.

Open YouTube

02 Upload Video

You will see a video icon in the top right corner. Click on the icon and tap on Upload Video.

Upload Video

Now, you can either drag and drop the video from your desktop or click on Select Files to select the slideshow saved on your device.

Select Files

03 Complete the uploading process

The slideshow will be instantly loaded, but you will have to go through three elaborate steps to complete the process of uploading the slideshow.

1.Details: Here, you need to fill in some blanks to help YouTube understand what kind of content you are uploading

Title and Description: Add a catchy title that can range from one word to ten words. The more precise and attractive, the better. And the description or as widely known as metadata should specify the details or an overview to compel the audience to hit the play button

Title and Description

Thumbnail: Choosing a thumbnail is crucial. Since a picture speaks 1000 words, a thumbnail must be the best shot of your slideshow that instantly draws an audience.


Audience: Since YouTube offers a child safety mode; it requires information about whether the video is suitable for kids or not. If you tick No, it's not made for kids, you will have to specify the age limit too.


2.Video Elements: If your video is 25 seconds or longer, you can add an end screen to promote your other videos and related slideshows that tempts the viewers into checking them out.

Video Elements

3.Visibility: Now, you can choose or customize the visibility of your slideshow.

Save or publish:

Private- In case you only want a select few family members or friends to view your slideshow

Unlisted- If you want to keep it in a close circle, you can send out links for people to view the video using the link

Public- Perfect for business slideshows. Keep it public and open for everyone to increase reach

Save or publish

Schedule: It has never been easier to automate YouTube uploads. You can select the date and set a time. You can choose any timing. All the timings are 15 minutes apart.


04 Share Your Slideshow

Now, all your specified settings will be displayed to confirm that your slideshow has been uploaded or scheduled to be uploaded on the specified date.

Share Your Slideshow

You can also double-check whether your video was actually uploaded/scheduled or not. Just go to your channel page and check for the slideshow in the Uploads tab. Here you can check the views your slideshow gets or the number of comments.


YouTube is a free video-sharing platform that you can easily use to boost your business. With the right YouTube slideshow creator, you can craft a video that helps you hit the jackpot and draws attention to your brand. You can create product promotions or customer reviews. slideshows, all with a YouTube slideshow maker. Or it can be all about you, your memories, achievements, or even your art. There are endless possibilities, and a YouTube slideshow creator is all you need to bring those ideas to life.

With our tutorial, you can quickly learn how to make a slideshow on YouTube and then implement that knowledge in creating a masterpiece.

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