Top 6 YouTube Thumbnail Maker Free Online in 2021

Creating a thumbnail for YouTube isn't a complicated task as there are YouTube thumbnail makers to help you get the thumbnail of any YouTube video. Here are the best YouTube thumbnail creators in 2021 that you should know.

Thumbnail is the reduced version of images or videos that helps in recognizing and organizing the photos. You can better understand this explanation if you use a YouTube thumbnail maker to create or download a video thumbnail. There are different versions of the thumbnail makers, among which software and the online versions are the common ones. Discussed in this article are the online versions of the best free YouTube thumbnail makers, where you will also learn ways to utilize them to get the YouTube video thumbnail.

Part 1. 6 Free Online YouTube Thumbnail Creator You Should Know

1 Online UniConverter

Online UniConverter has got many tools to help with video and image editing where among them is the Online YouTube thumbnail downloader. Most people go for the Online YouTube thumbnail downloader to create eye-catching thumbnails for their YouTube videos. It is the best YouTube thumbnail maker, and to use it, open the site. Paste the YouTube URL and click go. The YouTube video thumbnail automatically downloads and is displayed on the website, and finally, right-click to see the options to save the desired image.


Online UniConverter

2 Visme

Visme is an extra-ordinary graphic design tool. Whether you have visual design experience or not, you can easily create YouTube thumbnails with the non-designer user in mind. With this tool, you can even add shapes to the thumbnail to make the video thumbnail's call-to-action feature. It has pre-made thumbnail templates to help you get started, and the only drawback of using Visme is that you need to have an account. Otherwise, it is free to use online YouTube thumbnail creator.



3 PicMaker

More than just the ability to use frames, icons, illustrations, overlays, stickers, and photo filters to add zest to your thumbnail designs, PicMaker offers more. It has a staggering amount of free YouTube banner templates too. PicMaker is an online tool that is free to use, and additionally, you can preview your design once you complete creating a thumbnail.



4 FotoJet

Fotojet has a friendly user interface, which looks professional as well. It has many graphic design tools useful in photo editing, collages, and even other outstanding design tools such as the info-graphic maker, logo design, and a lot of tutorials and tips to help you out. Fotojet has dozens of YouTube artistic thumbnail templates to help you unleash your creativity. You can make the desired adjustments to personalize the thumbnails and customize them with exciting designs. You can use Fotojet for free as no registration or downloads are required.



5 Pixelixe

Having preset YouTube thumbnail templates, Pixelixe Studio, owing to its name, is a phenomenal online YouTube thumbnail maker. With Pixelixe, you can create YouTube thumbnails in three simple steps. Select the thumbnail dimensions, find a suitable template, tweak and tune the template to create the thumbnail and finally, download it to upload to YouTube. Besides being a free tool, you can also use it without an account. Pixelixe is another great graphic design tool with a pool of features within the design studio element to help bloggers, small businesses, marketers, and better yet, you need no graphic design background.

Pixelixe doesn't collect any data to make it accessible and possible for everyone to use.



6 BeFunky

BeFunky is another excellent tool coming up in both online and free to use types. It offers you the ability to customize the YouTube thumbnail templates to make your videos look on-board and professional. With no prior design skills required, you can use it to create stunning imagery for your YouTube channel from their YouTube channel art templates and icons. With a quintessentially cohesive set of YouTube design graphics, you can create a brand experience that is polished and stunning using BeFunky. Among its many other tools include a photo editor, collage maker, photo effects, text editor, and lots of tutorials.



Part 2. Make YouTube Intro Videos Online with Editable Templates

While a YouTube thumbnail is one reliable way of getting viewers captivated, there is another way to keep them watching. With action-packed intros, you can keep your viewers engaged and grab likes and hits. When it comes to creating YouTube thumbnails, we listed the best free YouTube thumbnail makers for you in the initial sessions. But what to do when it comes to making intros? Most YouTube creators use one very incredible tool that lets you edit videos and customize and personalize them as you wish. We are talking VidAir from Wondershare, an online tool with other impressive features, such as making YouTube ads, GIFs, and even creating videos.

Laid out on a fabulous website design, VidAir makes using it very easy, as there are no ads on it. It is safe and runs smoothly on your system as it utilizes the latest technology. Please create an account and log-in to use its many features. It has many templates and works well on different platforms too. You can also use it to make or edit videos for other social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, and many others. It has a very detailed user guide with tutorials to help you use VidAir.



While some things to note when creating YouTube thumbnails include the aspect ratio (16:9) for YouTube thumbnails, other aspects to consider are the pixels, resolution, and format. With a good YouTube thumbnail maker and the attributes above, you will make stunning YouTube thumbnails. Additionally, we also put across some of the best free online YouTube thumbnail makers to help you create unique YouTube thumbnails. Besides, when it comes to creating breathtaking and captivating intros, your best tool, which is hassle-free to use, is VidAir, no doubt! Thus, with no delay, give it a try today!