A Full Guide on YouTube TrueView Ads for Marketers

Learning the general knowledge about YouTube TrueView ads and the method to create online.

With the increasing number of people watching YouTube, it has become a good platform for marketing products and brands. Additionally, multiple options of branding on YouTube let the promoters select the one that best matches their strategies. The TrueView ads are among the top listed marketing options on YouTube and to help you know in detail about YouTube TrueView ads and the best tools for creating these ads can be learned from the following parts.

Part 1. What Are YouTube TrueView Ads

The TrueView ads by Google are built on the assurance that you will only pay when a viewer chose to watch your video advertisement. These ads work as a win-win situation for the advertiser and the viewer, as the viewer only watches the ads which they want, and as an advertiser, there are more views from the people who are interested in your brand or a product. Since these are opt-in advertisements, there are no restrictions on the time and you can even have creative ads for better promoting your brands.

There are different types of TrueView ads as enlisted below:

1. TrueView In-Stream ads: These ads appear before or during the other video as a promotion.

2. TrueView Reach Ads: These ads are good means to reach the target audience and are a combination of in-stream and CPM.

3. TrueView Action Ads: These ads include CTA headline overlays and also end screens for the advertisements.

4. TrueView Video Discovery: These ads need to be discovered while the platform is being browsed.

The specifications set for TrueView ads are as follows:

  • YouTube TrueView Ads In-Stream Specs
  • Video: Needs to be uploaded to YouTube
  • Requirements: True streaming is not supported and the video should be embedding and should be unlisted or public.
  • Video Length (minimum): Though there are no minimum requirements least 12 seconds is recommended.
  • Maximum Video Length: There is no fixed maximum limit but recommended less than 3 minutes recommended.
  • File Format supported: AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media, MP4, or MPEG.
  • Resolution: 640×360 (16:9) or 480×360 (4:3) recommended.
  • Frame Rate: 30 FPS
  • Maximum File Size: 1 GB
  • URLs Required: A Display URL which is the URL that is visible during the ad and a final URL.
  • CTA Button Text: Needs to be 10 characters.
  • CTA Button Headline: Needs to be 15 characters.

TrueView In-Stream Video Companion Ad Specs

  • Resolution: 300×60
  • Maximum File Size Supported: 150 KB

TrueView Video Discovery Ad Specs

  • Video: The video needs to be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Supported Video File Format: AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media, MP4, or MPEG.
  • Preferred Video Codec: , MPEG-2, or MPEG-4.
  • Preferred Audio Codec: MP3 or AAC
  • Resolution: 640×360 (16:9) or 480×360 (4:3) recommended.
  • Frame Rate: 30 FPS
  • Aspect Ratio: Native aspect ratio
  • Video Maximum File Size supported: 1 GB
  • Video: The video needs to be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Image: You can select from the 4 thumbnails that are auto-generated.
  • Headline Text: 25 characters max
  • Description: Two lines, 35 characters max each

Part 2. 4 Tips to Make Your YouTube TrueView Ads Attractive

To make the viewers click on your ads, it is important for them to be attractive, interesting, and catchy. Thus, we have shortlisted some of the ways below by which you can make your YouTube TrueView Ads attractive:

1. Involve the Viewers:

The best to avoid your ads being skipped is by involving the viewers. So, ensure that your ad not only gets the attention of the user but also creates two-way communication. So, the engagement of the viewer is an important factor to be considered.

2. Humour works:

Humour works in most of the fields and YouTube advertising is not an exception. When you promote or advertise your brand with humor, it not only makes the viewer smile and laugh but also connects them with your product. As per the research done by Google, humor in the ads keep the viewers engaged and lets them keep watching the video.

3. Being weird is no harm:

With huge competition in all the fields including marketing, it is important to stand out from the rest and in the same attempt, being a little wired is of no harm. A weird act will instantly catch the attention of the viewers and will force them to watch it till the end that will work in the favor of the brand.

4. Using the emotional factor:

Just recollect and remember the best advertisements you have seen in the last few years. If you notice, most of them would be either weird or emotional. Thus, the emotional factor connects to the people and works as a great medium of engaging the viewers and also makes the advertisement memorable.

Part 3. Easy Online Tool to Make YouTube TrueView Ads with Templates

To ensure that your TrueView ads are engaging and catchy, it is important to create the right video and one of the best tools for the same is Wondershare VidAir. This is an online tool that is simple to use and comes with several templates so that videos as per video content can be created. You can customize the video by editing its text, images, and other content and can save them in 720 resolution. The free version of the tool processes the videos with a watermark. You can even opt for a paid premium version where the videos are processed watermark-free, with 1080p resolution, with 2GB cloud storage, and the option to customize the logos.

Follow the steps below to make a YouTube trueview ads video easily online.

Step 1 Choose a Template for YouTube TrueView Ads

Click on the Choose a Template button on the homepage after you have login or sign up. From the templates page, choose one tempalet for your ad video. You should select an aspect ratio and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose trueview ads template

Step 2 Customize YouTube TrueView Ads Online

A new editing window will now open. Use the options of – Text, Video, Photo, Audio, Stickers and Upload to edit and customize the video as needed. Once the editing is done, click on the Preview button to check.

edit trueview ads online

Step 3 Export YouTube TrueView Ads

On the top-right corner, click on the Export button and from the pop-up window, select the resolution and watermark options. Your video will be downloaded automatically to your device.

export trueview ads

TrueView Ads are one of the major means of advertising on YouTube and for creating impressive ad video without any hassles and quickly, Wondershare VidAir works as an excellent option.