How to Add Text to YouTube Videos Before and After Uploading

Easy steps to add text to YouTube videos after uploading and when creating.

Various ways are prevalent to add text to YouTube videos before and after upload, which we will discuss in this entire post. But, before diving into this concept, we would like to highlight the significance of text overlays on these videos. Firstly, adding text overlays helps viewers easily understand the video concept, especially when weird to see the misspell subtitles. Even though the audio is a necessary component of YouTube video content, it not accessible to everyone. You can learn steps on adding text to YouTube videos before and after uploading in the following parts.

Part 1. Steps to Add Text to YouTube Video After Uploading

Stay yourself apart from YouTube automatic captioning feature and try new text overlay effects for better discoverability. Given below is a step-by-step guide with images to add text to YouTube video after upload.

Step 1: Sign In YouTube Studio

Firstly, Sign In to YouTube Studio and select a particular video you wish to add text to. Select the language English for ease of use, especially when doing this thing for the first time.

add text to youtube video

Step 2: Edit Subtitles

Now, you can click Edit on the Classic Studio tab present within the three-dots under Subtitles.

edit on classic studio

It presents you with a Subtitle editing screen where you can add the text you wish to see on the screen. Then, hit the little + icon after adding the first list of subtitles and repeat the same process.

edit on classic studio to add text to youtube videoedit subtitles to add text to youtube video

Step 3: Save and Publish YouTube video

Review your added text for any mistakes and hit the Publish button after you finish. Now, your added text will display in the published video.

“publish youtube video

So, these were some simple steps to add text to YouTube video after upload. It's time to switch to another section discussing three tools that help you add text to YouTube video before upload.

Part 2. 3 Tools to Add Text to Video Before Uploading

Let's discuss three ideal tools to add text to YouTube videos before upload! We'll also mention the respective description with an easy step-by-step guide.

01 Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas Movie Studio offers a powerful video editing tool with great features, including a custom interface, Multicam editing, slow-motion effects, transitions, and so on. It has some great features added in the latest version, such as Kinetic Text effects, Wrap Flow Transition, Auto Save, Better Storyboard Function, GPU acceleration, etc. Adding text overlays in Sony Vegas Movie Studio is not a complicated task to fret for.

“sony vegas movie studio

Steps to add text to YouTube video via Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Step 1: Install Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

Step 2: Select Media Generators under the View menu.

Step 3: Select your desired generator and drag it on the timeline.

Step 4: Enter the text in the video, even the FX dialogue box.

02 Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most straightforward video editors, which helps you edit, view, share videos and other slideshows. This video editing software is freely available for Windows users. You can do various tasks with it, such as recording the microphone over the video, webcam video, adding photos, videos, titles, captions, animation, credits, effects, and so on.

“windows movie maker

Steps to add text to YouTube video via Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Launch Windows Movie Maker.

Step 2: Hit the Import Video tab to upload the video.

Step 3: Click Edit Movie and make titles or credits as per your needs.

Step 4: Enter the text you wish to include in the YouTube video text overlay.

03 Adobe Premiere CC

Another video editor with a bit more professional angle than other editors mentioned above. It is a subscription-based video editing platform with an interactive working panel that further needs a high learning curve. Let's now review the best features of Adobe Premiere CC. It has various inbuilt audio and video resources, including mixers, effects, and audio meters. Apart from supporting other formats, it helps edit the video from 8K to even virtual reality.

“adobe premiere cc

Steps to add text to YouTube with Adobe Premiere CC

Step 1: Hit the Create a Project tab after launching Adobe Premiere CC.

Step 2: Choose New and Title in the file menu.

Step 3: The text window will appear afterward, where you can easily add text by utilizing the text tool.

Step 4: You can edit the text alternatively using the commands in the Title menu.

Step 5: Save the text in the file menu and confirm with the Save As tab.

Part 3. Online YouTube Video Maker with Attractive Text

Online video editing platforms are most popular among YouTube creators who are in a hurry to quickly yet effectively edit their videos. We are going to introduce the best online YouTube short video maker Wondershare VidAir. It's an online video maker with editable templates. You can add kinds of text effects, stickers, and background music to your video to make it more attractive. You don't need to download anything as it works from browsers. Try it now by following the steps below.

Step 1 Choose A Template for YouTube

First, log in to VidAir with an existing ID or sign up for free. Then select your desired template by clicking on the Choose A Template button. Also, select the aspect ratio, and finally hit on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button.

choose a template to add text

Step 2 Add Text to YouTube Video Online

You'll come to the Text interface by default. From where you can add basic or stunning text effects to your video easily. Other editing options can also be added such as stickers, free footage, music, etc.

add text to youtube video online

Step 3 Export YouTube Videos with Text

Preview your changes to make sure you are satisfied. Finally, click on the Export button to download your video with text effects.

generate youtube video with text

After reading how to add text to YouTube video after upload or before uploading, you can have a try with any method.