Top 8 YouTube Video Editor in 2021

Give your videos a deluxe touch and a finish using a YouTube video editor before uploading them to YouTube. Please sit back, and scroll down through our article to find some of the YouTube video editors.

YouTube videos need to look exclusive on your channel, and to give them this exclusivity, use a YouTube video editor. How does a YouTube video editor do this job? It helps you edit your videos by adding effects such as filters and time-lapse to make them look masterly-crafted. Herein, you will learn how to use a YouTube video editor and the best YouTube video editors to go for in 2020. Also, figure out the many functional capacities a video editor offers you when editing videos you wish to upload, not only on YouTube but on other sites as well.

Part 1. Best YouTube Video Maker Online [with Editable Templates]

Top of the list is the VidAir YouTube video editor. It is a tool used by professionals, in many fields, from YouTube Creators, marketing pundits to professional freelancers. It is highly recommended and also used by so many professionals due to its many fascinating features. Among its many features are the umpteen editable templates. VidAir offers you the chance to start with a wide range of templates for different categories you can choose directly from the software.


VidAir YouTube Video Editor

Key Features

  • 1. Low cost and online YouTube video editor supporting HD resolutions
  • 2. Numerous editable templates
  • 3. Trim, cut, and crop videos
  • 4. Add effects to enrich your content
  • 5. Custom uploading resource option

How to Use VidAir as a YouTube Video Editor

Step 1 Login and Choose Template

If you have a Wondershare ID, you may start by logging in.

Otherwise, you can create an account then login. Once signed-in. Click on "Create" on the website, and you will then be able to see the diverse templates to choose from on the screen.

VidAir Log-In

From the right panel, you can look through all the templates from where you can choose one.

Once you find a template, click on it to expand its details, and you can choose the resolution, whether Wide, Vertical, or Square. When done, click on “Use This Template.

VidAir Choose Template

Step 2 Edit the video

You may now start editing to add the audio, photo, stickers, text, video, or upload from your local files.

VidAir Editing Options

The editing field is under the preview feature, where you can even add fade in or fade out features to videos. You can also add or delete videos.

VidAir Video Editing

Step 3 Preview and Export

Once you complete all the editing you want, you may click on “Preview” to preview the video you edited.

You are now just a step head whereby from the top right corner, you can access options like Save, and Export. Save the projects under “My Projects” from where you can access them later.

VidAir Save Edited Video

Part 2. Other 7 YouTube Video Editor Recommended

1 Adobe Premiere Pro

Supporting many different input and output video formats, Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best YouTube video editors. Built on an ecosystem you can rely on, its seamless integration with the other Adobe Products, such as the Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animation, or even Adobe Audition. Therefore, Adobe Premiere Pro stands out as a great tool to help you with YouTube video editing. The pricing starts at US$ 19.99 per month


Adobe Premier Pro YouTube Video Editor

2 iMovie

Offering free to use services, iMovie is a great YouTube video editor that is our next option. iMovie supports 4k resolution, the ability to add effects and transitions, and even audio, image, and video editing features such as trimming, audio detaching, and sharing photos. iMovie won’t add watermarks to your video, and it is effectively designed such that even the beginner can use the software.


iMovie YouTube Video Editor

3 Movie Maker

Moviemaker is the Windows iMovie counterpart, as it offers similar features and is easy to use. Though not developed by Microsoft, the software is available on Microsoft Store and is free to download. It comes with an option to upgrade, though it’s a paid to upgrade option


Movie Maker YouTube Video Editor

4 HitFilm Express

HitFilm has an uncluttered, friendly user interface and lots of customizable options too. It is feature-laden though some of the advanced features that will cost you, where the paid features include the chroma key and picture-in-picture features. Some other handy features include frequent auto-save, dozens of keyboard shortcuts, mixing and balancing audio, and many more. Check out the HitFilm Express as it is free though you will need to create an account and activate the program to use it.


HitFilm Express YouTube Video Editor


With stunning features such as audio ducking, dual preview, and multi-cam editing, is another excellent software. It is powerful and has got other unique features to help with any video editing you wish. You will have to pay to use the YouTube video editor, which has different pricing options to access powerful add-ons like VHS to DVD converter and screen recorder.


<!-- Pinnacle --> YouTube Video Editor

6 Aiseesoft

Aiseesoft provides both basic and advanced video editing functions. Some essential functions include rotating a clip, crop, converting files, and even a watermark. Other features include many effects, transitions, and more to help personalize your videos. It is free to use the YouTube video editor.


Aiseesoft YouTube Video Editor

7 Lightworks

Lightworks is a non-linear YouTube video editing software that supports up to 4k resolutions. It also works well with both HD and SD formats making it a professional editing software. The only downside to using Lightworks is that the pro version pricing has changed and doesn’t offer enough essential hints. Other than that, it is an excellent software with a free to use option.


Lightworks YouTube Video Editor

Part 3. General YouTube Video Tips

These YouTube video tips apply differently to different devices. To start, we will look at the recommended video formats, the resolutions, the size, and since the aspect ratio may be different on different devices, we will list that too, for each device

Supported File Formats



3840 x 2160 2160p 4k

2560 x 1440 1440p 2k

1930 x 1080 1080p Max HD Resolution

1280 x 720 720p Min HD Resolution

854 x 480 480p Standard Defination

640 x 360 360p Normal Website Resolution

426 x 340 240p Min Video Size


The maximum file size for upload on YouTube is 128GB while the maximum video length is 12Hours.

Aspect Ratio

1. First of all, there are different Aspect Ratios for YouTube. These are, Wide (16:9), Vertical (9:16), and Square (4:3) and (1:1)

2. The Wide (16:9) Aspect Ratio is the most suitable and preferred for YouTube videos. It is a widescreen format to give viewers the best experience.

3. The Square (4:3) is the early days’ television standard television format, while for the Square (1:1) and the Vertical (9:16) Aspect Ratios are for social media uploads, like for Instagram videos.

4. Also, note on computers, the standard Aspect Ratio Wide (16:9) will automatically adjust to the ideal size depending on the users’ device.

5. For other Aspect Ratios such as the Vertical (9:16), YouTube automatically adds padding for optimal viewing.

6. When uploading, it is highly recommended to avoid adding padding as this interferes with YouTube’s ability to automatically adjust the video player according to the video size and viewers’ device.


So, if you want to make stunning YouTube videos, a YouTube video editor will come in handy. Hence, we got listed the best YouTube video editors above. For a cut above the rest, VidAir will be the video editor to go for in the market. Other than that, you must consider a few tips when editing YouTube videos that we also shared in the final part of this article.